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Circle (1993-1993)

Group History

Circle was a swedish demo group formed in may 1993 by Schizo (ex Noxious), Colorbird, Some1 and Prime (all ex Scoopex). The lifespan of Circle was short, however, as both Colorbird and Schizo later in the year moved on - first to join Alcatraz Entertainment Software, then to form Illusion. Most members of Circle later wound up in Illusion, and then eventually Razor 1911. Circle members that moved on to Illusion were at least Lionheart (ex Insane), Some1 and Prime (both ex Scoopex). As a consequence, Circle died.

  • Information in Balance's "Upstream #7" [11/93] that Some1 and Prime joined from Artech seem to be false.
  • Finnish Sphinx (ex Styline) got kicked.
  • Swedish graphician PGL joined Nova, but soon wound up in Illusion with most of his old groupmates.


See Circle/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

Sometimes I Wish I Was Famous (1993, 31.05, ECS File)

7th in The Computer Crossroads 93 demo competition.

Propaganda #1 ECS Diskmag)

The first and only issue released under the Circle name. Issue #2 was released under the Illusion label, issues #3 and #4 under Razor 1911.