Illusion (group)

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Illusion (ILS, 1989-)

NOR> Fist (Harald U. Evensen, code crack, ex Abnormal, new 09/89-early93),
     Hero (Odd Harry, crack swap, ex Abnormal, new 09/89-04/92), Richie
     (crack, ex RTI, new 02/90-early93), Sauron (Ole Andreas Grytdal,
     crack, 06/89-09/93).
SWE> Sodapop (sysop PARADIZE, 02/93).
ENG> Derbyshire Ram (Barry, org supply, 07/91-10/93), NME (Matthew, crack,
USA> Brego (sysop 'ILC', 10/93), Brett (sysop PURGATORY, 02-10/93),
     Prodigy (sysop TERMINAL OBSESSION, 03-04/92), Pudwerx (fixer, ex
     Talent, 03-04/92).
???> Cerberus (04/92), Comic (04/90), Cutter (04/90), Despiser (03-04/92),
     Dog (new 05/93), Firkin (04/90), Kilroy (04/90), MRG (04/90), Radar


NOR> Rocky (Victor Kristiansen, crack, ex Abnormal, new 09/89-04/91).
GER> Deff (ex Crazy, later Dominators, new 01/91), Pyle (Marcus, code crack,
     ex Crazy, new 01/91).
SWI> Cyberpunk (ex Genesis Project, new 08/90).
USA> The Basilisk (sysop GEE SPOT WHQ, later Engima, 03/91).
???> Dean (nor? ex RTI, new 02/90), Firefox (nor? ex RTI, new 02-04/90),
     Frank (crack, 91), Reble MC (ger? crack, later Red Sector Inc.,
     04-07/90), Zix (ex Network, new 07/90).

Boards; THE FORUM (03-04/92), HOLIDAY INN CAMBODIA (ex Arcade, new early93),
     WILD WARES (usa, coop Exodus, 01/90).

Illusion is a cracking group, based in Norway. It was formed at the IT,
Razor 1911, Abnormal, Hoaxers and Network Gigaparty in june of 1989 by
Sauron/Future and Garfield (Stein), the latter of which has since left the
scene. Thanks to for some of the real names.
  1989 - Norwegian crackers Rocky, Fist and Hero were persuaded to join the
group from Abnormal in september. Tankard left for Nato in december.
  1990 - The group RTI (Richie, Dean, Firefox) joined around february. The
group went into an importing partnership with ATC in june. Zix joined from
Network in july.
  1991 - Germans Pyle and Deff from Crazy joined the group in january. Gene
(04/90) joined Dominators around january.
  1992 - Dominators' "Corruption #12" [03/92] brought the news that Illusion
was rebuilt, and the members were Pudwerx, Prodigy, Richie, Despiser,
Hero, Sauron, Fist and Freestyle. Cracks were once again pouring out...
Previous member Gene rejoined the group in april.
  1993 - Disaster struck the group in may, as Gene, Hero and a few other
norwegian members from Oslo and Trondheim were caught for abusing AT&T
cards, and fined $25,000 by the norwegian phone company! Darklord left for
Legend, Atmos and Dog joined, while KINETIC DREAMS went to Triad and became
their WHQ in may. Sauron moved from his home city of Moss to Trondheim to
study engineering at NTH (Norwegian Technological University) around july,
which may pose problems for his cracking. American sysop Brett took it upon
himself to kick Freestyle and Zorlac in august. He also kicked Rebel (crack,
07/91), who found a new home in Legend. Then he recruited american The
Serpent. Derbyshire Ram remained a member, despite the rumours on some
boards that he joined Legend. Atmos joined Success in august. October was a
busy and problematic month for the group. An internal storm started brewing
between swiss Freestyle (Thomas) and Brett over control of the American
boards (PURGATORY and ILC). Freestyle continued to press his demands of
control onto them, as well as other members of the group, and it culminated
in him discussing internal ILS matters in the public conferences on HOLIDAY
INN CAMBODIA instead of internal ILS conferences on their own boards. In the
end, Freestyle demanded a vote on the americans status, and everyone voted
for them staying except him and Zorlac, so he left.
  1995 - Former member Baze (04/92-) joined Onslaught around september, but
was soon kicked for inactivity.