Horizon (c64)

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Horizon (HZ, 1988-)

Horizon was a Swedish demo group born 09/88 as a merger between Super Swap Sweden & Thundercats. Most known for their many wellarranged parties across sweden, and their easter parties became a traditional event for Swedish c64 sceners. Oxyron's "Attitude #5" [04/03] contained a very interesting article concerning the location of most of Horizon's members today :)


Badger (Daniel Stenberg, code, 05/89-01/90)
Boogaloo (Linus Nielsen, 05/89-93)
Exilon (Jörgen Gustavsson, code, 05-06/89)
Gaston (crack, 87)
Judge (ex FairLight, new 12/89)
Kjer (Kjelle Erisksson, code, 05/89-91)
Mastermind (code, 05-06/89)
Pernod (gfx, ex FairLight, new 12/89- 91)
Rush (Dick Ollas, 05/89)
Zagor (Björn Stenberg, music, 03/89-01/90)

Group History

They coarranged a party in Eskilstuna in may. June saw large parts of the group travelling to the IT, Razor 1911, Abnormal, Hoaxers, Network Gigaparty 89 in Trondheim, Norway, but without a demo in their baggage. Around december they were joined by Pernod and Judge from FairLight.
During easter, they arranged a copy party near Varby, Sweden which was a huge success.

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