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Noxious (NXS)

SWE> Boshiken (swap), Cerize (Peter Hanning, code, ex Strange or Voice?, old
     handle Crayon), Clav (music), Core (Stefan Backman, sysop 'FINAL
     IMPACT' WHQ opened late92, ex Strange or Voice?, new late92-11/92),
     Knotis (code, 10/91-04/92), Reverend D (sysop 'TRESPASS', new
     early92-01/95), Udden (trade, early92), Zanitor (Joakim Hall, swap,
     04/92), Zany (trade, ex Metallians).
???> Dr.Mirios (music, 12/92), Predator (gfx), Sudden (ex Spirit), Triton.

Noxious were a relatively solid, mostly Swedish demo and modem crew.
Among their founding members were Dolphin and Zanitor. Their most famous act
was probably the release of Crayon's ProTracker 2.1A in april 1992, taking
over the legacy after Amiga Freelancers. Many people complained about the
early versions however, saying how they were terribly buggy and
incompatible. Later versions remedied this, but the Noxious ProTrackers
never reached Amiga Freelancers' popularity.
  1992 - Swedish swapper Logic joined from New Wave around january. Kazer
(sysop, ex LSD) stopped by briefly on his way to Defjam early in the year.
Swedish swapper Zanitor (one of the founders) was NOT kicked, as reported in
some places.
  1993 - Swedish graphician PGL (ex Nova) moved on to Illusion late 93.

Swedish WHQ and musician Dolphin (Anders Ramsay, 01/91-12/92) left the
  scene. Since Dolphin was the WHQ, where does this leave Noxious!?
  Dolphin reported in Propaganda #4 that the only remaining section was the
  inactive swedish one.
Swedish coder Mr.Taxfree (04/92) left the scene.
Swedish swapper Limbo (ex Nova) joined Razor 1911 new.
Deshay joined Shining 8.
Inferno (ex Spirit) joined Palace.
Swedish sysop Rabzi (sysop 'PROVOCATION') got kicked. In an earlier intro,
  they helped plug the then-independent board, so it's a fair assumption
  that Rabzi came from independence to Noxious.
Schizo (ex Supplex) joined Circle.
Shortie and the Norwegian division got kicked.
German musician Dynamite (ex Analog, new mid 93) joined DCS.
Swedish coder and swapper Colorbird (ex Razor 1911 old, 92) joined Scoopex.
  While in Noxious, he published a pack called '800 DEGREES'. It is
  uncertain what happened to this after he left.
Germans Dark (swap pack 'NoPack') and Rebel MC (swap, both ex Desire) both
  joined Interpol. However, RAW #6 claims Dark joined the new Jetset for a
  while before moving on to TRSI...
Trader 24X left to join Energy.
German swapper Misery changed his handle to Skull and joined the new Jetset.
Devan joined Shining 8.
Raven (ex Rage) and Wild Thing got kicked out.
Swedes Portwer (sysop 'EQUIPOISE', 10/91), Logic (swap) and Bratz
  (10/91-04/92) joined Rebels.
Dutch swapper Cone (pack 'NOPACK', ex Spirit, 09/92) joined Gothic.
Boozo (sysop 'INTROSPECTIVE', ex Basstech) joined Submission.
Floyd (sysop 'BEYOND REALITY'), Hurricane, Pitcher (ex New Wave) and Xstaz
  (sysop 'ICE PALACE', ex Alpha Flight) all joined Legend. Xstaz did NOT
  join from Spirit as stated in EuroChart 15 and 16, he stopped by AFL first
Swedish swapper Logic (ex New Wave) gave the "NoPack" pack to Hurricane when
  he left. Later Hurricane also left, and passed it on to the Dutch Cone.
  When Cone left for Gothic, I guess Dark took over...
Winger (ex Pirates) was kicked, and therefore joined Alpha Flight with
Swedish sysops Bugs Bunny ('POLE POSITION', ex Drakpak, 10/91) and Rogue
  ('GATES OF IMPRECATION', boardname 'OUTLAW TOWN' 10/91, old handle
  Whistler) were both kicked).
Kevin Key (sysop 'INSIDE TREATMENT', ex Fusion) joined The Silents.

  Bontro (ECS Intro).
  code: Knotis, gfx: Predator (logo), Dolphin (fonts), music: Dolphin.
  review: This one features a 'classic' design, but with a few twists.
  What appears to be a VERY standard intro with a logo at the top and a
  sinusscroller, soon proves to be a little more imaginative than that.
  There's also a textplotter (for boardnumbers), and some imaginative use
  of the sinescroller in the background while board adverts are plotted.
  The tune's a pretty bland affair, to be frank. I'm not sure about any
  release date, but based on the credits and the boards (OUTLAW TOWN later
  changed its name) it's probably from the same time period as the NOG IS
  NOT ENOUGH! intro. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0. -- Note: Needs KillAGA!

  Intro (1991, .04, ECS).
  Released at Anarchy Easter Party '91.

  Nog Is Not Enough! (1991, 28.10, ECS Intro).
  code: Knotis, gfx: Bratz, music: "Huga!" by Dolphin.
  review: A fair little intro, made at an internal meeting just to show
  their board numbers and contact adress. There's a million of these, and
  this is about average. Nothing irritates, little excites.
  This intro has the most amazing compatability problem I've ever seen!
  I first tried just running it, and it ran fine but a little too fast.
  It was damned hard to read the text since it was plotted so fast! So I
  tried KillAGA, and - wait for this - it ran BUT WITH SERIOUS GRAPHICS
  GLITCHES! Weeeird... [glenn]
  GLE tested A500 /000-7 /½mb chip, ½mb fast/2.04.
             A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.
                Note: See review.

  ProTracker 2.1A Intro (1992, 19.04, ECS Intro).
  code: Knotis, Mr.Taxfree, gfx: Bratz, Jocke/Carnage (font), music:
  "Dekkadance" by Dolphin. Released simultaneously at the Phenomena and
  Light party (Sweden) and at The Gathering (Norway).
  review: This is the intro supplied on the disk with the release of
  ProTracker 2.1A. As I remember, you didn't have to rip the great tune,
  because it was included on the disk as an example module. "Dekkadance" is
  certainly the best tune Dolphin ever made! The intro itself is nicely
  designed, and fits beatifully with the tune. [glenn]
  GLE tested A500 /000-7 /½mb chip, ½mb fast/2.04.
             A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0. -- Note: Needs KillAGA.

  Propaganda Intro (1992, .12, ECS File).
  code: Colorbird, gfx: none, music: "Exile" by Elmer/Supplex.
  review: A rather boring intro with only one effect (a bouncing jellyball)
  and a text plotter (ugly font!) announcing the upcoming release of a new
  papermag for the scene called Propaganda. Ofcourse, Colorbird's plans
  never gave fruit, and the papermag project was later cancelled without a
  single issue being released. Instead, it was later born as a diskmag
  (with Colorbird as editor) in Circle. Four issues were released for
  Circle and the new Razor 1911 before the mag was abandoned totally.
    The release date I've concluded with is a result of the tune being made
  in october 92, and the first issue being scheduled for march 93.
  Therefore this intro had to be released some time inbetween the two, and
  what better opportunity than The Party in december 92? [glenn]
  GLE tested A500 /000-7 /½mb chip, ½mb fast/2.04.
             A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0. -- Note: Needs KillAGA.
                 Note: _WAY_ too fast, even with KillAGA.

  Chip'n'Dip (1993, 30.05, Musicdisk).
  Released at The Computer Crossroads 93.

  Beyond Belief (1993, 28.12, AGA Demo).
  Released at The Party 93.