Banana Dezign

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Banana Dezign (BDZ)


  • Bob (aka Jack Frost)
  • Brainbug (music, 11/93-04/94)
  • Decoy (Stian Olsen, sysop 'SILVERHAWK', 02/94-97)
  • IT (sysop 'HOME ALONE' WHQ, doublememb Cryptoburners, 04/94)
  • Jelace (music, ex Destiny)
  • Necro (code, ex Talent, 11/93-04/94)
  • Optic (ex Shamrock, 04/94)
  • Pensplit (gfx, ex Talent)
  • Teo (11/93)
  • Znit (Espen Skog, trade swap)
  • Leviathan
  • Mad Guru

Group History

Banana Dezign was formed by It/ex Cryptoburners and Micro-Pal/ex Alcatraz. There is some mysticism connected with Brainbug's membership. He was in Alcatraz back in 1992, and contributed a tune to the music competition at TG'94 under the handle Brainbug/ALCATRAZ. However, he contributed music, seemingly as a full member, to two BDZ productions between 11/93 and 03/94. Was he a doublemember, perhaps?

  • Croatians Alpha (music, ex Polaris, new 02/94) and Blue Deville (gfx, ex Polaris, new 02/94) left with Finnish musician Kristian (old handle Saracen, ex Destiny) to join Talent late 95. Curiously enough, the news where I found this used his old handle 'Saracen'...did he change back? Anyway, the Talent memberlist reflects the Saracen handle.
  • Norwegian sysop Hellfreak ('WARZONE', 93) got kicked.
  • Norwegian coder and sysop Mr.Z (ex Talent) joined Scoopex.
  • Norwegian sysop Micro-Pal ('THE WHITE HOUSE', ex Alcatraz, 93) left.
  • Norwegian swapper Messiah (ex Equinox, Balance doublememb, 02/94) joined Spaceballs.
  • Graphician Marlboro got kicked.
  • Croatian swapper Rod (Svitlica Stanjoe, ex Polaris, new 02/94) left the scene.


See Banana Dezign/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

Melbu (1993, 31.11, AGA Intro)

  • code: Necro, Bob (debug)
  • gfx: Marlboro (logo), Necro (fonts)
  • music: Brainbug (The Player 5.0A format)
Made at the Combase'93 party, but released later.

Bowel Movements (1994, 08.02, AGA Intro)

  • code: Necro
  • gfx: Blue Deville
  • music: Brainbug (The Player 5.0A format)

Så Ung Og Helt Uten Hår... (aka Wonko) (1994, 03.04, AGA File)

  • code: Necro, Elf
  • gfx: Optic
  • music: "Shinin' Ol' Boots" by Brainbug (TrackerPacker 3 format)
8th place in The Gathering'94 demo competition.


  • TWILIGHT (nor, 93)