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Cryptoburners (CRB, 1988-)

Cryptoburners is an Amiga demo group.


  • Aggressor (Espen Hagen, 91)
  • Bimbex (swap, 88-01/90)
  • Blackstar (music editor, 88-01/91)
  • Bugbear (gfx, 03/90-01/91)
  • Darkstar (Hans Arild Runde, music, ex IT, old handle Gladiator, new 05-10/90)
  • IT (sysop 'HOME ALONE' WHQ, doublememb Banana Dezign)
  • Jackmix (08/90-01/91)
  • Keo (music, 06/90)
  • Krest (Bjarte Andreassen, music)
  • Kylerion (90)
  • Nikki (sysop 'MIDGARD')
  • Olorin (code, 04/93)
  • Oscon (code, 06/90-01/91)
  • Pitcher (sysop 'HOTTER THAN HELL', ex Fraxion)
  • Rank (gfx, 04/93)
  • Rhesus Minus (Trond Hasse Lie, music, 06-01/91)
  • Skywalker (Karl Bryhn, gfx, ex Rebels)
  • Tec (Steinar Midtskogen, code, ex IT, new 05-12/90)
  • Time Traveller (Geir Rune Ladehaug, music, 88-03/90)
  • Trixal (Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik, gfx music, 88-04/94)
  • Vectorman (code, 01/90)
  • Vortex (Oddgeir Hvidsten, music, 04/93-04/94)
  • Windwalker (founder, 88-90)
  • Deicide (Stefan Wilholm, ex Masque, 93)
  • Cloud (swap, ex Desire)
  • Solid (Jeroen Dreschler, gfx, ex Desire, 12/93-04/94)
  • Crown (Jean-Baptiste Garnier, gfx music swap, ex Dark Demons, 93-00)
  • Split (sysop 'SPLIT SECOND')
  • U4IA (Jim Young, music)

Group History

Cryptoburners was formed in 1988 by by two earlier C64 groups, going under the names Scandomatic Crackers and TWCA. The original founders were Windwalker and Heatseeker, but they immediately recruited Trixal, Time Traveller, Blackstar and Bimbex. For a while, they released the diskmag 'Fourth Dimension'.

It is worth mentioning that several leading members of Cryptoburners were involved in starting the gamemaking firm FunCom in Oslo, Norway. People like Tec, Vishnu and Olorin were and are heavily involved in the leadership of the company. Unlike stated in RAW #2, Vectorman was NOT kicked due to inactivity.

In August the entire group Ghostriders joined.
After a spell of relative inactivity, PMC and New Wave's diskmag "R.A.W #2" [02/92] caught up with TEC to check on the group. He explained in an article that the recent lull in activities was mostly due to members doing their military duty (a.o. Heatseeker was facing 15 months in the navy). He could also disclose that a clean-up operation that was in progress, where lazy members would be disposed of - and that Vectorman was one of these people. Tec said there would be an internal meeting at easter, and that no releases would be made before that time. Norwegian sysop Chameleon ('CREEPSHOW') was busted sometime this year.
This year the entire group Dark Demons were recruited as a French section, and they released a few productions for them. Their originally French member Crown moved to Finland, but remains a member.
  • Norwegian founder, coder and graphician Heatseeker (88-04/94) is now in Melon Dezign.
  • Norwegian graphicians BCR and Dali joined Stone Arts.
  • German coder duo Zulu (ex Devils) and Grey (ex Dark Star) joined DCS.
  • Ceel (ex Devils) was kicked, and is now in Surprise! Productions.
  • Crescendo is no longer a member (pre 01/91).
  • Legendary norwegian musician Walkman (Tor Bernhard Gausen, ex IT, new 05/90) left the scene.


See Cryptoburners/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

Megademo (ECS Megademo)

Time Traveller's Music 1 (ECS Musicdisk)

Crimetime (1988, 09.10, ECS Demo)

2nd in the Razor 1911, The Cartel, Abnormal party demo competition.

Great Muzax #5 (1989, ECS Musicdisk)

Music compilation featuring music by Bit Arts, Gladiator, Codex, Frederic Hahn, IQ, Hattrick and some others.

Wild Bunch (1989, 24.06, ECS Demo)

Winner of the demo competition at the It and Razor 1911 Party.

Musicparty 1990 (1990, 05.01, ECS Musicdisk)

Released at the Phenomena and Censor Party 90.

Drammen Party Invitation (1990, .03, ECS File)

  • code: Tec/It
  • gfx: Bugbear
  • music:
    • Timetraveller
    • Blackstar
Invitation for the Cryptoburners, IT and Visual Bytes party.
GLE tested A500 /000-7 /½mb chip, ½mb fast/2.04.
Note: Crashes on exit.
A1200/020-14/2mb chip/3.0.
Note: Does NOT work, crashes. KillAGA has no effect.

Megademo II (1990, 08.06, ECS Mega)

  • code:
    • Heatseeker
    • Tec
    • Oscon
  • gfx: Heatseeker
  • music:
    • Gladiator
    • Keo
    • Rhesus Minus
    • Trixal
    • Walkman
    • Blackstar

Materialized (1990, .10, ECS Demo)

The Hunt For 7th October (1990, .10, ECS File)

  • code: Tec
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: "Klisje på Klisje" by Walkman
Winner of demo competition at No Limits and Imp-666 Party 90.
Noteworthy as one of the most incompatible demos ever (my friend Slummy/Spaceballs once remarked that it seemed to make a difference whether his refrigerator door was open or not ;). Should work pretty much correctly on a "vanilla" A500 with 1.3, but then again... [glenn]

Fourth Dimension 4 Intro (1990, 10.10, ECS Intro)

  • code/gfx: Tec
  • music: Gladiator

Third Dimension (1990, 28.12, ECS File)

  • code: Tec
  • gfx:
    • Heatseeker
    • Bugbear
    • Tec
  • music: Rhesus Minus
2nd in the Theatre and Network Party demo competition.
GLE tested A2000/000-7 /1mb chip, 2mb fast/2.04.
A1200/020-14/2mb chip/3.0.
note: Does NOT work. Crashes on running.

Fourth Dimension #5 (1991, 30.01, ECS Multifile Diskmag)

INT Credits
MAG Credits

code: Vectorman gfx: Heatseeker music: "Spiritual Freedom" by Blackstar and Trixal

Cooperation with Razor 1911.

Bergen Music Intro (1991?, Intro)

Revelations (1993, 07.04, ECS Slideshow)

  • code: Olorin
  • gfx: Rank
  • music:
    • Vortex
    • Trixal
Released at The Gathering 93.

F.L.A.N. (1993, 03.09, ECS 64k Intro)

2nd in the Saturne Party 93 64k intro competition.
Cooperation with Dreamdealers.

Brain-State-In-A-Box (1994, 03.04, AGA File)

  • code: Heatseeker
  • gfx: Trixal
  • music: Vortex
2nd in The Gathering 94 demo competition.
Requires fast, 030-25mhz recommended.

Crash Test (1994, 03.04, ECS Trackmo)

  • code: Witness
  • gfx:
    • Solid
    • Antony
  • music: Doh
5th in The Gathering 94 demo competition.
GLE tested A1200/020-14/2mb chip/3.0.

Toothbrush - The Trilogy Part III (1994, 27.12, AGA Multifile)

Cooperation with Dreamdealers, see there.

Music in the UnExoticA collection

The following demos in the UnExoticA collection were created by Cryptoburners.

Demo Year Party
Brain-State-In-A-Box 1994 The Gathering '94
Party Time 1991
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