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New Wave (-1992)

NOR> Bushman (sysop 'THE BUSH' WHQ), Inter City Squad (code, new ca 01/92),
     M.M (code, 11/91-07/92), Mutant (music, later Stone Arts), Xtasy (Stig
     A. Olsen, code).
USA> Cyberbit (sysop 'LIGHT YEARS', down RAW3).
???> Challenger, Emo.

New Wave may not be a very wellknown name, but the fact remains that their
members have been quite important in the evolution of the scene. They were
the ones that cooperated with Pure Metal Coders on the release of the first
few issues of "R.A.W", for example. Their coder M.M. coded the first two
issues, and his code was also used for issue three! By that time, though,
M.M. had left for the army, and was unable to work any more with the code,
so from the fourth issue his code was replaced, and New Wave had nothing
more to do with the mag. They were declared dead late 1992.
  1992 - "R.A.W #2" [02/92] was released in february, and announced the
joining of Stormbringer (sysop of 'DREAMLAND', old handle Master of Noise)
and Chainsaw in finland; Princip (sysop 'INTERCHANGE') and Gadget (swap)'s
joining from Cytax sweden; Gadget's quick handle change to Logic and
subsequent leaving once again, this time for Noxious; the joining of Inter
City Squad (code) in norway and Pitcher (trade) in Sweden and finally the
death of Bold Eagle's norwegian board 'THE ABYZZ', which he took down
due to personal problems in his life. He was reportedly also considering
leaving the scene as a consequence of this. Norwegian coder Flesh joined
Majic 12 around mid 92.

Bushman's board went down when he went to the army, around the same time
  that the group died.
Finnish Chainsaw (new ca 01/92) joined LSD.
Swedish trader Pitcher (new ca 01/92) joined Noxious.
Lion (Trade, ex Goonies) joined Vision.
American sysop Master Copy ('DAWNS END') joined Awesome.
Norwegians Kingpin (swap), Comajim (music, ex Alive, 11/91) and Vimme/Wimme?
  (gfx, 11/91) joined Offence sometime between 02 and 07/92.
Princip, sysop 'INTERCHANGE' (ex Palace) and Stormbringer, sysop 'DREAMLAND'
  both joined Shining 8.
Norwegian Hunter rejoined No Limits.
Dr.M joined Celtic.

  It's Getting Harder (1990, 06.10, Demo).
  5th in the No Limits & Imp-666 Amiga Conference 90 demo competition.

  Suicidal Failure (1991, ECS File).

  R.A.W #1 (1991, .11, ECS Diskmag).
  Cooperation with Pure Metal Coders, see there for review.

  R.A.W #2 (1992, early, ECS Diskmag).
  Cooperation with Pure Metal Coders, see there for review.