Party Time

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Party Time
Party Time screenshot
Composer(s) Tor Bernhard Gausen
Group(s) Cryptoburners
Released At
Music Format(s) Heatseeker mc1.0
Year published 1991

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Download archive Demo/Gausen_Tor/Party_Time.lha
mod.satan was found in the Party Time executable... it doesn't appear to be used. A translation of the lyrics would be nice!

Filename File Size Composer Demo Year Group
File List Indent v2.png hmc.crb_partytime 95530 Tor Bernhard Gausen Party Time 1991 Cryptoburners
File List End v2.png mod.satan 57692 Unknown Party Time 1991 Cryptoburners
Friday 15 November 2002 (Kyzer): Added to collection
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