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Delight (DLT, 1991-today)

Brief history

Delight is an elite international group with its strongest historical roots in France and Germany, which succeeded in many core areas of The Scene (Amiga/PC/Consoles), having been ranked among the bests in demos/intros, cracks, trainers, musics, and many more fields at different times of its 22+ years existence.

Born on February 23, 1991 with 12 demomakers in Paris, France, the group quickly released the much praised 'Overdose' demo then grew exponentially to reach above 70 simultaneous members at its peak. During its whole existence the group has welcomed a total of over 220 members located in at least 17 countries. After producing and releasing for the Amiga platform until 1999, Delight became one of the finest PC warez groups in the 2000's with more than 500 releases to date. The group has also released some games for the Nintendo GBA console, and has recently entered the PS3 scene, releasing intros and utilities (not illegal ISOs!) for the Sony console.


Origins of the name

'Groove Is in the Heart' song was released by Deee-Lite as a single at the end of 1990. The original and innovative music concept invented by this NY-based dance music band gave the idea of the group's name.

Delight was created nearly exactly two years after the death of Ackerlight ('The French Light'), the first important international demo/crack group with most of their active members based in France. DLT's main founder had ties with a few members of Ackerlight especially at the time of their group's death. That's why it was chosen to spell the name .D.E.L.I.G.H.T. and not Deee-Lite, with the intention to give a tribute to the legendary group Ackerlight as a continuation of the French light, but without stealing its name.


Facts & figures

. . .
Birth: Date 23 February 1991
Place Paris, France
. . .
Life span: Age 22+ years
Years 1991-2013 (still acting)
. . .
Acronyms: DLT Delight
MLD Millenium & Delight (short period in 1994)
. . .
Aliases: Amiga Delight, DeL!gHt (BBS trading)
PC Delight PC (early years), delight! (demo), Delight Crew (gaming/warez), DELiGHT (warez)
Consoles DELiGHT (GBA), Team DeLiGhT (PS3)
. . .
Members: Founding Audiomonster, Baron, DCA, Darry Booper, FRX, Killerfrost (Slaine), Mr Mixx, Quartz, Ronan, Rookie, Voyce, Yann (Bofman)
Alltime (global) 220+ in 17+ countries
At peak ~70 in 7 countries (1993)
Top.5.countries*... France, Germany, Sweden, United States, Denmark
...* before 2000 stats.**... Germany
...** after 2000 stats.
Breakdown*** Austria 1+
Belgium 3+
Canada 2+
Denmark 12+
Finland 2+
France 78+
Germany 51+
Ireland 2+
Italy 7+
The Netherlands 4+
Norway 8+
Poland 2+
Russia 1+
Sweden 15+
Switzerland 2+
United Kingdom 4+
United States 15+
Unlocalized... 15+
TOTAL 223+ members
...*** alltime (global) stats
. . .
Generations...: 1. 02/91-06/93 Integrated Amiga group. Production: mostly demos, few cracks/oneparts/previews, no trainers. Global org.: Voyce. From 01/92: country leaders Germany (Drake, Stearo), Denmark (Kasai), Norway (Badcat).
2. 06/93-07/94 Integrated Amiga group with developing sections: a/ demos, b/ trainers & cracks. Production: lots of trainers, a few German cracks, 4-5 demos. Global & demo org.: Voyce. Trainers/cracks org.: Blackbird. BBS/trading org.: Dee aka Demax (Sweden). German division org.: Vascal, Slick. Denmark demo division: Kasai.
3. 07/94-04/95 Integrated Amiga crack group with starting PC division and split demo section sharing the same brand. Production: mostly cracks and trainers, no demos other than intros/cracktros. Global & cracks/trainers org.: SDD & Siriax. PC org.: SDD. PC music org.: Keith 303. Split demo org. in France: Voyce & Linus ; and in Denmark: Kasai.
4. 04/95-05/97 Diversifying group on Amiga and PC, with separate Amiga demo group sharing the same brand (without conflicts). Production: cracks, trainers, only one demo other than intros/cracktros. Global Amiga & cracks/trainers org.: Talon. PC org.: SDD. Separate demo group org. in France: Linus, until the last official Amiga demo release in 1996 ('Mad Cow Disease' demo). Another demo was unreleased in 1996.
5. 05/97-99 Diversifying group on PC and consoles with very few Amiga releases (no demos). Production: multiplatform cracks, trainers. Org.: Talon, SDD, Nitro.
6. 2000-2010 Integrated PC group, mostly German. Most productions: cracks, keygens, serials, dvd-rips. Gaming compo teams. Various music releases and one significant PC demo 'Nightshift' in 2003. Org.: unknown.
7 - 2010-2013 Continuing PC group, mostly German, with spawning separate cells (international) on multiple platforms, notably PS3 and mobile OS's, without any direct ties to PC but sharing the same origins. Production: various. PC org.: unknown. No true global org.
. . .
Releases 14+ Demos and demo-like productions (excl. unreleased)
28+ Amiga Cracktros/spreadtros (incl. a few by other groups for Delight i.e. Ram Jam, C-Lous, Faith...)
10+ Amiga packs and trainers menus
210+ Amiga packs released (4+ collections, incl. 121+ 'Universal Series', 47+ 'Turntable Shows' packs)
850+ Musics composed by members, released/signed as Delight
35+ Amiga games cracked/released (26+ final retail versions, 3+ spreads of PD games, 2+ direct C64 ports, 2+ advanced beta versions (insides), and 2+ smaller playable previews)
30+ Amiga games trained
1+ Amiga games produced
12+ Amiga utilities released
7+ Amiga utilities produced (incl. internal tools)
10+ AmiExpress tools produced
500+ PC warez released
15+ Other platforms productions & releases (intros, utilities, cracked games) mainly consoles
. . .
90's friends: Elite groups Quartex, Paradox, Prodigy, Interpol, Prestige, Delirium, Zenith, TRSI, Crystal, Skid Row, Crack Inc., Fusion, Razor 1911, Fairlight, Eurasia, GOD, The Company, Faith, Abuse...
Demo groups Melon, Dreamdealers, Cryptoburners, Analog, Spaceballs, Ram Jam, Alliance Design, Scoopex, Rebels, The Silents, Complex, Sanity, Andromeda, Abyss, Artwork, C-Lous, Iris, Saturne, Symbiosis ...
Techno artists Radical Rhythms, Lunatic Asylum/Dr. Macabre, DJ Olive, Ptit Louis, Mr. Oizo, Frankie Bones & Adam X, Joey Beltram, DJ Bertrand, Dimitri, Scorpio Music, Maxximum radio...
Street arts The Radical Concept, The Cobra Power, Da Kings of Art, 219, MDR, CMP, 4AD, Kiss Me Sugar, Bones (Brooklyn/NY), Decay, Fabe/ELC, Psyko, Nasty, Oeno, Devin/NTM...
. . .



Main slogans
  • Unlimited Pleasure
  • Crime Is Art! And Art Is Crime...
Notable slogans
  • Delight Unlimited!
  • Cracked For Ure Pleasure
  • Cracked To Perfection, Not As Your Version
  • Beyond The Edge!
  • How High Can You Fly!?
  • The Second French Revolution Continues (only used in packs in 1991)
  • Delight: Makes Ur Penis Stand With...
  • Always For Fun
  • Hello Software Companies, Delight Attempted To Your Protection
  • Beware In The Galaxy - Big Delight Is Watching You!
  • Delight Decided To Release More And More - This Time:
  • No Brain No Hope!
  • Fuck Your Mother, You'll Get Some Brothers!
  • The Kings Of Crime (MLD co-op.)
Stolen slogans
  • For Fun Not Status (first used by Anthrox!)
  • Beyond the reach of human range. A bit of evil, a touch of Strange (stolen by MLD co-op. to Paradox!)



Although it aims to be as accurate and exhaustive as possible, this memberlist doesn't give much information on members who have been involved in illegal activities related to the releases of PC software, GBA games and DVD-rips over the past 12 years. The reason is not only to protect the privacy of these persons, but also and primarily due to the secrecy which surrounds their identity (no credits in releases). In addition, if you were a member and if you find inaccurate information, please don't hesitate to report to the editor (see end of page).


  • Wizzard (gfx, music, Delight PC, best know as Reebok/Scoopex on Amiga, 1994-)


  • Phil Douglas (cracker, credited as Delight in cracks for Delirium before joining this group, 08/1993)
  • RAM (code, ex The Band and Commando Frontier on C64, 1993-)
  • The Red Baron (code, ex Bamiga Sector One, 1993-)


  • BlackRose (co-sysop 'Vulture's Nest', 1996-)
  • The Vulture (co-sysop 'Vulture's Nest', 1996-)


  • Brainiac (music, 1992-)
  • Criox (gfx, ex-Reflectors, 1992-)
  • Depete (music, ex-Klover Design, 1992-)
  • D-Trade (modem trader, 1992-)
  • IZI (gfx, 3D designer, 1992-)
  • Kasai (Danish division organizer, swapper, ex-Light, 1992-)
  • Le Spek
  • Quayle (gfx, music, aka Towie, ex-Light, 1992-)
  • Screem (cracker, trainers, original supplier, trader, 199?-)
  • Spike (music, ex-Klover Design, 1992-)
  • Wozzy (sysop 'METAL CONNEXTION', 1994)
  • Zeus (code, 1992-)


  • Echo (trader, doublemember Delirium, 1993-)
  • Guido (trader, doublemember Delirium, 1993-)


  • Abbas (code, 05/1991-)
  • Acetip (music, 1991-)
  • ADN (code, 1993-)
  • Anex (gfx, 1992-)
  • Arios (music, ex Symbiosis, 12/91-08/94)
  • Atwill (ex Extreme, 1991)
  • Audiomonster (music, intros & 'Overdose' demo, 02/1991-, later The Silents, Melon Dezign)
  • Bad Genius (code, 1991-)
  • Barbarr (code 'Mad Cow Disease' demo, 1996)
  • Babydock (code, crack, H/P/A, initally a shadow member then officially joined in 1993, network admin, webmaster, ex Interpol (old) and Paradox (new))
  • Baron (code 'Slaughter' demo/part 1: elliptic 3D, ex-Europe (rename of Aces) and Sphere, 02/1991-)
  • Beachy (swap/spread, 1993-)
  • Bilbo (ex Extreme, 1991)
  • Blackbird (code, crack, trainers, H/P/A, joined in 1992, lead organizer crack section (2nd generation, 1993-1994), later joined Prestige then rejoined Delight)
  • Blodd (code, 1993-)
  • Bofman (code Amiga & PC, 03/1991-)
  • Bomber Man (Orig. supplier, ex Paradox (new) and Prestige, 1995-)
  • Bugs (Orig. supplier, 1992)
  • Byse (gfx, street art, 03/1991-)
  • Cabal (orig. supplier, trader, 1993-)
  • Clawz (music, ex-Extreme, later TSB, Digital (old), Complex and Oxygene 1991)
  • Cyrius 4 (code 'Ghost Battle' musicdisk and 'Slaughter' demo/part 3: 3D fractal landscape, doublemember Quartex in some French suppliers/crackers associations, Amiga & PC, 02/1991-)
  • Darry Booper (co-founder, music, gfx , doublemember Quartex in some French suppliers/crackers associations, ex-leader of Sphere, YS, G.O.T The Gang of Three, 02/1991-)
  • Daryl (spread, packs, editor of B.A.D printed mag, doublemember TRSI, ex-Apology, 1991-92)
  • DCA (code 'Overdose' demo, 02/1991-, later Rebels)
  • Dino (code, crack, former member of Yankees on C64, 05/1991-)
  • Doh (music, aka Doh Spirits, later Dreamdealers, 1991-12/1992)
  • Dr Gang (music, aka SML, ex Brainstormers and Paradox (old))
  • Exterminator (code, 1993-)
  • Faith (code, sysop 'THE MUSEUM' EHQ, aka Faddy, ex Razor 1911, ex Alcatraz, 1991)
  • Flip (code, 'Explorer' trackmo, 1994-)
  • Flyspy (code, 'Slaughter' demo/part 2: fireworks, ex North Star and Agile, Amiga & PC, 1992-)
  • Franck (code, Bytekiller Pro 1.0)
  • FRX (code, ex-Europe (rename of Aces) and Sphere, 02/1991-)
  • Gremlin (swap, 1991-)
  • Haze (code, gfx, former member of Yankees on C64, 05/1991)
  • He (gfx, street art, 1991)
  • Header (swapper, 1992, later joined Nova (france))
  • Heden (code of PS3 intros & utilities, 2010-)
  • Hydris (code, 1993-)
  • Ice-T (P.O.Box in France, 1991-)
  • Junkie (external member, code, ex-Artwork, 1993)
  • JTC (swapper, 1993)
  • Kid (gfx, 1992-)
  • Krom (swapper, 1991-, later changed handle to Wizz and joined The Silents, then was kicked and joind Digital (old))
  • Linus (gfx, code, demo section organizer (1995-1997), older handles Big Red and Feyd, 05/1991-, currently waal on the xbox scene)
  • Lord Byron (gfx, 1991-)
  • Lunatic Asylum (music, 1991-)
  • Maximilian (shadow member, co-operative organization tasks as leader of Interpol (old) and Paradox (new), 1992-1993)
  • Mik (code, 1993-)
  • Mr Howard (code, music, alias HPL, 1993-)
  • Mr Mixx (swap, trade, street art, aka MightyMixx, 02/1991-, later Melon Dezign)
  • Ninja (code, crack, ex Paradox (new), 1997-)
  • Overboy (code, 'TheBoot' multi-selection boot menu, 1993)
  • Paranormal (code, 1993-)
  • Performer (external member, code, intro of cracks/oneparts by Dino, ex Concept and later Melon Dezign 1991)
  • Purple (gfx, 10/1991-)
  • Quartz (gfx, ex-Sphere, doublemember Quartex in some French suppliers/crackers associations, 02/1991-)
  • Rave (swap, ex Extreme, old handle Postcard, 1991, later joined TRSI)
  • Reflex (music, 05/1991-, later Rebels)
  • Ronan (code, 02/1991-)
  • Rookie (gfx, design, 02/1991-)
  • Scud (shadow member, 1-day official member, co-operative brainstorming, co-org. Rebels, later Thomas / Ministry, 1991)
  • Shup (ex Extreme, 1991)
  • Skyman (code, ex Alcatraz, 1991)
  • Slaine (gfx, swap, aka Shean, aka Killerfrost, 02/1991-)
  • Spirit (shadow member, orig. supplier Quartex, member of QTX^DLT unofficial joint-ventures The Magic Trio, The Fabulous Five, etc. dedicated to orig. supplies/cracks, 1991)
  • TDC (code, aka The Dream Child, 1991, former member of Yankees on C64, later Rebels)
  • Thanatos (external member, gfx, 1993)
  • Traitor (trader, orig. supplier, former org. Alliance Design and double/triplemember Prestige^Mystic, 1995)
  • Trash (code, gfx, 1994-)
  • Twist (ex Extreme, 1991)
  • Vicious (trader, ex Complex, old handles Mr.Ngy, Mr. Nice Guy, 06/1991-)
  • Voyce (main founder, global leader (1st+2nd generations 1991-1994), demo section organizer (1993-1995), musician, orig. supplier, trader, H/P/A, ascii designer, small gfx, street art, 02/1991-1995, other handles as doublemember and original supplier: Flex / Quartex (old), Oracle, Crystal, Nemesis (old), Paragon / Fusion, Crack Inc, Skid Row (old), TRSI+The Dream Team PC, Interpol (old) (as co-founder/supplier), Paradox (new) (as co-founder/supplier, then later doublemember Melon Dezign (1996-2003+), DLT lifetime member since 02/1991))
  • Walt (external member, gfx 'MomoCompilStuff' fucktro, 1991, ex Sphere and later Melon Dezign)
  • Whirly (code, 1993-)
  • Willy (orig. supplier, ex-Skid Row, Paradox (new) and Prestige, 1995-)


  • Agony (modem trader, code, 1993)
  • Alpha One (code, crack, trainers, 1994-, later joined Prodigy)
  • Apollo (external member, orig. supplier, doublemember Classic)
  • Baseangel (music, 1999 & 2000's, member of Delight PC)
  • Blue (trader, sysop, 1994)
  • Blue M (music, Delight PC, doublemember Radical Rhythms, 1994-)
  • Can (swapper, music)
  • Cosmic (music, Delight PC, doublemember Radical Rhythms, 1994-)
  • David (code 'Nightshift' (2004 demo), Delight PC, 2000's)
  • Deathlord (trader, ascii design, sysop 'CENTRAL CITY' GHQ 1993-)
  • Drake (German section organizer, swap, gfx, 1992)
  • Dr. Ram (sysop 'Houze of Madnezz', 1993-)
  • Effendi (gfx, swap/spread, 1992, later joined Agnostic Front then Arise)
  • Felon (trader, cracker, doublemember Prodigy, has been member of Prestige and Devious Dezigns, 1994)
  • Fred (code 'Scene'O'Phobia, 1992)
  • Fugitive, The (orig. supplier, credited as Delight for Amiga cracks by Delirium, Delight PC, 08/1993-)
  • HavoC (code, music, gfx, 'Nightshift' (2004 demo), Delight PC, 1999 & 2000's)
  • HMC (music, aka Homicide, Delight PC, 1994-)
  • Hooligan (co-sysop 'EUROPE'S CHAOS' distribution site, 1994)
  • Jacky D. (orig. supplier, 1994)
  • Julie (Delight PC, doublemember Radical Rhythms, 1994-2000's)
  • Keith 303 (music, Delight Amiga (short time), Delight PC, doublemember Radical Rhythms and Blank255, 1994-)
  • Laxical (music, 1993-)
  • Masque (swap, music, code, 1992)
  • Mem'O'Ree (music, Delight Amiga/PC, doublemember Abyss, oth. handle Meo, 1994-)
  • Mercury (sysop 'DOOM OF EXTASY', Delight Amiga & PC, 1994-)
  • MMM (music, Delight PC, 2000's)
  • Mr. Sony (sysop 'EMPIRE PALACE', 1994)
  • Neurodancer (music, Delight PC, doublemember Abyss on Amiga, doublemember Radical Rhythms, 1994-)
  • Niko (cracker, sysop 'THE UNFORGIVEN' GHQ, 1993-)
  • Nitro (co-org. and orig. supplier Delight PC/Consoles, doublemember/organizer of Prodigy, 1993-)
  • Overdog (joined Nuance, 1992)
  • Place (music, 19??)
  • PPX (trader, ascii design, 1993-)
  • Primus (trader, staff 'HOMELESS BBS' GHQ, 1997)
  • Raster Blaster (sysop 'BYTE PARADISE' GHQ, 1993)
  • Ray (music, Delight PC, doublemember Radical Rhythms, 1994-)
  • Saxon (sysop 'FLYING DRAGON' GHQ, 1995)
  • Scan (Amiexpress code, co-sysop 'BREAK AWAY' EHQ, ascii/ansi design, street arts, 1993-)
  • SDD (lead organizer crack section (3rd generation, 1994-1995), then main organizer of Delight PC/Consoles while member of Quartex (new) on Amiga, trader, music, 1993-)
  • Siriax (code, crack, trainers, co-organizer, orig. supplier, 1993-, later joined Prodigy and remained doublemember of Delight for a while)
  • Slick (Orig supplier, trader, 1993-)
  • Slime (Sysop 'HOMELESS BBS' GHQ, 1997)
  • Stearo (German section associate organizer, swap, ex Precise, 1992, joined Desire then Paradise)
  • Tagesdosis (music, Delight PC, 2000's)
  • Thexder (music, swap/spread, other handle Triace, 1992-)
  • Trion (co-sysop 'EUROPE'S CHAOS' distribution site, 1994)
  • Twix (gfx, music, ex The Trackers, 1992)
  • Undertaker (code, 1992)
  • Vascal (code (utilities), co-sysop 'BREAK AWAY' EHQ, 1993-)
  • Violator (swap, 1992)
  • X-Tasy (???)


  • Replay
  • Flyer


  • E$G (modem trader, 1994-95)
  • FGF (modem trader, 1994-95)
  • Kenshiro (trader, 1994-)
  • Maverick (crack, sysop 'FUNKY TRADING', 08/1995)
  • Modem Boy (trader, 1993-)
  • Spiderman (sysop 'TOTAL RECALL', 1994)
  • U.M.M (trader, staff 'FUNKY TRADING', 08/1995)

The Netherlands

  • Muad'dib (Amiexpress code, sysop 'THE UNDISCOVERED' DHQ, Delight Amiga & PC, 1994)
  • Nitro (code 'Mr. Brownstone', 1993)
  • Wishbringer (staff 'THE UNDISCOVERED' DHQ, 1994)
  • Xanion (music 'Mr. Brownstone', 1993)


  • Assassin (sysop 'EXTENSION', 1992-)
  • Badcat (code, ex No Limits, 1992-)
  • Baltazar (code, ex No Limits, 1992-)
  • Brainbuster (code, ex No Limits, 1992-)
  • Dreadlock (staff 'MIDDLE EAST' NHQ, 1994)
  • Goblin (sysop 'MIDDLE EAST' NHQ, 1994)
  • Turbo Brain (code, music, sysop 'THE ULTIMATE RIDE', 1994-)
  • Whirlwind (code, ex No Limits, 1992-)


  • Mad Shocker (music, 1995-)
  • Quasi (music, 1995-)


  • Mystif (1995)


  • Agressor (trader, co-sysop 'UNDERCOVER' EHQ, 1993-)
  • Cybergod (trader, ascii artist, ex doublememb Ram Jam, late 1995)
  • Dale'n X3M (staff 'TOTAL DISASTER', 1994)
  • Demax (co-sysop 'UNDERCOVER' EHQ, alt handle Dee, ex Chaos A.D., 1993-)
  • Fazer (sysop 'FLATLINE', ex Razor 1911)
  • Freddy (music, 1993)
  • Fuze (trader, 1994)
  • Kane (trader, co-sysop 'LOVE LIKE BLOOD', doublemember TRSI, 1994)
  • MFM (cracker, coder, trader, network/H/P/A, 1994)
  • Mike (swap/spread, 1994-)
  • Nike (Amiexpress code, sysop 'INSTANT PLEASURE', double/triplemember TRSI^Crux^Craze, 1995-)
  • Pitcher (staff 'UNDERCOVER')
  • Snowfire (trader, staff 'GLOBAL EFFECT', 1995)
  • Steam (music, other handle Twister / Anarchy)
  • Trazer (music, ex Danger Productions, 1994-)


  • Iceman (music, Delight PC, 1994)
  • Samir (external member, cracker, 1993-, doublemember Prestige, ex-Zenith)

United Kingdom

  • Phantom (trader, staff 'AREA 51' UKHQ, 1995)
  • Sasha (sysop 'DATALUS BBS', UKHQ, 1994-)
  • Talon (orig. supplier, lead organizer crack section (4th generation, 1996-1999), trader, 1994-)
  • TAS (sysop 'DAWN RAID' UKHQ, 1993-)

United States

  • Cardinal (sysop, 'THE VOID', 1995)
  • Circuit Breaker (sysop 'DIGITAL EXTASY', 1994-95)
  • Codex (sysop 'THE KREMLIN' USHQ, 1995)
  • Cyquest (staff 'THE VOID', 1994-)
  • Don Dog (sysop 'UZI SUICIDE', ~1995)
  • FlashBack (sysop 'PRETTY HATE MACHINE, 1993)
  • Jammaster (sysop 'INNER CITY', 1991-92)
  • Leper Messiah (sysop 'DAMAGE JUSTICE', 1993)
  • Lost Dutchman (sysop 'THE LOST DUTCHMAN MINE', 1993-94)
  • Paradox (sysop 'DIGITAL CANDY', 1993)
  • Shadowvex (sysop 'THE FIEND CLUB' first WHQ of Delight, H/P/A, 1991-92)
  • Snow Queen (co-sysop 'FASTRAX', 1992)
  • Swift J (sysop 'CHAOTIC ENTITY', 1993-94)
  • The Saint (co-sysop 'THE FIEND CLUB' first WHQ of Delight, 1991-92)
  • Voyager (co-sysop 'FASTRAX', 1992)

Unlocalized members

  • Alien (???, 1994-)
  • Bassmann (design, Delight PC, 2010-)
  • Breaker (???, 1993-)
  • Cauldron (???, Delight PC, 1995-)
  • Cheech! (cracker 'Populous 2-Trials of the Olympian Gods', 1994, later joined Delirium)
  • Cosmic (???, Delight PC, 1994-)
  • Exotic (trader, staff 'UNDERCOVER', 1994-)
  • Ghettoboy (trader, 1994)
  • Gorefest (???, 1994-)
  • Mr. Been (???, Delight PC, 1993-)
  • NK!/PSE (trader, 1995-)
  • Perfection (trainers, 1994)
  • Soulsmoker (orig. supplier, 1995)
  • WWI (cracker 'Alien Breed Tower Assault', 1994)
  • Xyrion (gfx, ascii/ansi, Delight PC, 2010-today)

External & Shadow members

External members made occasional contributions to the group as themselves not mentioning the other groups they were working for at the same time. They were credited with their sole handles for their works in the related Delight releases and/or didn't bother credit themselves. They were also considered 'one-time' members as friends of the group, but they generally didn't appear in an official way in any DLT member listings. They included:

  • Performer / Melon Dezign, coder of an intro for Dino cracks/oneparts, coder of the funny fucktro 'MomoCompilStuff', 1991.
  • Walt / Melon Dezign, gfx/design of the funny fucktro 'MomoCompilStuff', and influential figure who was decisive in the recruitment of a few members such as Reflex (music) and Abbas (code), thus should also be considered as a shadow member, 1991.
  • Junkie / Artwork and Experience, for his coding contribution on the last part of the Slaughter demo in 1993.
  • Thanatos for a logo which has been used in a few Delight menus/cracktros (1993).
  • Samir / Prestige as cracker for the release of 'Catch 'Em' final retail version (08/1994).
  • Apollo / Classic as original supplier for the release of 'Catch 'Em' final retail version (08/1994).

Shadow members were influential figures who have supported the group activities on an organizational basis/level. In return they have received support from Delight for their own activities. They included:

  • Spirit / Quartex. A friend of multiple Delight members in Paris, member of QTX^DLT underground joint-ventures for orig. supplies/cracks by QTX, such as The Magic Trio and The Fabulous Five.
  • Maximilian / Interpol (old) and Paradox (new). Delight and Paradox sometimes cross-issued releases one for each other. Max and Voyce (aka Paragon/Interpol (old) and Paradox (new)) were friends in real life. Was also decisive in the recruitment of a few members such as Kid (gfx) and Flyspy (code).
  • Scud / Rebels aka later Thomas / Ministry has been a shadow member of Delight due to moral support and being a 1-day official member, in the same fashion Voyce has been a shadow member of Rebels and official member for a single day (kind of a private joke between group organizers).

Questionable & non-existent members

2Tuff (UK, trader, staff 'THE FIEND CLUB', 1991-, better known as orig. supplier for Crystal)
Questionable: 2Tuff was listed here as a member of Delight in the older version of this page. In most recent interviews, 2Tuff lists the groups he had been a member of, and Delight isn't listed among these groups.
Coffee (CH, Modem Trader, 1991)
Non-existent: double handle of another existing member for illegal activities (modem trading).
Lizardking (SE, music, 1995)
Questionable: Is listed as Delight member on certain websites. One of his musics was used in a Delight cracktro in 1995. Doesn't quote himself as a former Delight member on his official profile on AMP-Da Scene.
Prayer (FR, Modem Trader, 1991)
Non-existent: double handle of another existing member for illegal activities (modem trading).
Sleine (FR, gfx, 1994)
Non-existent: Sleine is a fictional graphic artist who is welcomed as a new member and is presented as reworking scans of drawings made by others in the caricature demo 'Graphist for Sale, Très Sale". Any resemblance with an existing person is purely accidental.
Turtle (FR, swapper, 1991)
Non-existent: Daryl wrote in scrolltexts about his sister who was a member of Delight, but he never had a sister (confirmed by his parents).

Group History


There was an Atari ST group called Delight, which were active from 1985 to 1990. Although both groups were from different origins and did not share any members in common, Delight on Amiga took inspiration from its former counterpart on the ST scene, which became history in cracking some of the best games ever released on the ST platform.

In spite of this, Delight Amiga/PC/Consoles had no common roots with Delight on Atari ST, and even had no knowledge of the existence of the latter when it was founded in 02/1991. Thus, both groups should be considered as separate entities.


The group was founded in February by Voyce, a musician/ex-leader of demo groups like Brainstormers, and original supplier for various crack groups like Genesis (1989)+Alpha Flight co-op, Spreadpoint, M.A.D, Paranoimia, Vision Factory (old)... since early 1989.

The original team was created along with some ex-members of French groups Sphere (Darry Booper, Quartz, Audiomonster, FRX...) and Concept (Ronan, Rookie...) as well as a few independents, at the occasion of a meeting organized at Killerfrost's premisces in Paris on 23rd February. Most French members listed as having joined on 02/1991 were present at the meeting. Many other members joined in 1991, while some left towards the end of the year (DCA, TDC and Reflex for Rebels, Audiomonster, Ronan and Rookie for The Silents, ...).

The same year two BBS's were recruited in the United States, 1) 'The Fiend Club WHQ' with 2nd ranked H/P/A conference in the U.S., operated by Shadowvex (ex-Alpha Flight) and 2) 'Inner City USHQ' operated by Jammaster (ex-Miracle). Faddy (ex handle Faith) joined from Razor 1911 to operate 'The Museum EHQ' in Nice, France, then left to become independent at the beginning of 1992, after two members of Delight were busted along with most of French members of Quartex and The Company in the Blue Box affair led by the national police.
1991 saw many releases from Delight, including the much praised 'Overdose' demo, two other well-spreaded demos, several intros and dentros by FRX, Ronan, Performer, TDC, Faddy. The Momocompilstuff was a fucktro against Voyce and Darry Booper made by Walt (later leader of the French side of Melon Dezign). Dino (ex-leader and cracker of The Yankees C64 group) started to crack and onepart several games. Delight also welcomed members of The Yankees, members of Symbiosis (musicians Doh and Arios) and the whole group Extreme. Delight also released Necronom preview as well as popular utilities with intros in front of them.


Delight became more international. Entire sections were recruited mainly in Denmark (with ex-members of Light), in Germany (joining from various groups), in Norway (with ex-members of No Limits. After the French police raids in late 1991, where a list of accounts was seized, The Fiend Club WHQ became independent. Inner City became WHQ of Delight, soon joined by Fastrax USHQ (sysops Voyager and Snow Queen). Assassin, sysop of The Extension EHQ was busted by the Norwegian police. Notably due to this black series, 1992 has started as a difficult year for Delight. Several French members left the scene. Some others left including French swapper Krom (aka Wizz) who joined Fusion, and German graphician Effendi who joined Agnostic Front.

Although the group became less productive this year, Dino continued to release cracks and oneparts. Many packs were issued this year by Mr Mixx, by Daryl & Rave, and by Voyce. Further games and utilities were released, such as Bytekiller Pro 1.0 coded by Franck/Delight. The German section produced Scene-O-Phobia, a small zine, while further productions and important organisational changes have been cooking in the wake of 1993. "Bagpipe Palmepeede" by Doh/Delight ranked 3rd at The Party music competition in Denmark at the end of December.


Major changes occurred at Delight this year. Since the beginning, Voyce had pursued his major contributions to the crack scene with handles Flex (1991) and Paragon (1992-1993). A key original supplier and close friend of Maximilian, he notably co-founded Interpol (1992) and the second instance of Paradox (1993), and contributed as influential member to other officines such as Fusion, Crack Inc. Skid Row and TRSI+TDT PC, all of this while remaining the active leader of Delight.

Until this year, considering the centralized nature of the group around its founder and global organizer, Delight had been prevented to become an active group on the crack scene. After his decision to leave the crack scene by mid-year, Voyce progressively decentralized all decision powers in Delight by quitting global leadership and delegating more organization tasks to other members.
Early 1993 Voyce recruited Blackbird, a very talented independent coder/cracker who quickly became one of the best trainer makers of all times on the Amiga platform. Blackbird was awarded full responsibility to organize the activities of Delight on the crack scene, and quickly recruited German trainer makers and crackers Siriax and Alpha One, along with SDD, MFM, Slick, Talon, and others in Germany, the UK and Sweden. The UNDERCOVER EHQ (sysops Demax and Agressor) also joined Delight. Voyce recruited THE CHAOTIC ENTITY as new WHQ and LOST DUTCHMAN MINE as USHQ. Babydock was invited to join from Paradox, but first collaborated as a shadow member before joining one year later as an official member. Delight quickly became one of the best elite trainers and crack groups for the year 1993.
When he definitively retired from the crack scene in June, Voyce still retained leadership of the group's demo activities. The Danish section (Kasai, Brainiac, Zeus, Izi, Depete, Towie/Quayle...) released their first Delight demo at the beginning of 1993. Slaughter, a major coding proof-of-concept demo with contributions of several top-level coders, was released at the occasion of the CEBIT. Among various other productions this year, Dutch members Nitro and Xanion released their own game Mr. Brownstone, inspired from the classic Boulder Dash. Delight also used at least 7 new intros and cracktros for new releases this year, mostly coded by German and French members.
1993 ended with Delight as one of the best trainer groups and reaching the top-10 crack groups, Voyce (as Paragon) was best original supplier worldwide, having supplied 7 of the 10 best games of the year (according to magazines) to Interpol and Paradox. "Blow-up" by Arios/Delight ranked 3rd at The Party music competition in Denmark at the end of December.


Delight continued to release cracks and trainers, along with new cracktros. Blackbird left for Prestige, where he could work more closely with his friend Samir (leader of PSG), who released one crack for Delight as an external member. SDD, with the help of Talon and Siriax, took over leadership of Delight crack and trainers activities (including cracktros). Siriax and Alpha One issued a fair number of new releases until they became doublemembers of Prodigy and Delight at the end of the year. One game was also released under a one-time co-operation between Millenium and Delight. Delight has again ranked among the top-releasing groups for this year.

On the demo side, Flip and Trash released the trackmo Explorer, along with a 40k intro. Another demo, 'Graphist for Sale' was released simultaneously. With these the group ranked first in both demo and 40k intro categories at the Analog party near Strasbourg, France, organized during the summer time. Danish members also released their second demo. Other intros and cracktros were released this year, including a series of simple cracktros by Siriax and Alpha One, and more advanced works by Paranormal and Whirly (the latter with a logo by Antony / Dreamdealers).


Despite its slower pace of releases mainly due to Prodigy and Prestige taking advantage of recruiting in its ranks, Delight still issued a few good trainers and cracks this year, along with new intros. Most productive members on this side were as usual Siriax and Alpha One, and Talon.


Delight crack section could have died in 1996. Fortunately Alpha One and Talon were still active for a few releases, such as Battle Squadron - The Destruction Of The Barrax Empire (AGA fixed) +12.

French demomakers released The Mad Cow Disease, featuring a few real-time Gouraud or Phong shading 3D objects. The demo hardly found its way to the BBS's and was spreaded mainly to a limited number of friends and contacts in France. This demo was the last released by Delight on the Amiga.


1997 and subsequent years saw Delight PC gaining momentum, while the pace of releases on the Amiga slowed down progressively until there was nothing left in either productions or releases for this platform towards the end of the decade. Most outstanding Amiga works were musics, notably released at demo parties.

From 1997 and on, Delight PC started cracking a few games and commercial utilities. A short-living Delight Console section cracked/released some games notably for the Game Boy Advance platform. Vulture's Nest was the last known BBS WHQ for Delight, based in Canada. The group was led by Talon on Amiga and SDD on PC and consoles, with members such as Nitro, Bomber Man & Willy, Cabal, Vulture, MFM, Keith303, Havoc, and others.
A last intro was still produced on the Amiga in 1997 for the few releases left, such as BosCar. No demos were produced during that period. The only other multimedia work was Babydock's launch of the website featuring a short group history and a download section for the main group's demos/intros.


A grand total of more than 500 releases (cracks, keygens, etc.) have been spreaded around on the Internet during the 2000's. Members responsible for these remain mostly unknown, but are suspected to be mostly German and possibly French, as both countries have always hosted the most numerous and many of the most prolific members, and a lot of the releases have localized names.

In 2004, Delight PC released the Nightshift demo, coded by David with music and design by Havoc.


Delight is still releasing illegal PC stuff and content. This section members remain mostly anonymous, except for a few demomakers still active who are participating in gfx, musics, and other competitions at parties.

Legal stuff has also been released on the PS3 by Heden: three "old school" pretty intros, and a couple of utilities for coding and managing the system.

Common Works, Joint-Ventures & Alliances

Common Works

. Several co-op. packs released with TRSI.

. Contributions by many other group members to Delight productions and releases.

. Contributions by Delight members to other groups productions and releases.


The only official joint-venture has been MLD : Millenium + Delight. It has been a short-time living one-release JV achieved in 1994.

Pacts & Alliances


Underground alliance with Quartex in France, based on original supplying and cracks contributed by some Delight members, also members of Quartex through different labels. See 'French credited suppliers/crackers associations (1991)' subsection in members' countries on Quartex page.


Pacts of non-agression and cross-brand releases with Interpol, then Paradox, notably through a handful of co-releases by doublemembers Paragon (i.e. Voyce) and Babydock, which were labelled as Delight mentionning contributions by Paradox.


Pact of non-agression and cross-brand releases with Prodigy, involving various works by Siriax and Alpha One.


Demos, Dentros, etc.


Overdose (1991, .03, OCS/ECS File demo)

Delight logo in introduction

Audiomonster ('Hard Feelings')
Darry Booper (logos and fonts)
Voyce (blinking stars behind text)
Audiomonster (main)
One of many plasma effects!
Voyce (end greetings)

Background story
The demo was released within weeks after the creation of the group.
It received much acclaim by peer groups and is still viewed as (one of) the demo(s) which made the best use of 'plasma' effects, in conjunction with an excellent slow music creating a quiet and ambient mood.
1-px plasma, hi-res overscan
The 'Overdose' demo was often considered among the 10 best demos released in 1991 for the Amiga platform, although it was only listed 15 in the top-20 of the Eurochart, which comprised many older demos released before the year 1991.
All the effects are overscan, including two high-resolution 1-pixel plasmas.
There are also a few other effects which are not plasma in this demo, all based on color concepts.
The lightning plasma effect behind a dark castle at the end of the demo wasn't intended at the beginning. It has been discovered as a bug while coding a normal plasma effect, and was finally accomodated as a regular effect.

Lightning behind dark castle
[Youtube 1] Video on Youtube (fullscreen).
[Youtube 2] Video on Youtube (uploaded by Audiomonster).
[Youtube 3] Video on Youtube (uploaded by Cyberpingui).
[Dailymotion] Video on Dailymotion.
[Bitfellas] Demo profile and Amiga file download.
[Pouet] Demo profile and official release disk download (DMS).
[Cyberpingui] Original official release disk download (ADF).


MomoCompilStuff IV (1991, .05, OCS/ECS File self-fucktro)

When bad beer and Tchernobyl pot lead to intro making!
Walt (idea)

Background story
Not really a demo, not really an intro. More like a UFO with a French scrolltext written by a 5-year old. This... thing precludes what became later Melon Dezign, less the design. Delight was starting to take itself too seriously a few months after the Overdose demo, so a few members and friends decided to kick the might-be iconic branding and status logic right in the ass.
The signature of Melon later members Walt, Performer and Audiomonster is already there. The latter was an official Delight member, and both others respectively ex-Sphere and ex-Concept members. This cannot really be called a fucktro, but a self-fucktro. If you can read French and especially bad French, the texts of this intro are really hilarious and are hinting at both the arrogant egos of its creators and the bad habits of some other Delight members. Did you think that Walt could do as bad graphics, Performer as low-level code and Audiomonster as strange music? Despite its pretty ugly look, this is a rare release, a collector that you can't miss.
Note: although this whatever-that-means is called MomoCompilStuff IV, this is not the fourth in a series as I, II and III editions just never existed at all. The IV is an obscure part of the joke.

[Amigascne] File download on Amigascne FTP.


Sound Theme From Ghost Battle (1991, .06, OCS/ECS File musictro)

A tribute to Thalion Software and musician Jochen Hippel
Cyrius 4
Jochen Hippel / Thalion Software
music rip
Cyrius 4
Quartz (blue logo and fonts)
Darry Booper (pink logo)
Darry Booper

Background story
Switch between musics by using keys F1 to F7
This music intro/demo was released on 12 June 1991. The code doesn't seem impressive at first sight, but ripping the tunes and reproducing the TFMX music player were the hard part. There are seven musics by Jochen Hippel taken from the game Ghost Battle, all great as usual. Switching between musics can be done through keys from F1 to F7.

Key mapping
Ghost Battle 1
Ghost Battle 2
Ghost Battle 3
Ghost Battle 4
Ghost Battle 5
Thalion Theme 2
Thalion Theme 4

[Bitfellas] Demo profile and Amiga file download.
[Pouet] Demo profile and Amiga file download in archive.


FRX Dentro / The Fiend Club BBStro (1991, .07, File dentro/BBStro)

Quartz Logo w/ Reflex tixtune
Reflex (intro)
Arios (main)
FRX (pre-release in French)
Voyce (final in English)

Background story
This is a rare release by Delight, which is also called The Fiend Club BBStro in its final version.
A really big sine scroll in 50 fps
This dentro was first showed as a preview at the small Devils party in Charenton-le-Pont near Paris. The original scrolltext was written in French and the first preview was missing the intro logo by Quartz and short music/tixtune by Reflex.
Another preview followed with the intro. This one was leaked before the dentro was officially released as final a few weeks later, with a scrolltext in English.
The final release was uploaded on a couple of American elite BBS's, and was used as a BBStro announcing the first Delight WHQ BBS in the United States, 'THE FIEND CLUB' (sysop: Shadowvex).
The Fiend Club was previously Alpha Flight's USHQ/WHQ.
Big pulsing 3D objects. This one's gonna smash your screen!
This board was well known as it boasted the second best H/P/A conference in the United States, thus in the world, because in the 1990-1991 era, European BBS's were mostly far below par level compared to their American counterparts.
Today the final version of this dentro released as BBStro is missing.
Still you can download and watch the second preview including the intro. Only the scrolltext changes between both versions.
This is also the first released demo/dentro featuring Protracker tunes by both Reflex and Arios.

[Amigascne] File download (pre-release version with French scrolltext) on Amigascne FTP.


The Museum (1991, .11, File dentro/BBStro)

2 intros in 1: make your choice!
Doh (mod.casual-dream)
Faddy (The Museum logo, 3D deisgn)
Purple (fonts)

Background story
LMB: a classic sine scroll
This BBStro was first released in November 1991, then it was re-released with a choice menu in February 1992.
Both intros/parts are rather minimalist and based on an original design, because white backgrounds are quite rare in intros/demos.
The coder and sysop of The Museum changed his handle from Faith to Faddy soon after he joined Delight from Razor 1911 where he was both a coder and a trader. As early as 1989, he was a coder at Alcatraz.
The Museum was the first official EHQ and third BBS to join Delight officially, after both US-based The Fiend Club and Inner City.
One month before, Hannibal, a former member of The Replicants on Atari ST, opened a first informal FHQ for Delight in Paris. As it was suspected to be a honeypot for the French police, the group had doubts and never publicized it in its intros.
Faddy was based in Nice, the largest city of the French Riviera in the South of France, and so was Delight's EHQ The Museum.
RMB: a series of 3D objects
Unfortunately a few months after its opening and after the release of this intro, the BBS had to be closed, due to the police being very active against bulletin board systems.
At the same period other BBS's were busted in France, starting with the new Dreamdealers' WHQ in central France, or had to close before having to suffer the same fate - i.e. for instance, Quartex FHQ Olivier's Place.

Intro screen: . Left click 'Sine Museum'
Right click . 'Hidden Museum'

[Bitfellas] Demo profile and Amiga file download.
[Amigascne FTP] Direct file download.


Scene'O'Phobia 1 (1992, .02, File scene mag)

Welcome screen w/ credits
Bit Arts, ripped from Classic intro 'Billy the Kid' (Future Composer format)
Background story
Delight BBS's - Please read 'Shadowvex' and not 'Shadowex'
The German division of Delight joined at the beginning of 1992, and then Germany was the third country with group members after France and the United States. Scene-O-Phobia little scene mag was their first release, on the 1st of February 1992.
After the severe busts in France and also a few series of French members leaving for Alliance Design, Rebels, Anarchy and The Silents, it was decided that the group would become fully international in order to multiply the chance of new releases, and avoid dying at any possible occasions. Other divisions were recruited a little later in the same year, both in Denmark (ex-members of The Light) and Norway (ex-members of No Limits).
Six members initially joined Delight's German division: Drake (organizer, gfx) ex-Razor 1911, Fred (code) and Masque (swap, gfx) both ex-Armageddon, Effendi (gfx) and Violator (swap) both ex-Agnostic Front, and Untertaker (code). Stearo (organizer, swap) soon joined from Precise and recruited other members, followed by new ones, etc.

[Bitfellas] Scenemag profile and Amiga file download.
[Pouet] Scenemag profile and Amiga file download.


Gorbatchev (1992, music disk, missing)

Has Bold & The Beautiful ripped Delight's musicdisk menu?
Fred? Undertaker?
Thexder, and possibly others
Drake? Effendi?

There is account that Delight Germany created this music disk in 1992, but no French members have ever seen it. Some believed it was possibly a rumour, or maybe a production that has never been released officially, or only on a very small scale. The musician Thexder was recruited in the German division a few weeks before the word was spreaded, so if this music disk existed, it would have most likely featured at least some of his works.
There was a music disk released approximately three years later by the Finnish group Bold & The Beautiful which matched strangely the description that was made on the phone of how the Delight's Gorbatchev music disk looked like. You can find attached a picture of this non-Delight release, which has no credits inside for the code and gfx. One of the musicians and author of Chip14, Saul, is in fact Thexder (aka Triace), and is listed as the only member of B&B based in Germany. Chances are high that this B&B release was either a final release, or a re-release of the Gorbatchev music disk source code with part of the original gfx.

Bitfellas The B&B musicdisk menu that matches the description.


Unlimited Pleasure (1993, .03, ECS 1 Mb Chip & A3000 File demo)

Intro screen with official title name 'Unlimited Pleasure'
Brainiac (ProRunner 2.0 format)
Background story
Starfield scroll in a box, starts in full screen (Normal version pic)
This small demo was the first one produced in 1993 by Delight, just a few weeks before the Slaughter demo. It was also the first demo by Delight's Danish division, whose members joined in 1992.
It has been sometimes wrongly called 'Endless Pleasure', or inappropriaty 'ULikeDLT' which was the file name for trading on BBS's. 'Unlimited Pleasure' was also the first baseline of the group, used in front of many productions and releases.
Normal version is for ECS Amigas with at least 1 Mb Chip RAM. Extended version is for A3000 users. The demo detects the configuration when it launches and chooses the right version to execute.
The main noticeable difference between Normal and Extended versions is the number of dots/stars showed on screen, which is greatly enhanced in 'Extended' mode.
For some reason the demo won't work properly on Amiga configurations with less than 1 Mb Chip RAM (0 or 512 Kb) whether the config is extended or replaced with Fast RAM. This affects notably A1200 and A4000 with AGA chipsets. In these events, the demo refuses to launch and displays in AmigaDOS a rather inappropriate message about the machine being 'too slow'.

[Youtube] Video on Youtube (normal version, u/l by IZI/Delight).
[Bitfellas] Demo profile and Amiga file download.
[Pouet] Demo profile and Amiga disk download (DMS).


Slaughter (1993, .03, ECS File demo)

Title screen by Anex
Baron (elliptic 3D and final debug/one-part)
Cyrius 4 (fractal landscape)
Flyspy (fireworks)
Junkie (ending scrolltext)
Paranormal/Delight (pre-work on a trackload routine, code isn't in the demo)
President Screw/Spaceballs (putting together some routines in one file) and Major Asshole/Spaceballs for some support
Ooze/Artwork (additional work on compatibility between parts)
Baron/Delight (engineering, optimization and final release)
Doh ('Tapiocapolis')
1st elliptic 3D on Amiga, using floating point calculations

Anex (title screen, demo title logo)
Quartz (Delight vertical logo)
Darry Booper (fonts)
Cyrius 4 (fractals)

Mars trip: full 3D fractal landscape (realistic play!!)
Background story
This demo was supposed to be part of the competition at The Party in December 1992, but a succession of challenges (both human and technical) delayed its release, and it was finally rushed to be ready for the CeBit 1993 organized by Commodore and Scoopex in March 1993. It wasn't presented at any competition and was just spreaded in this occasion.
President Screw and Major Asshole at Spaceballs helped one-part the demo at The Party. Ooze/Artwork also helped and Junkie (ex-Artwork) was recruited to continue this work. The demo was finally compiled in its final form by Baron, a founding member of Delight who also developed flight simulators for a French aeronautics/defence company in his professional life.
When Chaos / Sanity saw at The Party 1992 the fractal landscape developed by Cyrius 4, he decided not to release his next Sanity demo which was expected to feature a less impressive fractal landscape.
Sphere dots by Flyspy. Around 968 dots in 50 fps.
Although it was a major breakthrough in Amiga coding, the Slaughter demo received mitigated critics, mainly because it was rushed and parts were skipped with left button. It also missed two parts lost in the onepart process: "my room" in concave 3D by Flyspy (finally never released), and "unlimited 3D" i.e. real 3D mixed with concept of unlimited bobs, by Paranormal (which finally became an intro). At last, it featured a classic presentation at a time when the Scene was primarily influenced by the visual style imposed by Melon Dezign and others.

Playable part
The 3D fractal landscape part in the 'Slaughter' is fully playable with the keyboard and the text says to use keys 4 to turn left and 6 to turn right. This will not work in WinUAE without tweaking parameters due to bad standard key mapping of the numeric pad by the emulator. Turning left or right makes the entire landscape lean in 3D which adds a realistic effect, as in a game. Hidden keys are also implemented to allow moving the screen up and down, speeding up and slowing down the trip through the fractal mountains, but they are not documented at the bottom of the screen, because some of them may crash the 3D display routine on various versions of the original Amiga.
To correctly emulate this part in WinUAE, go into "Game ports" menu, and select 'none' in Port 2.

including hidden keys
End scroll with Quartz logo
Turn left (numeric pad)
Turn right (numeric pad)
Scroll down (numeric pad)
Scroll up (numeric pad) will bug at some height
lft shift
Speed up
rgt shift
Speed down

[Bitfellas] Demo profile and Amiga official disk download. May not fully work (Guru med on boot, or music disappearing) due to boot util.
[Pouet] Demo profile and identical Amiga official disk download with the same issue.
[AmigaScne FTP] Standalone file, should work better with common Amiga emulators such as WinUAE.


Explorer (1994, .07, AGA Trackmo)

Title screen by Trash

Flip (main, all three parts)
Trash (support code on some parts)
Arios ('Shadow of the Fire' rock style, main part)
Flip ('fil176', 'fil194', retro + ending parts and beginning sample)
Trash (whole demo)
Flip (3D landscapes)
Main part: Rotozoom 50fps full screen, among many effects

Flip (main scroll, hidden part)
Trash (main scroll, hidden part)
Beachy (main scroll greetings, hidden part)
Voyce (main scroll greetings, hidden part)
Whirly (hidden part)

Background story
This trackmo (trackload demo) was released at the end of the Analog 'Sun is a Pacman' party held on 23-24 July 1994 in Wittenheim, in the East of France between Colmar and the French-German border. The demo, which features a lot of various effects, was first previewed for the Saturne party earlier this year.
Flip and Trash joined Delight only 2-3 months before their demo was released.
Nostalgic part: unlimited bobs and more classics in AGA

'Explorer' did not participate in the Analog demo competition, as there were not so many demos presented there. Delight won the compo with another, smaller demo entitled 'Graphist for Sale'. It also won the 40k intro competition with 'Where is Pacman?' made by Trash/Delight.

The demo features three main parts. The first one (Main) proposes cool effects of the same kind as what various other groups are showing at the same period. The second one (Nostalgic) brings a new look to older effects thanks to AGA enhanced color palette. The third one shows a man running on water in full 3D, with a good number of facets, including splashes.
Ending part: A man designed in 3D runs on the water
The 'hidden part' which is mentionned on some websites is in fact an additional scrolltext with private messages by Delight members to other sceners. It can be seen easily by waiting for a few minutes after the regular main scrolltext.

Main scrolltext quotes "As you probably noticed Delight is a demo group not supposed to crack games" and the memberlist shows only demo members based in France, but this phrase is followed by another funny one in French, which instills irony and doubts.
In addition if you have a look at the greetings, some of the other Delight members are listed here.
Hidden part: a hidden scrolltext!
The reason for this is that some Delight coders at the time were joining game companies and didn't want their names to be associated with an elite crack/trainers group.

The scrolltext said, at last, that a new forthcoming demo by Whirly and ADN was about to be released, but this demo has never been finished and thus has never been released.

[Youtube 1] Video on Youtube (full demo).
[Youtube 2] Video on Youtube (parts 1 & 2 only).
[Bitfellas] Demo profile and Amiga disk download (DMS).
[Pouet] Demo profile and Amiga disk download (DMS).


Graphist For Sale (1994, .07, File dentro)

Voyce ('Miasmes' + 'Metastases')
Sleine (fictional artist)
Linus (uncredited for backgrounds and fonts)
Everybody except a designer (kind of)
Voyce (greetings list)
Background story
This strange and provocative demo won 1st place at the Analog 'Sun is a Pacman' party demo competition in July 1994. not thanks to real hard coding performance, but because of its caricatural concept and voluntarily messed-up design. The primary idea is to show that concept is better than design.
The full title is 'Graphist for Sale (Très Sale)' and contains a pun mixing English and French - 'très sale' means 'very dirty'. Code, gfx, scan, design, gabber intro with sampling and of course scrolltext were all eentirely done on the spot at the party except for the second part of the music. This is intended at being both an example of teamwork and freedom of expression.
The demo starts by welcoming a fictional new member, a gfx artist called Sleine, who is said to be able to produce 10 high-res pics of high-quality in one night, in the later scrolltext. The welcome screen shows a classic raytraced image with a dragon, then it switches to a black and white scan of a dragon picture taken in a well-known popular guide for graphists.
The whole purpose of the demo is to criticize so-called high-level Amiga graphic artists or at least some of them, who are accused of ripping most of their pictures from other sources, and who tend to become extremely arrogant and directive when they start to claim being great designers.
Like some movies about anti-heroes, this demo finally appealed to the public audience as it's an obvious anti-design performance by growling coders who revolt against the dictatorship of design. The programmers then decide to go on strike refusing to code new effects, and instead choose to make the design themselves in order to show designers that they're not needed. The result is awful but finally the design works, contrary to all expectations.
The scrolltext at the end is recreative and contains a lot of humour, sometimes very absurd, well worth a read.

[Bitfellas] Demo profile and file download on Bitfellas.
[Bitfellas] Demo is also in the Analog Party Delight Compilation.


Where is Pacman? (1994, .07, AGA 40k Intro)



Mad Cow Disease (1996, AGA File demo)

Voyce ('Dead or Alice')


Nightshift (2004, .04, PC Multifile demo)

One of the beautiful scenes of this demo (source:

David (Lead code)
HavoC (Supporting code)
Just a small greetings list and short comments at the end.

Background story
'Nightshift' by delight! (Delight PC) has been ranked 10th at the Breakpoint party in 1994.
The demo features a series of 5-6 nice 3D complex scenes with much details, in a rather cold atmosphere supported by a clean space/trance techno tune. One memorable scene represents the big hall of the Breakpoint party with all the computers on the tables.
In the .nfo file accompanying the demo in the official release pack, the authors say that 'Nightshift' is their first demo. This simple assertion misled many to believe that either they were new to the scene, or that Delight was a new group releasing their first demo. But it was simply their first demo as Delight members.
In both events, this is absolutely untrue. HavoC in particular had been a member of Delight since at least 1999, when he presented his soundtrack 'The Basic Idea' at the Mekka 1999 Symposium. The track was co-composed with BaseAngel. The year after, he presented two tunes in Alternative and Progressive music compos at Mekka 2000 Symposium. And so on.
At the same time, it is true that while 'Nightshift' was released more than 13 years after the first demo of Delight on the Amiga, it was still their first great demo for the PC platform. And overall, it received a warm welcome and good critics from the scene.

[Pouet] Demo profile and official PC archive download.
[HavoC's website] The soundtrack of 'Nightshift' as well as a few other musics by HavoC.


Spreadtros, Cracktros, Packs & Trainers Menus

Main info:

  • ~28 spreadtros and cracktros were coded and/or used by Delight in front of their Amiga releases.
  • ~12 packs and trainer menus were coded and/or used by Delight in front of their Amiga releases.
  • Some intros were also coded for other platforms (PC, consoles, oldschool...). Only those which have been retrieved are being shown here.

Additional info:

  • Over 20 of the above can be seen on Youtube.
  • A very small number of cracktros were coded by other groups for Delight.
  • A handful of these have also been released but today are nowhere to be found.


Other productions


XOR Boot (1992, Visual bootblock + Installer)


Mr. Brownstone (1993, Game, File)


Bytekiller Pro 1.0


'TheBoot' Multiselection Boot


AmiExpress Tools


H/P/A Tools (phreaking, internal use only)

Most of these tools were created as 'proof-of-concepts' and were just tested to see if they worked, but were not used in real life in order to profit from phone network flaws, due to the risks involved.

  • PBX Scanner v1.0 (1991): simple program that dialed toll-free direct manual PBX numbers and tested a variety of basic codes like '1212', '1234' '2468', etc. until it found the right tone indicating clearance for obtaining a new phone line.
  • Box collection (1993-94): software versions of the most popular phreaking boxes, including some never converted to software before, and variations of the popular (already software) bluebox allowing different control frequencies to be used on special phone services never used previously for that purpose.

Identity of the programmers of these tools is voluntarily hidden for professional reasons, although they cannot be enforced anymore due to the legal statute of limitations being set to five years for these matters at the given time. Tools were coded in Assembler on Amiga, weren't spreaded outside of very few select group members (3 max), and thus have most likely been lost forever. It is assumed that no copies were kept and no conversions were made to PC. All that remains is knowledge of the programmers themselves.


Alt. version of Diskmaster


Non-exhaustive list of Amiga releases

All the following releases are listed in chronological order. This list is based on private info, public collections and the TOSEC database. Releases which are remembered but cannot be found in any public collections are marked as 'missing'. A few other releases are missing and cannot be remembered at the time of this edition, which explains why this list is labelled as 'non-exhaustive'.

The only purpose of this list is to document releases, not to encourage people to perform acts of piracy such as circumventing protections and copying 'warez'.

Exclusive games cracks or fixes (English)


Exclusive games cracks (non English)


PD games released/oneparted & C64 ports


Playable preview games releases (English)


Proprietary games trainers


Utilities cracked/released (regular versions)


Utilities cracked/released (improved versions)


Rumoured & Wrongly Credited Releases

Pandemonium (1994 or pre, Music)

This one was wrongly credited. It was released by Delite, a small group in the UK which wasn't related to Delight.



  • THE FIEND CLUB WHQ (usa, 1991-92)
  • INNER CITY USHQ (usa, 1991) WHQ (1992)
  • THE MUSEUM EHQ (france, 1991-92)
  • FASTRAX USHQ/WHQ (usa, 1992)
  • EXTENSION EHQ (norway, 1992)
  • CITY WAREZ NHQ (norway, 1992)
  • PRETTY HATE MACHINE WHQ (usa, early 1993)
  • CHAOTIC ENTITY WHQ (usa, 1993-94)
  • THE LOST DUTCHMAN MINE USHQ (usa, 1993-94)
  • DIGITAL CANDY WHQ (usa, 1993)
  • DAMAGE JUSTICE USHQ (usa, 1993)
  • DIGITAL EXTASY USHQ (usa, 1994) WHQ (1995-)
  • THE BREAK AWAY EHQ (germany, 1993-)
  • HOUZE OF MADNESS GHQ (germany, 1993-)
  • BYTE PARADISE GHQ (germany, 1993-)
  • UNDERCOVER SHQ (sweden, 1993-)
  • SUBLIME DEMENTIA FHQ (france, 1993)
  • FLATLINE SHQ (sweden, 1994)
  • DAWN RAID UKHQ (united kingdom, 1994-)
  • THE UNDISCOVERED DHQ (the netherlands, 1994-)
  • BLACK LINE EHQ (germany, 1994)
  • DOOM OF EXTASY EHQ (germany, 1994-)
  • METAL CONNEXTION ScaHQ (denmark, 1994)
  • MIDDLE EAST NHQ (norway, 1994)
  • DELTA CITY IHQ (italy, 1994)
  • TOTAL RECALL IHQ (italy, 1994)
  • ENDLESS DEATH GHQ (germany, 1994)
  • EMPIRE PALACE GHQ (germany, 1994)
  • CENTRAL CITY GHQ (germany, 1994)
  • THE UNFORGIVEN GHQ (Germany, 1994)
  • DATALUS BBS UKHQ (united kingdom, 1994-)
  • THE ULTIMATE RIDE (norway, 1994)
  • MONKEY ISLAND MB-Site (germany, 1994)
  • ELECTRIC LADYLAND MB-Site (germany, 1994)
  • MCI ESCAPES dist. (germany, 1994)
  • EUROPE'S CHAOS dist. (germany, 1994-)
  • THE KREMLIN USHQ (usa, 1995)
  • THE VOID WHQ (usa, 1995)
  • UZI SUICIDE USHQ (usa, 1995)
  • FLYING DRAGON GHQ (germany, 1995)
  • INSTANT PLEASURE SHQ (sweden, 1995)
  • AREA 51 UKHQ (united kingdom, 1995)
  • CHECK POINT NHQ (norway, 1995)
  • FUNKY TRADING IHQ (italy, 1995)
  • MAGIC (???, 1995)
  • VULTURE'S NEST CHQ/WHQ (canada, 1996-)
  • HOMELESS BBS GHQ (Germany, 1997-)
  • (1995-1999)
  • (2000-2008)
  • Delight channels on EFNet, DALNet and IRCNet networks.

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