Alpha Flight

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Alpha Flight (AFL, 1987-)


  • Airwolf (Normand, trade swap, 05/93)
  • Andy & Fuzzy (Candi & David, code sysops 'DIABOLO', 05/93)
  • Argon (Helmut, trade, 05/93)
  • Black (Frederick, trade exsysop 'THE MISSING LINK', 09/90-05/93)
  • Celator (Michael, toolcode, 05/93)
  • Cinderella (Denise, trade, 05/93)
  • Count Zero (gfx, 05/93)
  • Cyborg (sysop 'THE NEXT GENERATION', 10/93)
  • Dio & Cat (Mario & Bianca, trade, 05/93)
  • Dr.Mabuse (Eric, code, 11/88-05/93)
  • Ex Machina Design (Carsten, music, 05/93)
  • Healon (Christian, code, 05/93)
  • Jeannie (Verena, trade, 05/93)
  • Jive (Christian, trade sysop 'THE HOOD', 05/93)
  • Kaoz & Raven (Andre & Dennis, trade, 05/93)
  • Lance (Hans Werner, trade sysop 'GODS HAREM', 05/93)
  • Lance??? (Armando, trade, 05/93)
  • Mad Mac (Marc, ascii trade, 05/93)
  • Marc & Sys (Marc & Harry, gfx supply, 05/93)
  • Nightshade (Christian, trade, 05/93)
  • Rod of Vanguard (Elmar, crack train, 05/93)
  • Sabine (mainorg exsysop 09/91-05/93)
  • Schlappi & Stoeberhai (Stefan & Peter, crack train trade, 05/93)
  • Spy (Dirk, code, 05/93)
  • Sting (Tom, crack supply, 05/93)
  • Sultan (Klaus, sysop 'FAM NETWORK'/'SECRET CHAMBER', ex Adept, 05/93)
  • Syntan & Rexxen (Christian, org gfx music, 05/93)
  • Ultra (Ingo, org code gfx, 11/91-05/93)
  • Undercover (Tom, trade, 05/93)
  • Vascal (trade sysop 'BREAK AWAY', 05/93)
  • Cybertron (Henk, org trade sysop 'AFTERSHOCK'/'AUSGEBOMBT', old handle Lacoste, 05/93-01/95)
  • Excalibur (music, 05/93)
  • Warhammer (sysop 'NOTA BENE' earlier 'HOLOCAUST', doublememb X-Trade, 08/94-01/95)
  • Sla\/er (Mathias, ascii trade sysop 'BLACK ROSES', 05/93)
  • Steve (org, 05/93)
  • saL-onE (org trade sysop 'BOONDOCKS', 05/93)
  • Speed (org trade sysop 'SHADOW WORLD', 05/93)
  • Dangermouse (Dave, org trade sysop 'THE TOWER', 05-08/93)
  • Dibber (Glen, trade, 05/93)
  • Ghostrider (John, trade, 05/93)
  • Marantz (trade, 05/93)
  • Shinobi (gfx music, 05-08/93)
  • Terminator (Dave, org trade, 05/93)
  • Crime-Z99 (trade, doublememb Bomb Squad, 03/94)
  • Dr.Weird (trade, 03/94)
  • Fugitive (03/94)
  • G.O.D (trade, doublememb Bomb Squad, 03/94)
  • Hifi (org trade sysop 'LAST GENERATION', doublememb Damones, 05/93-03/94)
  • Hijack (trade, doublememb Parallax [details], 03/94)
  • Klutz (trade, ex Decnite, 02-05/93)
  • Saman (trade, 03/94)
  • Slayer (Jack, trade, 05/93)
  • $$ Soldier (trade, 93-03/94)
  • [StN] (trade, doublememb Mystic, 03/94)
  • Berserker (Gerhard, trade, 05/93)
  • Cabal (Dirk, train, 05/93)
  • Fozzy (Patrick, trade, 05/93)
  • Misfit (Stefan, trade sysop 'BURNING CHROME', 05/93-04/95)
  • Remo (Gunther, code trade, 05/93)
  • Rex Orient (Alain, code train, 05/93)
  • Scorpio/SR (Flip, cardsupply sysop 'FIRST ACTION', 05/93)
  • Uli (org sysop 'FLYING SAUCER' EHQ, 05/93)
  • Percy (Marc, sysop 'CAMELOT' BHQ, 93)
  • Deathwish (Sultan, trade sysop 'PSYCHOTRONIC', 05/93)
  • Chaos (trade, 05/93)
  • Guru Meditation (trade, 05/93)
  • Luxgraph (trade sysop 'DIGITAL BBS', 05/93)
  • Alf (code crack train trade sysop1 'HOLOCAUST'/'TRADERS HEAVEN', 05/93)
  • Caesar (code crack train trade, ex Palace, 05/93)
  • Drac (code crack train sysop2 'TRADERS HEAVEN', 05/93)
  • Icelord (gfx, 05/93)
  • Atomic (sysop 'WARPED REALITY', 04/95)
  • Felony (Mike, org trade, 05/93)
  • Fugitive (sysop 'FUTURE SHOCK', 04/95)
  • Gangsta (trade, 05/93)
  • Rancid (Tim, train sysop, 05/93)
  • Incubus (trade, 05/93)
  • Quijote (trade sysop, 05/93)
  • Acid (Daniel Bruvoll, sysop 'BASIC INSTINCT', doublememb Grotesticle, 97)
  • Wowbagger (code, doublememb Session [details])
  • Elf-Co (Paul, code sysop 'ECHO BBS', 05/93-04/95)
  • Charlie X (trade, 05/93)
  • Fahrenheit (Joe, ascii, 05/93)
  • Genghis Khan (Joe, org trade sysop 'WRATH OF KHAN', 05/93)
  • King of Zombies (sysop 'MAIN SOURCE' WHQ, 03/95)
  • Night Shade (Sam, sysop 'THE RESTAURANT' WHQ, 05/93)
  • Racer X (Tommi, sysop 'TIME TRIALS', 05/93)
  • Slapshot (Jack, consolesupply sysop 'DIGITAL CHAOS', 05/93)
  • Soulcatcher (Chris, code trade, 05/93)
  • Wolverine (Todd, trade, 05/93)
  • Andre (gfx, 10/94)

Members below this line are no longer members, and the two have been separated due to the staggering amount of members - and due to overall readability. The split is at a memberlist dated 05/93:

  • Accomplishment
  • Aragon (03/89)
  • BPS (swap, 03/89)
  • Brainstorm (ex Endless Piracy)
  • CCF (swap, 03/89)
  • Crime (swap, 03/89)
  • Depode (sysop 'SPACE CENTER', new 12/90)
  • FBI (sysop 'FBI AGENTS BBS', 10/91)
  • Frankie Double Team (editor, 11/88-12/90)
  • Michael (03/89)
  • Mike Dream (sysop 'WONDERLAND', 09/91)
  • Saintz (sysop2 'S.S.M.S.' later 'ANGEL DUST', 01/92-04/95)
  • Shadow Light (gfx music, aka SHL, 11/88-03/89)
  • Warlord (ex Endless Piracy)
  • Brainbuster
  • The Hitcher (swap, 01/90)
  • Dipsomania (93)
  • Hose (sysop 'SEVERED GARDEN', 07-11/91)
  • Mr.Spinhead (sysop 'THREE AMIGOS')
  • Armando (trade, 05/92)
  • Butch (gfx, later The Silents?, new 12/91)
  • Crazee (swap)
  • Emphasis (music, 12/91)
  • Mode 2 (code, 12/91)
  • Pilgrim (sysop 'THE GHETTO', 12/91)
  • Xstaz (sysop 'ICE PALACE', ex Legend)
  • Scavenger (sysop 'THE POOL', ex LSD)
  • Bobo (sysop 'THE DUTCH PIRATE', 11/91)
  • Cocaine and Dr. Avalanche (sysops 'FLYING SAUCER', ex Spreadpoint)
  • Camelot (sysop 'PERCY,' ex Desire)
  • Jag (sysop 'MACH V')
  • Obliviax (sysop 'FUTURE SHOCK')
  • American Gladiator (sysop 'COLISEUM')
  • Centurion (sysop 'FORUM')
  • Maimster (sysop 'MAIMTRONIX')
  • Warduke (sysop 'EDGE OF INSANITY', 11/91)
  • Cardinal (ex Awake)
  • Cevin Key (swe? soon sysop, new 12/91)
  • Hoschy (sysop 'NECROMANTIC', ex Frantic)
  • Ice (ex Adept)
  • Jerry (ex Legacy)
  • Link (swe? new 12/91)
  • Rex (swe? new 12/91)
  • Rave (swe? new 12/91)
  • Ronny (music, 08/93)
  • Shapechanger (ex Legend)
  • Slash (sysop 'THE VENUE', ex Digital Warriors)
  • Style (trade, ex-indep)
  • Teofil (ex Legend)
  • Timdog (console, doublememb Crystal)

Group History

AFL is one of the oldest Amiga groups still in existence, formed in 1987, mostly dealing in the illegal part of the scene. There is also an Alpha Flight 1970 (AFL'70) on the c64 still in existence, as well as a pc section - though their current status is unknown. In their early years, they were also one of the first groups to have subgroups - and they had lots of them! Some of the most known were Vision One, Zylon and Z-Dream (see separate entries). Please note that not only did everyone else get confused, so did AFL on a few occasions! For example, they printed in their mag that Satan/AFL joined D-Tect, when infact Satan was in their subgroup Vision One!
They also released one of the first regular diskmags - and certainly the best at its time - for the Amiga, in the shape of "Cracker Journal".
The situation with Belgian board 'THE FLYING SAUCER' is confusing; is Cocaine and Dr.Avalanche or Uli sysop? Anyone can help me shed some light on this? Other prodcutions released by AFL, where I have minimum information, is "Blitter Madness" (file), "Scroll On an Ham Picture" (file), "Cracker Journal Special issue #1" (diskmag), "Vector" (demo, coop Demons]), "Megabob" (demo, coop Genesis), "Dark" (slideshow, coop Genesis), "Soundbox" (musicdisk, coop Shadowlight), "Soundbox II The Return" (1989 musicdisk, coop Genesis), "Musiccompacting 1" (musicdisk, coop Mindwarp), "Megademo II" (demo, coop Mindwarp), "Sinus" (intro, coop Paradox), "Grafitti" (demo, coop Shadowlight), "Guest Starring" (file), "Defenda Crack Intro" (intro), "Best Bob" (demo).

The first issue of "Cracker Journal" [01/88] opened the year, and was received well by the scene. 10 More issues and a few demos would come before the end of a very successful year, when they established CJ as the #1 diskmag! Issue #10 [11/88] was released in november, and finally #11 was released at the very end of the year.
Their subgroup Prophets AG left to be an independent group in february. German graphician Dark joined Black Monks late 89.
Captain Power left, Blackout joined TRSI and Sledge joined Defcon 1 late in the year. Destroyer and Nike joined Skid Row late 90, but at least Destroyer later returned.
Psychon changed handle to Anvil and joined Black Monks in the middle of the year. German sysop Destroy ('PARADISE') was busted on the 14th of june! Luckily, he had time to format his HD before he let the cops in, so damage was not as hard as it could have been. Following this, there was widespread panic on the German scene, and lots of boards decided to close shop. Germans Hajo (trade), TCI (sysop 'SKARA BRAE'), Accu (sysop 'RIVER SIDE'), FDT (trade, 12/90) and Ginger all left to form a new group called Venture late 1991. Later also Krypton (sysop 'CONTROL TOWER' opened 09/91) and Gizmo (gfx) joined. FDT was one of the AFL leaders at the time, and his position was filled by Rator and Sabine. Swedish sysop Trodac 'UNFORGIVEN') left in december for Aurora.
Swedish sysop Dexter ('TOTAL DISASTER', doublememb Comakids) joined Aurora around january. German Headhunter joined The Silents early in the year. Vindex left to join Anthrox and Winger (ex Noxious) was kicked out in september. Winger joined Scoopex and did not leave the scene, as stated in R.A.W #3. Mike, Hot and Pha joined around october. Hot and Pha later left again. Salvatore/Paranoid joined around october.
Roger Rabbit joined Fusion early in the year. German musician SMT left for Infect in may. In may, the group had a staggering 82 members (duos counted as one)!! Among these were no less than 4 female members Germany! Speedlock left in october.
The board 'DATASTORM' went offline in june.
  • Finnish sysop Kristen joined either Decnite or Love/Desire.
  • American sysop Dr.Feelgood ('OVERDOSE') joined Recline.
  • American sysop Nightvision ('THUNDERDOME', old handle Master Blaster, 11/91-05/93) left. He was also a supplier for consoles.
  • Cyclotronic (gfx, ex Jump, 08/93) left.
  • Dutch sysop THC ('MYSTIC PLACE', early93) joined Justice.
  • Finnish swapper Velsa (ex Calibra, new mid 93) quickly moved on to join Accession.
  • American sysop Winter Mute ('MARTYRIUM', ex Classic, 11/91) joined Infinite Perfection.
  • Musician Thexder (ex Assult) left to join Atomic.
  • Dutch sysop Sal-One ('BOONDOCKS') joined TRSI.
  • Psycho Demon (ex Nuance) and Raxxion joined Scoopex.
  • Finnish swapper and trader Black Sheep (ex Zakka/Rebels) left soon after joining and moved on to Accession late93.
  • Salvatore (ex Paranoid) joined Scoopex, he wasn't kicked! Other sources claimed he joined Addicts.
  • German sysop Wolfgang ('CHINATOWN') was kicked.
  • English Kitaro, sysop 'MILLENNIA' joined Fairlight.
  • Magic joined Vision (amiga) (old). News in R.A.W #3 that he joined Defjam are probably false.
  • Virus joined Palace.
  • Dr.No and Zacae joined Bloodsuckers.
  • Punisher (who joined with Winger from Noxious) left the scene.
  • Swedish sysop Xstaz ('ICE PALACE', ex Spirit) joined Noxious. He later returned to AFL, that's why he's on the memblist.
  • Germans Sniffy and Helioth joined Vision (pre 07/92). In Vision, they're suddenly sysops of 'SPIRITUAL HEALING'...were they in AFL too?
  • American sysop Flashback ('CYBERTECH') joined Vision (pre 07/92).
  • English sysops Sabbath and Undertaker ('GRAVEYARD', ex Quartex) left for the PC scene.
  • German swapper and trader Galaxy joined Skid Row mid to late 90.
  • Etron joined Cytax.
  • Zychon joined Black Monks.
  • Rascal joined Razor 1911.
  • German sysop Chronos ('DAMAGE INC', 09/91) left.
  • American sysop Armitage ('MADHOUSE', 11/91) left.
  • German sysop Red Alert ('ADDICTION') joined Shining 8.


See Alpha Flight/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

1st (1987, ECS Multifile (2))

  • code: Dr Mabuse
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: (looped sample)

Cracker Journal issue #1 (1988, 10.01, ECS Multifile Diskmag)

  • code: Dr.Mabuse
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: none

Cracker Journal issue #2 (1988, 10.02, ECS Multifile Diskmag)

  • code: Dr.Mabuse
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: none
  • editors: Frankie Double Team, Dr.Mabuse, GSC, Smiths inc

Cracker Journal issue #3 (1988, 14.03, ECS Diskmag)

  • code: Dr.Mabuse
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: Enno
  • editors: Frankie Double Team, Dr.Mabuse, TSK-Crew, SpreadForce, GSC

Cracker Journal issue #4 (1988, 14.04, ECS Diskmag)

  • code: Dr.Mabuse
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: Enno
  • editors: Frankie Double Team, Dr.Mabuse, SpreadForce, Smiths, The 5th Dimension, Warrior, Skar

Cracker Journal issue #5 (1988, 13.05, ECS Diskmag)

  • code: Dr.Mabuse
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: Enno
  • editors: Frankie Double Team, Dr.Mabuse (main), Skar, Dr.Soft, SpreadForce, Thaluga, Smiths, Professionals, TSK-Crew, Contact, Chip Duo
This time introless (the extra diskspace devoted to the mag itself), another issue of CJ reached the streets in may.

Cracker Journal issue #6 (1988, ECS Diskmag)

  • code: Dr.Mabuse
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: n/a

Cracker Journal issue #7 & #8 (1988, 23.07, ECS Diskmag)

  • code: Dr.Mabuse
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: Enno
  • editors: Frankie Double Team, Dr.Mabuse, Spy&Mind, Thaluga, Nephilims, Reward, Dennis/Magicians, Tetragon, JR, Tobber
Released at the Alpha Flight, Vision Factory and Powerslaves copy party...probably :-) Actually that party was held 29.07, but the release date quoted here may be wrong... Released as a double issue over the summer.

Sota (1988, 01.08, ECS File)

  • code: Shut Berlin
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: n/a

Cracker Journal #9 (1988, 24.09, ECS Diskmagazine)

  • code: Dr.Mabuse
  • gfx: Teddy
  • music: n/a
  • editors: Frankie Double Team, Dr.Mabuse, Reward/III, Dr.Soft, GSC/Sinners, Boil/TJC, Acid, U-238, Bejamin/BBS, Stups/MDO
Released at the AFL and Spy&Mind Copy Party.

Cracker Journal #10 (1988, 15.11, ECS Multifile Diskmag)

  • code: Dr.Mabuse
  • gfx: Victory/TopBoys (comic)
  • music: Shadowlight
  • editors: Frankie Double Team, Dr.Mabuse (main)

Cracker Journal #11 (1988, 30.12, ECS Diskmag)

  • code: Dr.Mabuse
  • gfx: TAR/Prophets AG
  • music: Shadowlight
  • editors:Frankie Double Team, Dr.Mabuse, Michael, Megatron, GSC/Sinners, AOFCF, VF&BE, Spy&Mind

Realm of Stone... (pre 1989, .03, ECS Demo)

Thirty Balls (pre 1989, .03, ECS Demo)

Cracker Journal issue #12 (1989, 30.01, ECS Diskmag)

  • code: Dr.Mabuse
  • gfx/music: TAR/Prophets AG
  • editors: Frankie Double Team, Dr.Mabuse, Megatron, Reward/III, Insane/Razor, Pirate/AOFCS, VF&BE, Subway & DreamTeam, SSD/Cosmos, Powerslaves

Cracker Journal #13 (1989, .03, ECS Multifile Diskmag)

  • code: n/a
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: n/a

Cracker Journal issue #14 (1989, 18.05, ECS Multifile Diskmag)

The release date is from the previous issue, so there's no guarantee that they actually got around to it by that date :)

Cracker Journal issue #15 (1989, ECS Diskmag)

Cracker Journal issue #16 (1989, ECS Diskmag)

Cracker Journal issue #17 (1989, ECS Diskmag)

Cracker Journal issue #18 (1989, ECS Diskmag)

Starflight (1989, 26.12, ECS Demo)

Cracker Journal issue #19 (1990, ECS Diskmag)

Cracker Journal issue #20 (1990, ECS Diskmag)

Star-Chars (1990, 21.04, ECS File)

  • code: Werner
  • gfx: Vincent, Werner
  • music: Thrust

Cracker Journal Special II (1990, 01.07, ECS Diskmag)

Released at the Amiga Conference 90.

Cracker Journal issue #21 (1990, ECS Diskmag, 2 disks)

Cracker Journal issue #22 (1990, ECS Diskmag, 2 disks)

Cracker Journal issue #23 (1990, 31.12, ECS Multifile Diskmag)

  • code: Werner/Vision One/AFL
  • gfx: GGT/Zylon/AFL (title), Turbo/Zombie Boys (clip)
  • music: ???
  • editors: Doctor Mabuse, Frankie Double Team

China Town BBS (1991, ECS Intro)

Released by the German section.

Cracker Journal issue #24 (1991, ECS Diskmag)

Cracker Journal issue #25 (1991, ECS Diskmag)

Space (1991?, ECS Intro)

  • code: JHL
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: n/a

Huukkers (1991, 08.06, ECS File)

  • code: JHL
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: Micke Cool
Released at the Society Summer Party 91.
Made by the Finnish division.

Cracker Journal issue #26 (1991, .10, ECS Multifile Diskmag)

GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.

Ultra Intro (1991, 11.11, ECS Intro)

  • code/gfx: Ultra
  • music: none

Happy New Year (1991, .12, ECS Intro)

Released by the NL section.

The Ghetto (1991, 19.12, ECS Intro)

  • code: Mode 2
  • gfx: Butch
  • music: Emphasis

Cracker Journal issue #27 (1992, early, ECS Multifile Diskmag)

CJ27 was the very last issue released as an AFL production; subsequent issues were independent, and reviews can be found under the heading 'Cracker Journal Team'.

Cracker Journal issue #28 (1992, ECS Diskmag)


  • THE BOARD (ger, 10/95)
  • BEARS DEN (usa, 11/91)
  • APHRODITE'S PALACE (+43, 11/91)
  • AIRPORT WHQ (ger, 09-12/90)