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Adept (1990-)

Adept is a group concentrating on the illegal scene, and was formed when the members of Top Swap merged with Public Enemies. They were originally 100% Swedish, but later took up some members in other countries too.


Galactus (code crack, ex Top Swap, '90)
Mogwai (sysop 'STREETS OF FIRE', later Defjam, 10/90)
Pilgrim (sysop 'THE GHETTO', 10/90)
Sensei (org, ex Top Swap, '90)
Crime (ex The Silents)
Pioneer (ex The Silents)
Two Flower (ex Survivor/The Silents)
Skykiller (sysop 'THE MAZE', ex Razor 1911, new ca 10/92)
Fuse & Insaneity (sysops 'EXTINCT', 04/95)
Bladestorm (trade)
Dr.Clan (ex Fate)
Honcho (train)

Group History

German coders Crash and Argon released the packer Flash Speed Cruncher in may. German swapper Tyrant/Palace joined in september. Dr.Avalanche (trade) joined from Animators around october, as did Cocaine/Spreadpoint-Amiga Industries with his board 'FLYING SAUCER'. Germans Crime, Pioneer and Survivor all joined from The Silents around october, and Survivor immediately changed his handle to Two Flower. Norwegian sysop Skykiller ('THE MAZE') joined from Razor 1911, as did the sysop of 'FORBIDDEN CITY' in october. The three Germans Crash (code), Argon (code) and Mincer (trade) left the group for Complex around october. German Skyfox joined from Agnostic Front around october, after a 1-day stop in Gothic.
  • Ice joined Alpha Flight.
  • German Skywalker joined Palace.
  • English graphician Azi joined Digital.
  • Sledge (12/91) joined Crystal.
  • German swapper Redman (ex Crux/Anarchy) joined Digital (RAW5).
  • German swapper Tyrant (ex Palace, new 09/92) joined Defcon 1 (RAW5).
  • Sultan (sysop 'FAM NETWORK') joined Alpha Flight (RAW5).
  • Germans Decca and Sire joined Supplex (RAW4).
  • Skyfox (ex Gothic, new RAW4) joined Dual Crew (RAW4).
  • Dr.Avalanche (ex Animators) and Cocaine (ex SP-AI) joined Spreadpoint with their board 'FLYING SAUCER' (RAW4-5).
  • The Swedish section is dead, and all members (Stranger and others) joined Horizon late '90.


Sine Rape Demo (ECS Demo)

Soundripper Intro (ECS Intro)

Brontopia (1992, 12.08, ECS File)


  • THE ILLUSION (swe, 05/90).