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Crystal (CSL, 1991-)


  • Harmonica (crack)
  • I.B.M (crack, ex Angels (old), 92)
  • Shock (org trade)
  • Alis (sysop 'ANOTHER WORLD', ex D-Mob)
  • Frosty (ex D-Mob)
  • Rascal (swap, 07/90)
  • Uzi-U (ex D-Mob)
  • Irie
  • Malzam (sysop 'REIGN IN BLOOD', 01/91)
  • Secret (sysop 'TECHNOPOLIS' opened 03/92, 03-05/92)
  • Tron and Cenobites (sysops 'SPEEDBIT', ex Aspect)
  • Gulliver (sysop 'HEAVENS DOOR')
  • Zaracon (sysop 'ANCIENT DREAMS', 05/92)
  • Outlander
  • Phonebilly (sysop 'ELEGANT MACHINERY', ex Fairlight, new 09/92)
  • Paradise King (sysop 'BEYOND PARADISE', 05/92)
  • Professor (sysop 'ICE STATION ZEBRA', 92)
  • Q (sysop 'REALM OF CHAOS')
  • Reet-Mon (sysop 'CENTRUM')
  • Swayzar (trade sysop 'PRIMITIVE FUTURE WHQ (usa, 09/91-05/92)
  • Tin Man (sysop 'DARK DOMAIN', 04/95)
  • Toxicman (sysop 'APOCALYPSE')
  • Buster
  • Creon (sysop 'DIGITAL DREAM', ex Possessed, new 09/92)
  • Diabolik
  • Firefox (ger? trade, 01/91)
  • Ice Cube
  • Kamenski (ex Scoopex)
  • Misfit (early92)
  • Mr.Hell (ex Skid Row, new 09/92)
  • Mr.Scarface
  • Overlord
  • P.O.W
  • Protektor (ger? cosysop 'WORLD DOWN FALL', ex Abyss, new 09/92-93)
  • Saint
  • Scorch
  • Sledge (ex Adept)
  • The Staff
  • Timdog (console, doublememb Alpha Flight)
  • Tripwire (supply, ex Vision)
  • Winger (ex Scoopex)
  • Zippy (crack)

Group History

Crystal was formed in 1991, likely by Scott (scotland) and I.B.M. (denmark). The group became known from day one as one of the best cracking groups in the business, and I.B.M (originally from Poland, real name Roman) was their main cracker for years and years. Another dane, Harmonica, also did a fair few cracks for the group. The group's main supplier was Englishman 2tuff (also known under several other handles, a.o. Tutoff and Ghetto Boy).

The group itself never produced any demos, but their subgroup for a while, Melon Dezign (see separate entry) certainly made some memorable demo releases. Melon was also responsible for many, many of the best crackintros ever, almost all for Crystal. There are reviews of some of these under Melon's entry.

There is some confusion around the 'OASIS' boards; in addition to the information above, I also have a bbs ad and other supporting information that reads sysop: Dan/Crystal...

Crystal is dead!

Tango/Defekt joined, but left to join Balance.

Cardinal (ger? ex Abyss, cosysop 'WORLD DOWN FALL', new 09/92) left for Interpol. It is unclear where this left 'WDF', where he was cosys with Protektor.

'BLACK TOWER' was closed forever, reported Eternal #2. This may be a misprint, so that they actually meant Rash' 'DARK TOWER'...

'EDGE OF INSANITY' was busted 93, and will go offline forever!

German Fulcrum (new late 92) joined, but left due to differences with Cardinal and Protektor.

German swapper Ghost (ex Submission) joined Dytec.

English board 'GRACELAND' (05/92) joined from Ghost briefly, and then left the scene.

Swedish sysop Princip ('INTERCHANGE', ex Shining 8, new 09/92) soon joined Kefrens.

sysop ZigZag ('MAY DAY', ex Symbiosis, new 09/92) joined Crack Inc, but soon went on to join Scoopex.

DD7 (sysop '100 PERCENT') joined 2000 AD and opened 'VALHALLA' BBS with Ozzy.

Scottish supplier Action Man had a falling out with I.B.M. over Zelnik, and subsequently he, Infiltrator, N.O.M.A.D (ex Angels (old) or Scoopex) and Zelnik left for Quartex (91).

Bit Bug left.

Morph rejoined Dual Crew.

Navigator joined Tarkus Team.

Sysop Rash ('DARK TOWER') joined from Zenith mid to late 93, but left the scene after a brief period.

German cracker Bob Duncan is now in Bismarck.


  • PIRATE'S HAVEN (usa, later Fusion, 08/93)
  • AMIGA EAST (usa)
  • WRECK HOUSE (usa)
  • ESCAPE ZONE (usa)
  • SPACE PALACE (ger, 05/92)