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Ministry (1992-1993)

ENG> Kitaro (supply sysop 'MILLENNIA', Splatt (sysop 'SPLATTER
     HOUSE', ex Fairlight), Tex Axile (sysop 'OFFSHORE', 92), Zelnik
     (Henrik, founder), PMF (ex DyTeC), Gilby (ex DyTeC), N.O.M.A.D (crack)
SWE> Princip (sysop 'INTERCHANGE', ex Kefrens, 92).
SWI> Sabber (ex Fusion).
USA> Freejack^Malachai^Radar^Protocol^Amok (sysops 'DY'ER MA'KER', 92),
     Nosferatu (sysop 'DANSE MACABRE', ex Skid Row, 92), PE! (sysop 'ICE
     STATION ZEBRA' WHQ, ex TKK, 92), POW (sysop 'APOCALYPSE', ex
???> Adventurerer, Bathory, Driver, FFC (crack sysop, ex Skid Row,
     early93), GT One (sysop 'ALTERED REALITY'), Maelstrom (ex Interpol,
     new early93), Munchie (supply, ex Crack Inc, 92), Onyx (crack, 92),
     Pegasus (trade, ex Zenith), The Z, Venom (ex Thrill Kill Kult).

     (swi, 92), LAST STOP B4 HELL (swi, 92), THE MANSION (eng, 92),
     DIABOLIKA (ita, 92), ANTE OMNIAN (ita, 92), SCHIZOPHRENIA (ger, 92),
     UNFORGIVEN BBS (ger, 92), PRESUMED INNOCENT (ger, 92).

Ministry was the new 'big' cracking group formed by previous members of
Crack Inc., Nemesis (Action Man, N.O.M.A.D, Zelnik) and TKK (Obituary) in
1992 when those groups fell apart. The group had members in Belgium, USA,
Germany and the UK. They were probably the strongest cracker group since
Crystal and the old Skid Row. For a while, Vanish was their demo division.
After Ministry died, Scottish supplier (and one of the founders) Action Man
left the scene.
  1993 - This year the group's UK Section released what was probably the
first ever crack of an AGA game; "Zool A1200".

  SSR (Selim, Subzero, Rudi) is a small German subgroup who emigrated from
Skid Row/Crack Inc. Selim & Rudi crack and are sysops of 'THE JAM', while
Subzero is the supplier and musician.

Englishman Enforcer left.
Selz, Phoenix and Taxman were kicked.
Obituary (ex Thrill Kill Kult) left.
The American board 'WORLD CHAOS' (92) left.
German sysop Sagor ('TOTAL KAOS', 92) joined Fairlight.

  Ministry Cracktro 1 (1992? ECS Intro).
  code: Motif/Melon Dezign, gfx: none, music: "Matkamies" by Heatbeat/
  Carillon (ProTracker MOD format).
  review: Classic Melonstration, this has a grey-blue background, over which
  several spinning 2d vector stars appear in a half-circle from bottom left
  (biggest) to top right (smallest). Text comes in from the right bottom
  side. Classic chiptune by Heatbeat. This review is duplicated in Melon's
  entry, without information specific to Ministry.
    Used for Ministry's crack of Reach for the Skies (supplied by Kitaro).
  It is highly likely that this intro was only used by the German section.
  No indication as to date of manufacturing, but probably sometime in 1992.
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1 -- Note: Needs KillAGA.