Tarkus Team

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Tarkus Team (TT)

Tarkus Team is a largely illegal German based group.


Ali Baba (sysop1 'WORLD VIOLATION', ex Supplex, 01/'93)
Bruce and Bongo (sysop 'SEARCH & FIND')
DCSL (sysop2 'WORLD VIOLATION' 01/'93 later 'THE DANGER ZONE', 04/'95)
E 605 (spread sysop 'BLACK SHADOW', 09/'91)
Karpow (sysop 'TERRA STATION', 09/'91)
Heat and Mean (sysops 'BLOOD STREET', 04/'95)
Neurostorm (sysop 'STATIC CHAOS')
Gandalf (sysop 'PHOENIX')
Iced Heat (sysop 'CETI ALPHA SIX')
Masterblaster (sysop 'AMIGA NETWORK')
Master Copy (sysop 'DAWNS END', 04/'95)
Ramius (sysop 'ALTER EGO', 04/'95)
Condorman (ger? spread, ex Supplex)
Deature (den? 08/'93)
Dusk (gfx)
FTL (train spread)
Kinetik Factorys (crack)
Mason (spread)
Navigator (ex Crystal)
Smasher (music)
Sascha (spread)
  • The Master joined Punishers.
  • Lukas and Pete joined Damones.
  • German supercracker FFC (04/'90) joined Vision Factory. Did he have his board 'CAESAR'S PALACE' open way back here?
  • Spider (ger code crack trade, 12/'90), Terminator and Iron Eagle joined Decade.


  • THE PIT WHQ (CAN, 08/'93)
  • DATA MASSACRE (GER, 09/'90)