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Decade (DCD, 1991-)


  • Chris (founder mainorg trade, 04/92)
  • Duck (Jens Wippermann, music, ex Prologic, new 06-12/91)
  • Gandalf (sysop 'LOS ENDOS')
  • Ghost (code crack)
  • Jade (founder mainorg trade, 04/92)
  • Krypton (ex Venture, new 04/92)
  • Mr.Hell (sysop 'SUDDEN DEATH', ex TRSI)
  • Nutribrain
  • Rygar (org?, 08-12/90)
  • Speedlock (sysop 'LIGHT HOUSE')
  • Spider (code crack trade exsysop, ex Tarkus Team)
  • Sting (ex Prologic, new 06/91)
  • Vindex
  • Princip (sysop 'INTERCHANGE', 93)
  • Andy (trade sysop, 04/92)
  • Midnight Maniac (trade sysop, 04/92)
  • Baser Evil (sysop 'COURTS OF CHAOS, 93)
  • Darkstar (sysop 'THE UNFORGIVEN', 93)
  • Dr.Darkness (sysop 'CEMETERY', 93)
  • Gandalf (sysop 'LOS ENDOS', 93)
  • Intec Systems (sysop 'WEIRD DREAM', 93)
  • Iron Eagle (ger? ex Tarkus Team)
  • Lance (trade, 04/92)
  • Nikko (trade, 04/92)
  • Plauze & Front (artwork trade, 04/92)
  • Metal Force (sysop 'MERCIFUL FATE', 93)
  • Mr.Beat (music, 10/91)
  • Nitro (sysop 'TOTAL DESTRUCTION' opened 10/91)
  • Oli (sysop 'DISTRIBUTION SIDE', 93)
  • Q (sysop 'WEIRD DREAMS', old handle Bolero, new early93)
  • Rich (gfx, 08-10/91)
  • Runt (ex Amnesia)
  • Secam (sysop 'NORTHSTAR LAND', 93)
  • Targan (sysop 'DIGITAL CRIME', 93)
  • T.C.T. (ger? gfx, new 06-08/91)
  • Terminator (ger? ex Tarkus Team)
  • Ultimate Warrior (trade sysop, 04/92)
  • White Knight (sysop 'BIGGER'N' DEFFER', 93)
  • Zoonie (den? sysop 'HOUSE OF GAMES', ex LSD, new early93)

Group History

Decade were a German-based group formed in september 1991, mainly dealing in the modem scene, but also releasing the odd crack and demo. The two organizers are Chris and Jade (collectively known as the Booze Brothers :), who were in crews like The Company and Valhalla (old) before founding Decade. Chris joined with a board called 'LOST ISLAND', which is now closed. After a while, some of the leading members felt the crew was being let down by some of the other members, who they didn't want to kick since they were old friends. The solution was to let the crew die in january 1992, only to revive it three months later with ELITE only members. Spider closed his board 'DREAM PARK' in late 1992 or early 93.

January saw the release of the "Decade is Dead" [01/92] intro, in which they announced that coder and graphician Electron (03/91) left the scene, Jim Beam and Jonny Walker left for another group, and Milkracer (code train, 03/90) left for Zylon. Nico left for Accession around october.

Creator joined Elevation.

German graphician Silicon Master was kicked mid 91, and an intro called "Anti Silicon Master" [08/91] was released.

Do-X (ex Timex, new mid 91) joined UDO.


Paralax Imbecility (1991, ECS Demo)

  • code: Electron
  • gfx: Electron (font, vectors)
  • music: "Devastator" by Devastator/Miranda

Delta Run (1990, 14.03, ECS Trainer Intro)

  • code: Electron
  • gfx: X-Out
  • music: "Rebels!!!" by 4-Mat/Anarchy

Party (1991, 19.05, ECS Intro)

  • code: Electron
  • gfx: T.C.T.
  • music: "Heavy-Sound" by Mr.Beat
Released at the Maximum Pleasure party.

Royal Amiga Conference (1991, 30.05, ECS Intro)

  • code: Milkracer
  • gfx: Silicon Master
  • music: "Introsoong" by n/a (4ch MOD format)

Kick Out (1991, .06, ECS File)

  • code: Electron
  • gfx: Rich
  • music: "Prisoner of Love" by Duck (4ch MOD format)

Anti Silicon Master (1991, .08, ECS Intro)

  • code: Electron
  • gfx:
    • T.C.T.
    • Rich (vectorballs)
  • music: "Dubidud" by Duck

The Decade BBS Intro (1991, .10, ECS Intro)

  • code: Electron
  • gfx:
  • music: "Only A Song" by Mr.Beat

Hanging Around (1991, 07.12, ECS File)

  • code: Electron
  • gfx:
    • Rygar (vectors)
    • ???/TRSI (font)
  • music: "Don't Care Anymore" by Duck (4ch MOD format)
Released at the Prime Party.

Decade Is Dead (1992, .01, ECS File)

  • code:
    • Electron
    • Milkracer
  • gfx: Rich
  • music: "Sonic Dreams" by Peter Salomonson/Pure Metal Coders (4ch MOD format)

The BBS Intro '93 (1993, ECS Intro)

  • code: Electrom
  • gfx: D-Sign/The Silents (logo)
  • music: n/a (NoisePacker 3 format)


  • LAST RESORT (new 04/92)