Company, The

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Company, The (1990-)


  • Corsair (code)
  • Shadow Lord (supply)
  • Phil (sysop 'MAIDEN HOOD', 10-12/91)
  • Porta (sysop 'EAGLE'S NEST')
  • Nosferatu (sysop 'DANSE MACABRE', 12/91)
  • Gator
  • Link (supply)
  • Triton
  • Ultimate Warrior (new mid 91)
  • White Snake (supply, 12/91)
  • Yeti (train, 91)

Group History

The Company was formed in 1990 by ex members of Paranoimia and Quartex. They were one of the better cracker group while they were operating. They released at least two cracks in cooperation with Vision Factory.

Germans Cannon, Darkstar and Fade One all left for Complex around january.

The 'WORLD OF MIRAGE' BBS (WHQ, 91) joined TRSI.

Black Ghost left for Vogue after 2 weeks (mid 91).

French sysop Ashton ('ACID RAIN') left the scene to study mid 91.

French Mr.Video stopped all acitivities, and Foxy got busted late 91.

Germans Selim (trade sysop 'THE JAM', 01/91), Rudi and Oliver joined Skid Row mid 91.


  • PIRATE CHIP (usa, 91)
  • GURU HEAVEN (usa, 12/91)
  • PHANTOM ZONE (ita, 12/91)
  • SECOND WORLD (ger, 93)