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Paranoimia (-1990)

USA> Al Capone (sysop 'ALCATRAZ', early90).

Boards; FBI BBS (usa).

Paranoimia was an elite cracking group built on the ruins of the legendary
World of Wonders, and became a legendary group in their own right. Among the
ones from the old group were Kontrasoft and Metallica. I believe they were
in several wars with other groups, and were popularly called 'Paralamia' :).
However, the most fantastic claims came when they were rumoured to be the
computer division of the actual Mafia! Their exact date of birth is a little
uncertain, but the earliest dated crack I have seen was 18.05-89. The
American 'FBI BBS' was carrried over from World of Wonders.
  1990 - Two Danish members joined Supreme ca 05/90. German Malzam (ex
Tristar) was briefly a member before moving on to Vision. Paranoimia then
died sometime between 06 and 08/90. Metallica, Hellion and Corsair (all ex
World of Wonders) joined Skid Row. Most others formed The Company with ex
members of Quartex. Skid Row did have an American board in Fairfax, VA called 'ALCATRAZ',
but the sysop was called Al Capone, Co-Sysops were Beatbox & Geddy Lee... Kreator
took some time before finally joining Prologic.

German musician Subzero joined Skid Row.
German cracker Kontrasoft (ex World of Wonders) left the scene.
German sysop Guru Josh (Guido Janthor, 'TECH' opened 12/89) joined Tristar.
Their WHQ BBS (USA) was busted! (mid 90). This may be the bbs they got from
  M.A.D in early 1990, presumably DEVILS ISLAND.