Alliance Design

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Alliance Design (AD, 1991-1993)


  • 7th Eye (gfx)
  • Albatros (code, ex Rebels)
  • Corto (Pi~tre, code, 04/91-92)
  • Hof (gfx, ex Rebels)
  • Moby (music, later Sanity, 04/91)
  • DD (04/91)
  • Loom (gfx, 04/91)
  • Spike (04/91)

Group History

Alliance Design was probably born in the first few months of 1991 - at least that's when their first productions started appearing. They were a french demo group, with strong links to the illegal scene. They were the Quartex demo division for quite a while, and released what is probably their best-known demo, "Substance" [04/91], for them. After they left Quartex, there were rumours that they became a Crystal subgroup instead, but this is untrue.

French graphician Mack (who joined in april) left again for Scoopex just a few months after. Frenchmen Walt (gfx) and Motif (code) joined from The Silents around september.
PMC's "R.A.W #2" [02/92] announced Corto was working on the group's next demo, "Land of Liquor", to feature music by Moby. As history proved, this demo unfortunately never saw the light of day =(. Corto was busted for blueboxing early in the year, and this lead to the death of the group. This was even published in Pure Metal Coders' diskmag "R.A.W #3" [07/92], but it wasn't quite true yet since the group was later active, and released a demo as late as january 93. What IS true is that Walt and Motif left the group for Melon Dezign.
The group's final release came in january of this year, with the noteworthy "Arkham Asylum" [01/93] in cooperation with Dreamdealers - where most of the group's members had now migrated.

French graphicians Zebig and 7th Eye joined Dreamdealers (pre 07/92).

Frenchman Traitor (04/91) joined Crystal.


Burger Man crack intro (1991, ECS Intro)

  • code: Corto
  • gfx: Seen (grey QTX logo)
  • music: n/a (SIDMon 2 format)
Cracktro made for Quartex. Aka "Another Release by The Best".

Substance (1991, 28.04, ECS File)

  • code: Corto
  • gfx: Mack, Loom
  • music: "Knulla Kuk !!!" by Moby (4ch ProTracker format)
2nd in the Amiga Convention Summit demo competition.
Made for Quartex. Caches off, OCS on for A1200.

Little Dentro (Chimay) (1991, .06, ECS Intro)

  • code: Corto
  • gfx: Seen, Mack
  • music: "Tix6", "Tix5" and "Tix3" by Reflex/Delight
Made for Quartex.

The Party Invitation (1991, 22.08, ECS Intro)

Made for Quartex. Cooperation with Rebels.

'Flight Of The Intruder' cracktro (1991, .10, ECS Intro)

  • code: Corto
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: n/a (DeltaMusic 2 format, 29744 bytes)

Drinktro (1992, ECS File)

  • code: Redlight
  • gfx: Zebig
  • music: "Pelforth Blues" by Moby (ProTracker MOD format)
Released in cooperation with Dreamdealers.
Intro for the upcoming 'Drink Charts'.

Workfrench (1992, early, ECS File)

Released sometime soon after The Party 91, therefore early 92.

Arkham Asylum (1993, .01, ECS File)

Cooperation with Dreamdealers.