Interpol (old)

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Interpol [old] (-1993)

Interpol was an Amiga demo group.


Dark (swap pack, ex Noxious, new RAW5)
Joker (sysop 'SADO CITY' EHQ, 92)
Kaoz (swap pack, ex Noxious, old handle Rebel MC, new early93)
Monty (music, later Paradox, 92)
United Kingdom
Kitaro (sysop 'MILLENIA')
Loverman (sysop 'CONCEPT ELITE')
NuiSance (sysop 'NIRVANA' WHQ, later Paradox new, 92)
Shocker (sysop 'TWILITE ZONE')
Amigo (sysop 'DESERT STORM' SAHQ)
Blackhawk (crack)
Cardinal (ex Crystal, new SLH11)
Cedric (gfx, ex Legend, new RAW5)
E.F.A (crack, 92)
Horst (music, 12/93)
Jonny (music, 12/94)
Maximilian (supply, 92)
Mr.Looping (music, 12/94)
Orion (gfx?, 92)
Paragon (supply, 92)
Yragel (code gfx, 92)

Group History

Interpol was an elite illegal crew. I don't know if the guys that released the intro "Tahiti" (04/96) are the same as the original Interpol. Seems a little strange, after all this time, to come back to release an intro...

Since German sysops Joker and TCM were in Razor early in the year, and Razor then died, it seems probable they went straight to this group. Most members left to reform Paradox! The group died early 1993.

  • German Siriax joined Fairlight.
  • The board 'PURGATORY' is closed.
  • German swapper Killraven rejoined Paradise.
  • British Kawinski has left the scene to pursue a career as a teacher (ROM4).
  • Maelstrom joined Ministry early93.


  • CHAOTIC ENTITY WHQ (usa, 03/94)