Paradox (new)

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Paradox [new] (PDX, 1993-,

FRA> Acid (gfx, 04/94), Barret Oliver (ex Shining, old handle Daryl),
     Flasher Jack (Charlet Franck, code, 04/94), WiLLY (supply, 94).
DEN> Blackhawk (code crack sysop2 'MERCYFUL FATE', 93-04/95), Hotbier (sysop
     'THE JUDGE', 04/95), Metal Force (Henrik, sysop1 'MERCYFUL FATE',
ENG> Beast (supply, sysop 'ARCADiA,, 93), ADS (supply, 94).
GER> Lincoln.
HOL> Eros (gfx, ex Jetset, old handle Eswat), IKillr (gfx, ex Jetset),
     Timeless (ex Jetset).
ITA> Zool (org).
SWE> Nero (sysop 'PROPHETS HOLD', 01/95).
AUS> Woody (sysop 'WOODY'S WORLD', 04/95).
USA> Nuisance (sysop 'NIRVANA' WHQ, 04/93).
???> Babydock (crack, 03/93), CPT (fra?, gfx, 12/93), E.F.A (crack, 94), Hot
     Tuna and Mimicom (supply, 94), Hurricane (swe? modem, 03/93),
     Maximilien (org), Order and ED209 (supply, 94), Paragon (supply,
     03/93), The Colonel (crack).

     PAIN (usa), YEE SIDE (can), LIVING CHAOS (eng), SKARA BRAE (ger),
     CREEPING DEATH (ger), ARCADIA (UK, busted 1993).

Paradox was reborn i 1993 with Daryl/ex Shining as one of the leaders.
Midnight Maniac was back (albeit with a slightly lower profile than
earlier), Blackhawk was still one of the scene's most prolific crackers, and
Paragon still one of the best suppliers. Paradox were the undisputed number
one in its second incarnation. Maximilien was the new leader, and new
members like Zool (italy) and Lincoln (germany) helped raise the group even
further. The group now expanded, for the first time, into the console scene.
Releases were made on the SNES and Sega Genesis, under the able hands of
Belgarion (code) and Papillon (org). Even more challenges were sought, and
the group turned its attention to the pc scene...
  1993 - Kaoz and swapper Killraven (early93) were kicked. Killraven joined
Anthrox late 93.
  1994 - French coder Ninja (12/93, in Angels three months earlier) left to
join Scoopex. French musician Monty (12/93-04/94) left to form Universal
Soldiers with his friend Schmoovy-Schmoov/Complex late this year.
  1995 - Then the group's leader Maximilien was busted by the police, once
again killing Paradox in the process... Paradox would be reborn a third time
after two more years, in 1997, but now entirely on the console scene.

  Calimero (1993, 28.12, ECS 40k Intro).
  code: Ninja, gfx: CPT, music: Monty (ProPacker 2.1 format).
  10th in The Party 93 40k intro competition.
  Review: Not much content here, though nicely designed. Still, when you
  compare this to Ninja's last intro "Destroy Fascism" (For Angels three
  months earlier), this is undoubtedly the weaker one. The only real
  'effect' is some vector-spheres bouncing on a moving vector-plate thing
  that's not all that exciting. It seems there's a 'theme' of sorts to
  this, where two chickens find love. Don't ask. Music and gfx are
  simplistic, but acceptable. Ninja reprises his upscroller with vector-
  tunnel in the background routine from "Destroy Fascism" in the endpart.
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0. -- Note: Needs KillAGA.

  Cobalt - Calimero's Return (1994, 23.04, 64k Intro).
  code: Flasher Jack, gfx: Acid, music: "Shad(e)" by Monty (ProTracker MOD
  format). Winner of the Saturne Party 2 intro competition!