Agile (amiga)

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Agile (AGL, 1990-1993)


  • Conqueror (crack, 03/91)
  • Mogwai (sysop 'STREETS OF FIRE', ex Defjam)
  • BamBam (sysop 'DOWNTOWN', ex Quartex)
  • Rat (sysop 'THE PIT')
  • The Undertaker (supply, sysop 'THE GRAVEYARD')
  • Spidey (supply, later Tutoff/Crystal)
  • Malzam and Andy (sysops 'REIGN IN BLOOD')
  • Molten Ice (sysop 'AMIGA NORTH')
  • Batman (sysop 'GOTHAM CITY', ex Legend)
  • Groo (sysop 'HOLLOW WORLD')
  • The Mighty Quinn (sysop 'ILLICIT ILLUSION', 04/95)
  • Crystal Warrior (Scott Lee) Musician. Other alases "Dezacrator, Micro Pro".
  • God
  • Steve
  • Storm, Ted (code)

Group History

Agile Amiga was founded by Elric in 1990. After he got busted in May 89, he bought an Amiga and set up Agile. In late 93, the group merged into Quartex and ceased to exist in its own right.

Optima joined LSD.

Finnish traders Eddie and Ice (both ex Action, 07/91) left. They were later in Damones.

Captain Midnight left the scene.

Zike, sysop of 'PLEASURE DOME' left the scene.

American sysop Pizzaman ('FLATLINERS') joined Fairlight.

Sabbath and Undertaker (new! back from bust as Image/Quartex sysop 'IMAGEWORKS') (sysops 'GRAVEYARD') joined Fusion.

Fred and some others decided to go legal, and therefore joined Atlantys.

Twister, sysop 'FLASHBACK', joined Razor 1911, but soon moved on to join Vision.

All French members; Alex, Kid, Patriot and Shocker, joined Quartex late 91. Another source claimed Shocker joined Infinite Perfection, and in Freedom Crack #8 it was claimed he joined Insanity Perfection...

Rockstar joined Coma mid 91.

Crystal Warrior left in 1993 focusing on OctaMED / MIDI based music.


Crack Intro (ECS Intro)

  • code: Ted
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: n/a

C64 Style Crack Intro (Intro)

'Cricket Amiga' Crack Diagonal Copper (1991, .05, ECS Intro)

'Gods' Crack Intro (ECS Intro)

'Switchblade II' crackintro (ECS Intro)

First Letters (Intro)

Sinus (Intro)

'Miami Chase' Crack Intro (ECS Intro)

'Mega Traveller' Crack Intro (ECS Intro)

'Goodo' Crack Intro (ECS Intro)

'Demoniak' Crack Intro (Intro)