Infinite Perfection

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Infinite Perfection (IP, 1991-1992)

Infinite Perfection was an Amiga demo group.



Badaman (supply)
Gordh (train)
Joey Beltram (org modem)
Mike (sysop 'WASTE GATE')
Mithrandhir (code gfx)
United Kingdom
Akira (supply)
Executioner (sysop 'TREASURE ISLAND')
H.I.T. Moonweed (sysop 'FLYING TEAPOT')
Hybrid (sysop 'ULTIMATE DREAM')
Manx (swap trade)
Starr (code crack)
Xag (code train)
Zygor (swap trade)
Alex (supply)
Flyspy (code crack)
JBG (supply)
LouLou (supply)
Shocker (supply, ex Agile)
Adictor (train modem)
Blackcat (crack train)
Bob Duncan (sysop 'HILTON PALACE')
Disk Jockey (crack)
Marc (crack)
Nephilim (sysop 'HEAVENS HELL')
Shut Berlin (sysop 'WORLD TRADE CENTER' WHQ, ex Skid Row)
Rave (sysop 'LETHAL ZONE')
Mercy (trade)
The Master (sysop 'SLIME CITY')
Gazoo (sysop 'WILD WAREZ')
H.O.S. Of Sorrow (sysop 'CREEPING DEATH')
Leviathan (trade)
Rolling Stone (sysop 'DEVILS TRIANGLE')
Winter Mute (sysop 'MARTYRIUM', ex Alpha Flight)
Markuz (nor? crack, 92)
Mint (gfx)

Group History

IP was another relatively short-lived cracking/modem group, with some of that scene's best people recruited from groups like Crystal and Skid Row. The news of their birth came in Pure Metal Coders and New Wave's "R.A.W #2" [02/92], and the news of their death in the subsequent "R.A.W #3" [04/92]. Most of the member information is from a memberlist published alongside the news of their birth in RAW 2. After their death, several members (like Norwegian swapper Jaffa) left to form the new Bitstoppers.

  • Technoir was kicked.