Bitstoppers (2)

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Bitstoppers [2] (BST, -1992)


  • Bob Duncan (sysop 'HILTON PALACE', 10/91)
  • Oli (sysop 'INTEC SYSTEMS', 10/91)
  • Sargor (sysop 'TOTAL KAOS', early92)
  • Speed (Patrick, trade, early92)
  • Leviathon (sysop 'TERMINAL FROST')
  • New Jack (sysop 'NEW JACK CITY')

Group History

Bitstoppers were a cracking crew started shortly after the death of Infinite Perfection. They died in the middle of 1992.

Swedes The Master (sysop 'SKY HIGH') and Mercy joined Fusion early 92.

In Fusion, the boardname was PRESSURE POINT, 'tho...don't know when he changed it!

Germans Rudi (ex Skid Row) and Selim left for Crack Inc., all other members left for Fusion. Bitstoppers is therefore dead! (06/92)

Norwegian swapper Jaffa (ex Infinite Perfection) sold his Amiga and left the scene.