Crack Inc

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Crack Inc. (1992-1992)


  • Eurosoft (crack, ex Skid Row)
  • Mike (ex Skid Row)
  • Rudi (founder supply sysop 'THE JAM', ex Skid Row, 92)
  • Selim (founder supply sysop 'THE JAM', ex Skid Row, 92)
  • Subzero (founder music supply, ex Skid Row, 92)
  • French Connection (ex Nemesis, new RAW4)
  • Linebacker (sysop)
  • Skywalker (ex Accession)

Group History

Crack Inc was formed in early 1992 by the old european members of Skid Row (SSR), and was soon reinforced with some other ex-Skid Row'ers from other groups. When they died at the end of the year, most members formed Ministry with former members of Nemesis and Thrill Kill Kult. News that Selim and Subzero left the scene seem to be strongly exaggerated, since they were both later members of Ministry.

There were rumours and even news that SSR (Subzero Selim Rudi) joined from Bitstoppers, but it's most likely that this is untrue, and that they were the original founders, coming directly from Skid Row. Their demo subgroup Kaos Design died [see separate entry].

American sysop Micro ('REIGN IN BLOOD', 09/92) left sometime before 12/92.

German Munchie (ex Skid Row, new RAW3) joined Ministry.

Sysop Lost Religion ('NiRVANA') joined Accession.

Swedish trader Magic (ex Vision, new 09/92) was kicked 09/92.

ZigZag, the ex-Crystal sysop of 'MAY DAY', joined Scoopex.

Cracker Saito (ex Vision Factory) joined Prestige.