Energy (amiga)

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Energy (NRG)

Buster and Fuzz (sysops 'ATTACK OF THE KILLER B'S')
NCD (sysop 'SIGN 'O'TIMES', 91)
Sniffy (sysop 'SPIRITUAL HEALING' EHQ, ex Endless Piracy, new mid91)
Stagediver (sysop 'WORLD IN A WORLD')
Jason (leader)
Stranger (06/90)
Zinkfloid (ex Grace, later TRSI)
Maddy (sysop 'METAL IMPACT')
Tesla (sysop 'ROAD HOUSE')
Rainman (92)
Blast (swap trade, 02/94-late95)
Blogath (music, 08/95)
Branca (swap, 93)
Comrade (org swap, old handle Docile Drawer, 93-02/94)
Dr.Degree (sysop 'RED ALERT')
MBD (code gfx swap, 02/94)
Mr.Bigdick (swap)
Muffler (music, later Nah-Kolor)
Black Wizard (ex Them)
Chip (sysop 'NINTH HELL', ex Them)
Fireball (ex Them)
Highbyte (ex Them)
Maniac (ex Them)
Maz (ex Them)
Noteman (music, ex Them)
Techno (ex Them)
Wave (ex Them)
Punisher (ex Cycron)
Anc (supply)
Bhn (crack train)
Brainwasher (supply)
Catfish (crack train)
Dr.Grell (whq-illegal, re-TRSI)
Dream Warrior (ex Damian)
Lee (crack train)
Lord (supply)
MCM (crack)
Mike (supply)
Nomad (supply)
Parallax (supply)
Stripe (ex Unicorn, new mid91)
Toccadero or Troccadero (crack train)
Trazer (ex Orient)
Ufo (ex Orient)
Zippy or Zippo (crack train)
Zyx (trade)
24X (trade, ex Noxious)

Group History

Energy was originally based in Austria. When the group Prime died, Storm and most other members joined Energy (EuroChart #11). When Growl joined from Orient, his cheatdisks went along with him, and will from now on be released under the Energy label... Then Growl suddenly left, and I don't know what happened to the disks!
Internal problems split the group into two parts; legal and illegal. All graphicians stayed with the illegal part, and all the best members of the legal section will probably join other groups or rebuild Quartex (new). When Dr.Grell joined from TRSI (mid 94) he rebuilt the illegal part of Energy, and became the world modem organizer for the group.
"Analtro" [02/94] announced MBD's plans to open 'THE FUNNY FARM' BBS, but there's no information if there was ever any opening. Zoro (trade) has never been a member, even though he has claimed to be. At one time, now famous Austrian coder Antibyte was a member; he is now the leader of Scoopex.

Stranger coarranged the Energy Chaos Party in Austria in june with members of Chaos (c64).
Commander X got kicked mid 91. Austrian Perseus left to join a PD group mid 91. Blackstar, sysop 'DARK CENTURY', joined The Silents mid 91. Optimize, sysop of 'UNITY FIELDS' left mid 91, and joined Legend. Belgian sysops of 'METAL IMPACT', Mad Shitbrain (aka Maddy, new mid 91) and -TCB!- (ex Destiny), both left to join Agile. Junkfood changed his name to Candyman and joined Scoopex mid 91. Another source claimed he joined Legend, but this seems to be untrue - or at least something that happened later. Austrian cracker Stranger left the scene for a while to work on a game, late in the year.
Austrian trainer G-Tronic, who joined mid 91, left for Scoopex.
Polish swapper Action joined Mad Elks late 95.

  • Storm (ex Prime, new late91) and Slider joined Awesome.
  • Shocker joined Pirates.
  • Homeboy joined Punishers.
  • Mr.Foley joined Bastards.
  • Austrian Coon-O joined Manitou.
  • Autrian Status Quo left to join Excite.
  • Tesla, sysop of 'ROAD HOUSE' left to be independent.
  • Beltram, Badamon and Mithrandir (all ex Enigma) moved on to Agile.
  • The boards 'DARK MIRROR' (usa, mid91), 'PROJECT D', 'PANIC ZONE' and 'NO CARRIER' were all kicked.
  • Wild Rage got kicked, and left the scene. Therefore there will never be any more issues of the diskmag he was editor of, "Scene Lyrics".
  • A lot members left for TRSI, OHM and Quartex (new). Some members from the illegal section rebuilt Quartex in Austria.
  • Danish swapper Growl (ex Orient) joined Fanatic.
  • Musician Snoopy (ex Union, 12/93-02/94) joined TRSI.
  • Greili (code), Antitrack and austrian Jason (aut sysop 'RAP CENTER' later 'HIGH ENERGY' closed) were all kicked.
  • Swedes The Joker, Excel, Atheist, MRK, Nivek and Pete (all ex Limited Edition) joined Vision (amiga) (old).


See Energy (amiga)/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

Sound Splash IV (ECS Musicdisk)

Backlash (13 tunes!)

Analtro (1994, 21.02, ECS Intro)

"Time Bomb" by Snoopy/Union 08/93


  • HANGAR 18 WHQ (usa, 02/94)
  • DIGITAL CITY (02/94)
  • GLOBAL CHAOS (ger)
  • FUTURE WORLD (ger, 09/90)