Chaos (c64)

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Chaos (CHS)

HUN> Cubehead (Gabor Mucsanyi, music, later Resource, 02/94), Lion (Ferenc
     Veres, code, 94), Pete (Peter Ivanyi, gfx, 94), Zeux (Laszlo Molnar,
     code music, 94).
???> Exorcist (crack, 91), Jinx (crack).

Chaos is a Hungarian demo group.
  1991 - Teen changed his handle to Herman and joined Chromance in january.

  Absolute (1994, Multifile Demo).
  code: Zeux, Lion, gfx: Pete, music: Cubehead, Zeux, Taki/Natural Beat,
  Cane/ADSR/<S>. 2nd in the Exile Party demo competition.
  review: I was quite surprised by this demo from the to me unknown group
  Chaos - since it was actually rather good! Some interesting routines, good
  design and music, managed to really grab my attention and give me a good
  overall feeling for this demo. It's a really strange mix of old-style
  demoparts and new-style 'trackmo', actually. It utilizes an irq loader to
  allow music to play while the next part loads, but it is then faded down
  and each part has its own music. It's an interesting variation. The coding
  here is generally high-class, with things like 256 doublesinus plots in
  the sideborder, plasma, raytraced animation, morphing animation, fractal
  colorcycling (not the best idea =) and an especially interesting cfli
  tech-tech with two fld scrollers and an fld logo moving independently on
  top! Well, you have to see it to understand, I guess... =) But overall,
  this was a really surprising demo, and I look forward to seeing more from
  this group! [glenn]