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Orient (ORT, 1992-)

SWE> Cybertron (sysop 'AUSGEBOMBT', triplememb Alpha Flight and Equinox,
     11/94-01/95), Hijacker (sysop 'ALTERED STATE', doublememb Religion,
     01/95), Inm8, Lex (ex Nova), Skilly (swap, old handle Skillimoes, ex
     Danger Productions, new 06/92).
DEN> Drain (gfx stopswap, ex Vixen, new 92-08/92), Razta (code, ex Vixen,
     new 92-08/92).

Orient was formed by Swedish members of Danger Productions after that group
died in late 1992. A Danish section was also started, by Razta and Drain of
  1992 - Swedish swapper Skillimoes (later just Skilly) joined from Danger
Productions around 06/92, making the total number of members 8.

Danish swapper Growl (ex Balance), Ufo, Hijacker and Trazer joined Energy.
  Growl will from now on release his cheatdisks under the Energy label.
  I doubt the Hijacker joining, since he's confirmed in Orient 01/95, and
  PRP4 was released mid 94...
Many members left for Surprise! Prodcutions (including a.o. Scorpion),
  causing Orient's death (WHN1). However, see below. I personally believe
  PRP more than WHN in this case.
Danes Antex (swap, ex Curacy) and Scorpion joined Control (PRP4).

  Intro (1993, 30.05, Intro).
  Released at The Computer Crossroads 93.