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Nah-Kolor (NAH, 1995-,

POL> Amiflash (Bartosz Mediger, 3d raytrace, ex Inferno or Erotic Design,
     08/97), Caro (gfx, ex Dinx Project, new late97-09/01), Dreamer
     (Wojciech Cejrowski, founder music, 95-11/96), Elis (founder code,
     95-97), Fame (gfx, 04/01), Guma (swap, 97), Klod (code, 07/97-04/01),
     Lazur (gfx, 04/01), Melon (swap, late97), Protas (music, 97), QBA
     (Jakub Pienkowski, founder swap pack "Speed", triplememb PIL and
     Anadune, 95-12/99), Scorpik (music, 08/97).
N-L> Danny (gfx, ex Spaceballs, doublememb TBL [details], new 12/95), Magic
     (founder ascii swap trade editor, ex TRSI, 06/96-00).
GER> Virgill (music, triplememb, new early00-04/01).
ITA> Hedgehog (code, 11/96-08/97), Metal Designer (code, 12/96-01/98).
DEN> Raze (Thomas Petersen, music, 97-12/99).
ENG> Alive (gfx write, doublememb Digital [details], 01/98).
FIN> Alvin (Mattias Ahlvin, webmaster, 00-05/01).
???> Acid (gfx, 97), Antony (gfx, 04/01), Case (swap, 00-04/01), Dascon
     (music, 04/01), Degrysin (04/01), Dzordan (11/99), Fra (gfx,
     08/97-01/98), Fusko (gfx, 04/01), Juen (code, new early00), Mag666
     (gfx, 12/99), Pix (gfx, 04/01), Ridler (11/99), Ripper (code, 12/99),
     Spark (gfx, 04/01), Teo (music, 11/99), Tolkien (code, 04/01), Traitor
     (gfx 3d, 11/99-04/01), Ubik (04/01), Voicer (ex Apathy, new

Nah Kolor was originally formed in the middle of 1995 by the Polish section
of TRSI to serve as their demosection - like Surprise! Productions and
Masque had in the past. However, the plans had not been correctly cleared
with the leaders of TRSI, and at The Party 5, Nah Kolor was given the
choice of being real TRSI members or leaving in favour of this new group.
The result was that Norby and Bald Horse decided to stay in TRSI, and that
the rest continued as Nah Kolor. Blaze doublejoined from Floppy to help
organize the team after QBA's recent lack of activity.
  1996 - They lost a valuable asset when the Polish celebrity graphician
Lazur left them for Anadune in the middle of 1996. He did help out with some
productions after that though, like "Episode" [08/97]. Dutch coder and sysop
Infant (ex New Age) left after one week (late 96) because Magic's attitude
was commanding everyone around. This led to him rejoining Session and
releasing an intro for them at The Party 6.
  1997 - Finnish musician Muffler (new 02/96) joined Haujobb 05/97. While he
was a member of Nah Kolor, he worked on the cooperation musicdisk "Moments"
[11/96] with Dreamer.
  1998 - Polish swapper Blaze (doublememb Floppy) joined Endzeit in june...
In November Klod won the 64k intro competition at Satellite 2 with "Worms
From My Head" [11/99]. In the following month, at The Party they released
the 40k intro "Dive" [12/99], which finished sixth. Spanish musician Estrayk
(doublememb from Capsule 01/98) is no longer a member.
  2000 - The early year saw the release of one of the best new mags in a
LONG time, "Devotion #1" [00]. Inside they announced that Virgill had joined
as a triplemember, that Nop (code) had been asked to leave and that Juen
(code) had joined.

Graphician Yoga joined Scum.
Polish swapper Action joined Anadune.
Polish graphician Fame (08/96-08/97) decided to end his double membership to
  stay in Floppy.

  Speed Packmenu (1995, AGA Menu).
  code: Bald Horse, gfx: Lazur, Comanche/OBS (font), music: various,
  editor: QBA.
  review: The single most outstanding thing about this menu is certainly
  its graphics - Lazur is the Polish #1 for a REASON! The menu consists of
  a single screen, where most of the space is taken up of a picture of a
  screaming man seemingly having his face torn apart. On the left part of
  the screen is a text display window, but the background sadly interferes
  a lot with the text; wouldn't it have been a better idea to at least have
  two different palettes for these? At the bottom left, below the display,
  are three gadgets; FILES, MUSIC and INFO. The music menu consists of
  three chiptunes (max 50k pp for submissions, it says). Overall, this pack
  gives me a good overall feel of solidity and niceness. Very good.
  -- Used from issue #1, #3 (07/95), #6. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0.

  Wild (1996, summer, AGA Slideshow).
  Cooperation with Anadune, see there for details.

  Moments 'Dawno Temu' (1996, .11, AGA Multifile Musicdisk).
  code: Hedgehog, gfx: Lazur, Danny, Fame, Tudor (traced anim), Antony
  (menu layout), music: Dreamer, Muffler.
  Spread and released simultaneously at Saturne and Gravity.
  review: I have just experience the 'Moments' musicdisks - a rather hefty
  3.8 mb LHA file. So what do I think of it? I like some parts, others
  less. With skilled graphicians like Lazur and Danny working on this,
  there should certainly be no problems graphically! But why is the main
  selector screen so bland and uninspiring when it's wrapped in such
  graphical greatness? The four 'icons' at the bottom of the screen does
  not tell us much, so we're reduced to trying them out. I foolishly tried
  the one on the right first, and was immediately told 'good bye'. Just so
  you won't follow in my footsteps, the icons do the following (left to
  right): Show credits, play a cooperation tune, show an AMAZINGLY GREAT
  picture by Lazur - perhaps his best ever!! and exit the production.
    But enough about the graphics, what about the music in this musicdisk?
  Dreamer's the old-timer here, and Muffler's sort-of his protege. This
  means their music reminds me a little of each other... Still, Dreamer
  does not feel so bound by rules - sort of reminds me of Bruno - and
  Muffler's tunes always have that jazzy feel to them. These are two good
  composers, and this is - overall - a good musicdisk. Hedgehog's code is
  all it needs to be, but not much else. The bump mapping was nice, 'tho.
  Will work on a standard unexpanded A1200. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.

  Noiseless (1996, 28.12, 4k Intro).
  code: Metal Designer, gfx: none, music: none.
  Released for The Party 96 4k intro competition, unplaced.
  review: Now, this is something cool! It opens with a cool green swirling
  tunnel, which then after a short break starts to move and gets bumpmapped
  in new colors - white/blue! Then some plasma-like effect in green and
  purple and finally a red/white effect I can't really describe :) Very very
  nice. c2p and cruncher routines by Zero/Balance. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.1.

  Speed Magpack (1997, AGA Magpack Menu).
  code: n/a, gfx: Lazur/Scoopex (main), Fade One/? (hidden), music: "Goa 03"
  by Bump/independent (pack), "Sonic Boom" by Rebb/TM!C (mag), Virgill
  (hidden), Supernao (hidden), DSX Design (hidden), editor: Blaze.
  info: Used for #34 (first ever issue with Speed Charts).
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.

  Touching (1997, 13.07, Demo).
  code: Klod, gfx: n/a, music: n/a.
  4th in the Intel Outside 4 demo competition.

  The Prophecy (1997, 09.08, 64k Intro).
  code: Metal Designer, Hedgehog, gfx: Fra, Fame, Tudor/The Black Lotus
  (face object), music: Muffler.
  5th in the Assembly 97 64k intro competition.
  review: A real nice little intro from Nah Kolor here, that scores lots on
  its colorfulness and the smooth finish to much of its effects. Though most
  of the 3d routines are in 2x2 resolution, it never really appears blocky,
  perhaps apart from the very last envmap object. After a long pause for
  precalculation, the intro opens with a pretty cool flashing twirling
  effect :), and continues with a rotzooming bumpmap routine which looks
  very cool and colorful! Next we travel into a morphing tunnel, with smooth
  finishing, which magically morphs into an envmapped face object! Next is a
  2x2 water ripple effect, an envmap object before the entire thing is
  concluded with a NAH KOLOR logo done by Fame back in 96 (as the signature
  tells us). You have to press LMB to exit the intro, and when I did it
  crashed my machine... oh well :) This is actually quite nice... [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.

  Episode (1997, 31.08, AGA HD Multifile Demo).
  code: Klod, gfx: Fame, Lazur, Amiflash (3d), music: Scorpik.
  4th in the Gravity 97 demo competition.
  review: This demo opens interestingly, with lots of bumpmap action and
  considerable style, so it's a bit of a disappointment when it crashes
  after 30 seconds! I tried a couple of times too, but no luck. It even says
  in the enclosed aminet text file that this is a fixed version too...go
  figure. Oh well... [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.

  Ping-Phong (1997, 14.12, 64k Intro).
  3rd in the Astrosyn 97 64k intro competition.

  SideFx (1998, 03.01, Demo).
  code: Metal Designer, gfx: Lowlife, Made, Alive, Unreal, Fra, music:
  Dreamer. Winner of the Trip 98 demo competition!

  Little Sister (1998, 03.01, AGA Intro).
  code: Rio/Elven11, gfx: FRA/NAH, music: Md/?.
  Released at Trip 98 in cooperation with Elven 11.
  review: Not much of an effort this, a hastily thrown together intro
  composed of a blocky swirly dot tunnel, a rather cool credits part, and a
  Nah Kolor fullscreen logo. Not much to shout about. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0.

  Worms In My Head (1999, 14.11, AGA 060 64k Intro).
  code: Klod, gfx: Klod (3d), Dzordan (objects), Ridler (objects), Traitor
  (objects), music: Teo. Winner of the Satellite 2 64k intro competition!
  review: Great surprise to amiga scene society! Klod/Nah-Kolor is back on
  track again. Few months ago he decided to left scene but what do we see?
  Great come back with very nice intro production. So - check it out!
  "Worms" is prepared for very speed amigas (060) and it runs very shitty on
  weak cpu's (on 030/50 it looks horrible!) First i should say it's a
  another 3D intro without design - only pure coder's show. Hmm, so what
  have we got inside? Launching "Worms" we notice a typical "intro song",
  rather fast and not releated with action on screen. First scene contains
  standard curved pillars stying around a kind of lake. Moving light source
  point is flying and lights surfaces in realtime. After while four red
  "NAH" describsions appears, they arise from ground.
    Second part is a well known "object in water" effect. This time Klod
  drowns =) a man's head. Still moving background texture makes this scene
  looking better. Shock! In another part we're inside big thorus filled in
  half with water. But what a water! First time i see something like that,
  surface is waving and also reflects shapes of few small thorus flying
  around. Looks great! Sad that it's so slow on 040/40. Continue our ride
  and we're again on starting 3d scene, light source isn't here anymore, but
  water in lake started to undulate and reflects objects for sure,
  especially big blue 3D "nah" logo. Last 3D world contains woman person
  (but what's up? oh my god! she's bald!) standing in front of mirror.
  Camera runs around and we notice that womans body reflects in mirror - and
  this is true picture, not a fake like in 99% of amiga's intros where part
  of screen is only copied on mirror's surface. But look! Something strange
  happens with glass, its covered with animated texture. Oh fuck! Is this
  devilish mashine going down? =) After while credits appears. This is the
    No logos, no handmade graphic (except textures), medium music but great
  (and not so fast) coded engine in small resolution. That's "Worms from
  my head". Nothing more. Worth of Your time. [kempy]

  Dive (1999, 28.12, AGA 4MB 40k Intro).
  code: Ripper, gfx: Mag666, music: Raze (The Player 6.1A format).
  6th in The Party 99 40k intro competition.
  review: Radar-like display opens this intro, sweeping around the screen
  before dissolving into particles forming the word NAH KOLOR. Next is the
  logo and credits over a blue animated backgrund and some additional words.
  One nice thing about this intro is that it keeps a thumbnail of the action
  in the top right corner, nice design touch. Next is a small picture of a
  scary shark-like fish, which after a few moments have blue/white
  lightspheres overlaid. Next is more of that blue animated background with
  more words overlaid.... And then it ends. This intro at least goes for a
  wholesome design in blue and white, though it doesn't altogether succeed.
  A pretty middle-of-the-road intro.
    Please note that the version reviewed is the final version, released
  after the party. The intro uses Scout's c2p routine. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.

  Devotion #1 (2000, AGA/P96 Multifile Diskmag).
  code: Mr.Tickle/Darkage, gfx: Antony/ex Dreamdealers (title), Adam/DCS
  (main), Optic/Talent (clips), music: Teis/Spaceballs, Tecon/PlanetJazz,
  Teis/Spaceballs, editors: Darkus/Haujobb and Magic/Nah-Kolor (main),
  Alvin, Teis/Spaceballs, Makke/Visuale.
  review: Certainly a nicely designed mag, Devotion screams style at you
  from the first instance you look at its panel. A very clean and readable
  font, and page design that looks a lot like - oh yes! - ROM - gives a
  professional impression. But as we all know, the most important thing in a
  diskmag is the quality of its articles. And this is a place where
  "Devotion" excels, we really have to say. I honestly believe I have not
  read a more interesting mag since "ROM", and if they continue to release
  issues like this, then we have a new #1 mag in the not-too-distant future.
  The best mag in ages.
    Not really sure about the release date, but it's after Mekka Symposium
  at least, since they feature a report from the party. My best guess is
  around may. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.

  Magic (2001, 15.04, AGA 030 15MB FPU Demo).
  code: Tolkien (main), Klod (additional), gfx: Fame, Pix, Traitor, Lazur,
  Antony, Fusko, Ubik (3d), Degrysin (3d), Spark (backgrounds), music:
  Dascon. 17th in the Mekka Symposium 2001 demo competition.
  review: Well, yet another demo that I cannot see due to that dread FPU
  missing from my accelerator card... In addition to the credits above,
  Magic is given an 'project coordinator' credit, and Voicer is credited
  with 'some help' =] They announce that what was released at MS was a
  'party version' and that a final one will follow. 

  Atlast was released in july 2003, in cooperation with Harvester.
  Amiga PPC demo, ranked 4th at the Symphony 2003 party.

  Speed packmagazine issue 63 was released in april 2004 by Case & Magic
  Speed packmagazine issue 64 was released in march 2005 by Case & Magic
  Speed packmagazine issue 65 was released in november 2006 by Case & Magic [glenn]