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DEN> Alf and Drac (train sysops 'TRADERS HEAVEN' WHQ opened RAW4, 91),
     Frostie (sysop 'LEVIATHAN' opened RAW4, ex Sonic, new RAW4), Terrax
     (Michael, music, 12/91).
GER> Hijack (ex Symbiosis), Skywalker (ex Adept).
FIN> Dr.Koff.
N-Z> Slaine (ex Extreme).

Boards; ROMAN HOTEL (swe), DEAD HEAT (swe, 91).

Palace was a demo and illegal group based in Denmark. Anyone know if there
were ever any issues of their proposed diskmag 'PacMag' released?
  1992 - Swedish coder Mr.Urk joined Shining around january, but soon after
the group kicked all their swedish members except MadCap. Madcap left for
Spaceballs, and thus the group no longer had members in sweden. Finnish Tex
changed his handle to Dr.Koff, also around january. Tyrant (swap) left for
Adept in september, since he was tired of being the only member in Germany.

Palace is dead!
Chromer joined Sonic.
Norwegian coder Pushead joined the new Angels.
Danish coder and cracker Caesar joined Alpha Flight.
Radical joined Endless Piracy.
Danish sysop Howard sold all his equipment, so 'ELYSIUM' went down forever
  in early 92.
Scarloc joined Legend.
Norwegian sysop Scratcher ('TOTAL PANIC') joined Fairlight (RAW4).
Zany and Lynx, sysops 'SUSPERIA', joined 2000AD (RAW4).
Previous swedish leader Virus (ex Alpha Flight, new RAW3) joined TRSI for a
  short while, then moved on to Legend.
Danish sysop Zoonie ('HOUSE OF GAMES') got kicked, and joined Alcatraz
Inferno (ex Noxious) joined Skid Row (RAW3).
Gadget and Princip were in Palace 2 days before joining New Wave (RAW2).
All Swedish members were kicked out except Madcap, who joined Spaceballs
  shortly after (RAW2).
Bit joined Amaze (RAW2).
Danish coder TAS joined Parasite 06/92.
Swedish graphician Butch joined The Silents.
Danish musician Hellrazor (ex 2000 AD) joined TRSI.
Norwegian coder Octoplex (ex Anarchy) joined Dual Crew.