Animators (group)

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  • Sniffy (sysop 'SPIRITUAL HEALING')
  • Black Sabbath
  • Chris
  • Demon (gfx, 08/93)
  • Exhorder (ex Anthrox, new late95)
  • Horny (ex Anthrox, new late95)
  • Jack Daniels (sysop 'STATE OF ADVERSIA', new late95)
  • Janbo (ex Cyborx, new late93)
  • Jeff
  • Joesch
  • Maggoth
  • Malcom
  • Metalhead
  • Morbid
  • Mr.Frenzy (ex Awe)
  • Phantom Lord
  • Stinger (ex Cyborx, new late93)
  • Time Thrust (ex Cyborx, new late93)
  • Tom Copper (ger? gfx, ex Alcatraz)

Group History

Animators were a german demo group.

Iron Eagle joined Desire in september.
The pd game "Willy The Worm" was released in july. Dr.Avalanche (trade) left for Adept around october.
  • The Norwegian division left.
  • Sodom and Victim joined Savage.
  • Icelandic swappers The Twins left the scene.
  • German sysop Jee Byte ('TOP GUN', 09/91) left.
  • Brain Dead, sysop of 'FORBIDDEN CITY' joined Addonic.


Iraqi Demo (1990, 22.12, 1MB ECS Trackmo)

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