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Cyborx (1990-1994)


  • Aliex (ex Exort, new 09/92)
  • Dytec (09/92)
  • Gonso (ex Atinox, new mid91)
  • Nightmare (ex Atinox, new mid91)
  • Time Thrust
  • Stinger
  • Fantasio
  • TSA
  • Stingray
  • Janbo
  • Tombstone
  • Laurence

Group History

Cyborx are a German demo group, born late 1990. Time Thrust, his brother Fantasio, Stinger, TSA and Janbo decided to form a demo group. Except Fantasio who was a graphic artist, all other members were coders. Though Tombstone, who was a good artist with pen and paper, joined just a few weeks later to support Fantasio, almost all gfx in Cyborx demos were made by Fantasio, because Tombstone allways used too many colours in his artwork.

A real problem for the early Cyborx was the lack of musicians. Laurence joined the Cyborx in mid 1991, but was not nearly productive enough to compose music for all the stuff the four coders released.

1992 Time Thrust coded his first dentro for animators. 1993 Time Thrust, Janbo and Stinger finaly left Cyborx and joined Animators. Now, that Time Thrust and Stinger - the best coders - were gone, and most of the crew was busy with their final secondary-school examinations, the Cyborx demo group was no longer existing.

Smash and Agent Orange joined Arise.


Doomsday (Demo)

Mekkademo (Demo)

unlimited bobs (Demo)

Total Deception (Trackmo)

Nemesis (Trackmo)

Meetropolitan (Intro)

No Brain - No Headache (Musicdisk)

Soundopolis (Musicdisk)