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Calibra (1992-)


  • Bearer (93)
  • Dr.Header
  • Flashburn (93)
  • Fresh-Kid Ice (93)
  • Masque (Jari Laine, gfx swap, ex Addicts, new mid 93)
  • Rastaman (Timo Laulainen, 93)
  • Ripper
  • Tokela
  • Tonic (ex Krafted, new mid 93)
  • Zedi (Mikko Ilkko, swap pack)

Group History

Calibra was a Finnish demo group formed by previous members of Dictators, Reflectors SF, X-Men and Success SF. They once released a roulette game, as well as a dentro and some intros.

Netrunner joined Chrome.

Moonshine joined Stellar.

Finnish Yolk joined Addicts.

Finnish swapper Velsa (ex Interactive) got kicked. He joined Alpha Flight in the middle of 1993.