Paradox (old)

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Paradox [old] (PDX, 1989-1991,

FRA> Clash (06/90), Corto (code), Fisc, Olivier (mainorg supply sysop
     'OLIVIER'S PLACE', later Quartex, 09-12/90), Skywalker (code, 90),
     Spirit (12/90).
DEN> Bad Boy (code crack, ex Trilogy, 07/90), Black Hawk (code crack,
     12/90), Metal Force, Midnight Maniac (mainorg, 12/90), PCSU (gfx), Qrd
     (code), Tas
     (code, 11/90).
GER> Luke and Chuck (ex Vision Factory, new late90), Skyline (sysop 'LITTLE
     AMERIKA', later Quartex, new ca 10-11/90).
USA> Loverboy (sysop 'INVOLUNTARY DEATH', 03-09/90).
???> Brigade (new late90), Cobol (gfx, 90), Freddy (code, 06/90), Hexodus
     (code gfx, aka Hxs, 11/90), Kevin (new late90), Labyrinth (gfx), MCM
     (gfx, 90), Pinnacle (music), Prisoner of Wife (usa? sysop,
     ex Classic old, new late90), Samplemixer (music, 90), Shapiro (crack,
     03/90), Stormlord, The Infernal Duo (supply, 90), TSH (new late90),
     Zelnik (ex Classic old, new late90).

Boards; SLEEPY HOLLOW (usa, 06-09/90), MIDDLE EARTH (usa, 03-09/90), PARADOX
     CANADA (can, 03/90), THE JUNGLE (usa, 03/90).

Paradox was originally formed late 1989 by members of the danish group
Trilogy (Bad Boy, Black Hawk, Tas, Pcsu, Qrd) and the french group M.A.D
(Olivier, The Surge, Clash) with the intention of forming the mightiest
cracking constellation ever. Leaders of the group were originally The Surge,
Midnight Maniac and Olivier, with Blackhawk and The Surge doing most of the
cracking. Suppliers were Action Man, Spirit and Paragon. With this setup PDX
was immediately one of the top amiga cracking groups, and were staples on
the top of the charts from day one. Thanks to the history published on the
group's website for some information.
  1990 - During 1990, Paradox were at war with another cracking group,
Angels, which culminated in the famous intro from Skywalker, where a devil
is brutally molesting a defenseless angel :) MayDay stopped all activities
late this year. The Danish board 'HALLOWED GROUND' (03-09/90) had to close
its doors late this year, since the Danish police had started to suspect
what was going on. German sysop Skyline joined around october. Danes Static,
Vandal and Droopy joined Rebels in december.
  1991 - LSD's "Grapevine #1" [06/91] reported that the UK section of
Paradox had left to form a new group called Infinity. Tension grew within
the group until it eventually died. When this happened, most of the members
joined Quartex (confirmed: TIC (crack, 90) and The Surge (mainorg crack
sysop, 11/90)). Paradox went into hibernation, but the group was reactivated
after two years.

  Freddy is Back (1990, 03.06, ECS File).
  code: Freddy, gfx: Freddy, various, music: "Occ-san-gen" by Uncle Tom/
  Razor 1911 (ProTracker MOD format).
  Released for the Alcatraz Pentcoast Party demo competition.
  info: Also used for the GEN4 - Generation 4 Intro competition, 29.06-90.

  Snurkledemo 2 (1990, 18.11, ECS File).
  code: Tas, gfx: Hxs, music: "Fun-Climbing" by Maestro/Kefrens (ProTracker
  MOD format).

  Intro (1991?, ECS Intro)
  code: Qrd, gfx: Pcsu, music: Pinnacle.

  Strange Balls (1991?, ECS File).
  code: Hexodus, gfx: Labyrinth, Hexodus, music: Sample Mixer.