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Cytax (CTX, -1992)


  • Amphetamine
  • Black Ghost and Stargrove (sysops 'LUCKY STRIKE' WHQ, 10/91)
  • Dr.True (new mid91)
  • EC-Rider (music)
  • Etron (ex Alpha Flight)
  • Leo (01/90)
  • Terminator X (swap, ex System 5, new late90)
  • The Mage (code)
  • Jinsey (sysop 'CYBERSPACE')
  • Slacker (sysop 'ULTIMA THULE')
  • Kaka (sysop)
  • Sooga
  • Tesh
  • Warlock (ex Antiriad)
  • Wizzo (ex Reflectors, new ca 01/92)
  • Thunor
  • Parsec
  • Zed
  • Drum Tex (ex Exit, new mid91)
  • Tex (new mid91)
  • Coroner (sysop)


  • 4T Thieves (originally Shockwave)
  • M.Bison (sysop 'MAXXED OUT', 05/92)
  • Cro Magx
  • Dr.Zook
  • Horizon (new early92)
  • Ian (ex Dytec, new early92)
  • Joker (ex Anthrox, new early92)
  • Ken (gfx, 92)
  • Starman (music)
  • Techno Priest (ex Pirates, new ca 01/92)
  • Tom Poison

Group History

Cytax was a german based demo group, which died late 1992. They will be most fondly remembered for their excellent diskmag 'International Computer Entertainment' (I.C.E.). The last issue or two of the mag was detached from Cytax, and released as an independent production.

Techno Priest/Pirates, Swedes Wizzo/Reflectors, Rainbow (music) and Wiquie (swap) all joined around january. Swedes Gadget (ex Airwalk) and Princip (sysop 'INTERCHANGE') left for New Wave due to internal problems around january, though some sources claim they were in Palace for two days first. Zed joined Slipstream, while Germans Bros and Master (both new mid91) left to join The Silents in september. Swedish musician and swapper Noice (ex Antiriad, old handle Lucky Strike, 06/92) and female swapper Wiquie left for Polaris in september.
  • Torwak was kicked.
  • Maltese writer Cyber Pirate joined Pure Metal Coders, to be one of the writers for their legendary diskmag 'R.A.W'
  • Parsec (had board, but closed), Flogger, Thunor and Rainbow (swe music) all joined Voice
  • 4T Thieves joined Alcatraz Entertainment Software
  • Norwegian swapper Moxy (new mid 91) joined Offence


See Cytax/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

Monochrome Megalomania (ECS File)

I.C.E issue #3 Intro (ECS Intro)

Needs cache OFF, OCS Chipset ON.

I.C.E issue #4 (ECS Diskmag)

I.C.E issue #5 (1991, mid?, Diskmag)

I.C.E issue #6 (ECS Diskmag)

I.C.E issue #7 (ECS Diskmag)

I.C.E issue #8 (1992, ca.05, ECS Multifile Diskmag)

  • code: The Mage/independent
  • gfx:
    • Ken (title)
    • Decre (icons, headline fonts, clips)
    • Mithrandir/Acme (clips)
    • Nana (cartoons)
  • music: Rhesus Minus/Cryptoburners
  • editors:
    • Leo
    • Blackghost
    • Amphetamine
    • The Mage/independent


  • FLOODLAND (swe)
  • MIDNIGHT SUN (swe)