System 5

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System 5 (1989-)

System 5 was an originally german group formed by Ghoul in August of 1989.


Ghoul (mainorg trade swap, 08/'90)
Dynamo (code swap, ex Freedom Force, new ca 07-08/'90)
Beyonder (modem swap, 08/'90)
Jack (swap, 08/'90)
Kevin (swap, 08/'90)
Killroy (code, 08/'90)
LCP (gfx swap, 08/'90)
Mucky Soft (code crack, 08/'90)
Risc (gfx swap, 08/'90)
Splatterpunk (08/'90)
Stargazer (code, 08/'90)
Trashcan (code, 08/'90)
Vindicator (swap, 08/'90)
Wizard (music, 08/'90).

Group History

Spellcaster (swap) joined in July to form an English section, but left after a few months to join Rebels UK. German swapper Terminator X (ex Apex, new ca 07/'90) joined Cytax late this year.