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Parallax (PRX)

FIN> Allah (sysop 'THE CHAMELEON' WHQ, ex Digital, triplememb LSD and
     Insane, 08-10/95), Bandog (code, 04/95), Block (93), DCD (code, ex
     Decnite), Debug (code, 08/94-08/95), Geffen, Guru (ex Complex, new
     08/92), Hijack (Rolf Tiittanen, ascii trade, doublememb Alpha Flight),
     Ice-T (93), Legend (Jarno Kilpia, code gfx music, ex Addonic, new
     09/92-08/95), Metal (code sysop), Mike (swap), Raider, Reserve (93),
     Sardiini (swap), Simply (code, earlier Decept, 08/94-08/95), Stratos
     (ex Complex, new 08/92), Tim (93), TJM (music), Top-Azz (music), Tukan
     (gfx, 08/95), Warthog (raytrace webmaster, 08/94), Yolk (Mikko
     Karvonen, org music, ex Sonic, 93-04/95).
SWE> Culture (sysop 'HELL'S UNDERGROUND', 01/95).
???> Device (swap).

Boards; TURPENTINE TRIP (fin, ex Decept).

Parallax is a Finnish demo group, who for a short while was a subgroup of
Scoopex, under the name Parallax Design. However, they soon decided that
independence was best, and reverted to their original status.
   1992 - Finnish musician Legend joined from Addonic in september.

Finnish graphician Mistral joined Mystic in 1996. Mistral worked on the
  demos "Drool This" [08/94] and "Zif" [08/95] before leaving. BUT, he
  contributed to ther Mystic demo "Megademo" [08/99], and was credited as
Finnish sysop Talbot ('TABOIL') joined Frogs.
Finnish swapper Darky (ex Equinox) got kicked.
DCD (code), TMC (gfx) and Visualize (gfx) joined from Decnite. However,
  Visualize was kicked because of his attitude and TMC left the scene.
  Now only DCD remains in the group.

  Critical Mass (1993, 09.08, Demo).
  Released for the Assembly 93 demo competition!

  Drool This (1994, 06.08, AGA 4MB HD).
  Code: Debug, Simply, Gfx: Mistral, Legend, Warthog, Music: Yolk, Legend.
  3rd in Assembly 94 demo competition.

  Deep (1995, 14.04, AGA 2MB HD, 2 disks).
  code: Debug, Bandog, Legend, gfx: Destop/CNCD (also director), music:
  Yolk and Legend (The Player 6.1A format).
  Winner of the Gathering 95 demo competition! Cooperation with CNCD.
  review: Niceness! Not bad at all, this winner from the unusually weak
  TG95 competition. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 4mb fast/3.0.

  ZiF (1995, 12.08, AGA HD Demo, 2 disks).
  code: Debug, Simply, gfx: Mistral, Tukan, music: Legend.
  Winner of the Assembly 95 demo competition!

Parallax is an Amiga demo group.

Music in the UnExoticA collection

The following demos in the UnExoticA collection were created by Parallax.

Demo Year Party
ZiF 1995 Assembly '95
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