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Aurora (-1993)


  • Cougar (gfx, 92)
  • Cyber and Slash (sysops 'CRAZY WORLD', ex Supplex)
  • Dee-Jay (music, ex Hypnosis, new 12/91)
  • Dexter (sysop 'TOTAL DISASTER', ex Alpha Flight, new ca 01/92)
  • Dreamweaver (Per Wahlstrom, code music, 07/91)
  • Fingal O. (music)
  • Flex (trade, 92)
  • Horace Wimp (Fredrik Skogh, music, 06/90-92)
  • Hyperion (sysop 'GREAT LAKE')
  • Joker
  • Lizard (gfx, 90)
  • MegaStorm (music, new 91)
  • Nibbler
  • Regulator (Anders Larsson, code gfx music, new 09/91-12/92)
  • Saturn (Kaj Bjurman, code gfx, 90-92)
  • Sputnik (code gfx, 06/90)
  • The Red Dragon (swap, 11/90)
  • Trinity (ex Hypnosis, new 12/91)
  • Triton (code, 12/91)
  • Trodac (sysop 'UNFORGIVEN', ex Alpha Flight, new 12/91)
  • Westwood (ex Hypnosis)
  • Wico (sysop 'GANGZTERZ PARADIZE' EHQ, 91)
  • Yogi Bear (code gfx, 06/90)
  • Zcandaler (David, trade sysop 'TOTAL ECLIPSE', 11/90-09/92)
  • Zipex (trade, new 91)
  • Hellraiser (sysop 'HELLBOUND', 09/91)
  • Stranger (sysop 'UNLIMITED ACCESS')
  • Dodger (new 12/91)
  • Dolby (12/91)
  • Druid (code gfx music, 12/90)
  • Eagle
  • Extacy (ex Submission)
  • Leprosy (sysop 'METAL CHURCH')
  • Satan Claus (sysop)

Group History

Aurora was a demo group based in sweden, perhaps best remembered for their sadly underrated but great musician Dreamweaver.

With the release of the demo "Illusions" [12/91] in december, several new members were announced: Deejay, Trinity, Rocket (all ex Hypnosis), Trodac (ex Alpha Flight), Dodger and Ragman.
A lot of the group's time was put into development of their game "Tomtespelet" (The Santa Claus Game) early this year, which they were hoping to finish sometime in the spring. Swedish Dexter joined from Alpha Flight with his board 'TOTAL DISASTER' around january. An upcoming music disk with music by Dreamweaver, Dee Jay and Horace Wimp was announced for release 'soon' in PMC and New Wave's diskmag "R.A.W #2" [02/92], but was never finished as far as we are aware. Zcandaler reopened his board in september. At The Party in december, the groups final demo "Lost In Denmark" [12/92] was released to a disappointing 11th position in the demo competition.
Swedish coders Spirou and Cuddley (both new 09/92) joined The Silents sometime between january and may. The group died late in the year.

Jampin and Thorax left.

Coder and graphician Rubicon (12/91) joined Fairlight.

Swede Rocket (ex Hypnosis, new 12/91) joined Virtual.

The board 'PARTYLINE' left.

German sysop Headhunter ('CONDEMNED CELL'/'PARTY LINE', 09-10/91) joined Dual Crew.

Swedish sysop Damien ('PURPLE PLEXUS') joined Complex.

Swedish sysop Dare ('SLIME CITY') left the scene.


Intruder Megademo (ECS Trackmo)

'Reign In Blood' "Ballistic_Freakout" BBS Intro (ECS Intro)

  • code/gfx: Dreamweaver
  • music: "Valor of Faith" by Dreamweaver (ProTracker MOD format)

Starvation (ECS File)

  • code/gfx: Triton
  • music: "Opus2" by Fignal O. (ProTracker MOD format)

In 1990 (1990, ECS Demo)

  • code: n/a, Triton
  • gfx: Lizard
  • music: "1990" by Horace Wimp (ProTracker MOD format)

New Demo (1990, .06, ECS Demo)

  • code/gfx: Yogi Bear, Sputnik
  • music: "Element of Insanity" by Horace Wimp (ProTracker MOD format)

Mind Field (1990, .12, ECS Game/Demo)

  • code/gfx: Druid
  • music: "007" and "Walking Fire" by Druid (ProTracker MOD format)
Nibbler Game & Demo.

Dreamscape (1991, ECS File)

  • code: Dreamweaver, Rubicon, Saturn
  • gfx: Saturn
  • music: "A King Is Born" by Dreamweaver (ProTracker MOD format)

Back To Front (1991, ECS File)

  • code: Regulator
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: "Global Rock" by n/a (ProTracker MOD format)
This production announced five new members joined Aurora; Regulator, Spirou, Cuddley, Zipex and Megastorm.

Board Intro (1991, .07, ECS Intro)

  • code/gfx: Saturn
  • music: "Shivers" by Dreamweaver (ProTracker MOD format)

Illusions (1991, .12, ECS Demo)

  • code: Triton
  • gfx: Rubicon (fonts), Anders Finer (mainlogo)
  • music: "Genovision!" by Horace Wimp (ProTracker MOD format)
This demo announced new members joined; Deejay, Trinity, Rocket (all ex Hypnosis), Trodac (ex AFL), Dodger and Ragman.

BBS Demo (1992, ECS File)

  • code: Spirou, Cuddley
  • gfx: Cougar (font, picture), Regulator (font, backlogo), Spirou (minfont)
  • music: Horace Wimp (Phenomena Packer format, 158834 bytes)

Lost in Denmark (1992, 28.12, ECS File)

  • code: Regulator, Cuddley, Spirou
  • gfx: Regulator
  • music: "Skummet Maelk" by Regulator (ProTracker MOD format)
11th in The Party 92 demo competition.


  • DEIT TIME (ger)
  • DJUNGLE BASE (swe)