Alpha Flight 1970 (new)

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Alpha Flight 1970 [new] (AFL'70, 1993-,

GER> Chotaire (music, 09/95-12/97), Chrysagon (12/97), Danzig
     (12/97), Eco (12/97), Ignorance (crack, 09/95-12/97), Marc (org write,
     09/94-12/97), Rayden (Patrick Zeh, code gfx music, also in Chalice,
     also in Breeze and Cyberpunx 06/99, 05/96-12/97), Skinhead (Jochen
     Ehlers, crack hack trade, old handle Supreme, 08/93-12/97), Xerox (gfx
     sysop THE ESCAPADE EHQ, ex Excess, new mid94-12/97).
N-L> Styx (Jurgen Mol, org swap, 09/94-12/97).
POL> ALG (12/97), Archangel (ex Vermes, new 01/96-12/97), Baldhead (code,
     12/96-12/97), Wizard (music, 12/96-12/97).
ENG> Derbyshire Ram (crack supply, ex F4CG, also in Remember, new 12/97).
SCO> Caledonian (12/97).
NOR> Zapotek (Sveinung Bergkvist, swap, later Axelerate, 09/95-12/97).
SWE> Violator (12/97).
USA> Rug Rat (sysop EDGE OF MIDNIGHT WHQ, 12/97).
???> Argos (12/97), Chash (12/97), Goldhand (12/97), Lynchbit (12/97), Mad
     Hatter (12/97), nd! (04/03), Ned (12/97), The Heretic (12/97), Zatt

Boards; ANTIDOTE (swe, 12/97).

PREVIOUS MEMBERS (pre 12/97) -

GER> Agressor (09/94-01/95), Arne (Arne Puszelski, music, new 93-12/95),
     Case (phreak, new 08/93), Dark (09/94), Dr.Disk (new early93), Honesty
     (09/94-01/95), Jack Alien (crack, ex X-Rated, new early93), Leeway
     (09/94), Max (crack, 91-01/96), Pha Q (01/95), SecretMan (trade supply,
     re, 09/94-01/95), Skid Row (code crack fix gfx trade, 09/94-01/96),
     Starkiller (swap, 09/94), The Sys (91-mid94).
ENG> Shuze (Paul, code crack swap, 09/95-01/96).
POL> Blaze (crack swap, also in Galicya, new 09/95), Titanic (Roman
     Jedlecki, swap, 01/95).
HOL> Ream (Jorgo van Osch, code crack, ex Accuse, new mid94-01/96).
SWE> Stash (09/94).
USA> Ancient Mariner (sysop THE EVIL ISLAND, ex Chromance, new 09/94-
     01/96), Pol Pot (sysop HOLIDAY IN CAMBODIA WHQ, ex Arcade, new
???> Amuze (crack, 95), Avalanche (ex T'Pau, new 05/93), Bizarre (09/94),
     Centaurion (crack, ex Charged, new mid94-09/94), Cryonic (01/96),
     Curlin (ger? crack, ex Motiv8, new 09/94-01/95), Darius (09/94),
     Diamond (09/94), Flash (ger? code gfx, new 01/96-01/97), Hawk (code, ex
     Presence, new mid-09/94), Leader (code, ex Hysteric, new mid-09/94),
     Mario (leader founder, 09/94), Menace (founder, new early93), Mercenary
     (01/96), Murphy (09/94-09/95), Peacemaker (ger? crack, ex Motiv8, new
     09/94-01/95), Pernet (ger? music, 12/96-01/97), Racoon (ger? ex Motiv8,
     new 09/94-01/95), Spider (09/95), Vortex (ger? ex Motiv8, new 09/94-
     01/95), Xenox (01/95-01/96).

AFL'70 was reborn for real at the CeBit meeting in Germany, in the first
half of 1993. Earlier in the year, Airwolf/Success released a few cracks
under the AFL'70 name as a joke. Their old leader Mario took back the
  1993 - Rough was a member for approximately two months. Avalanche joined
from T'Pau in may. Icarus joined from Red Sector in may, only to leave the
scene a few days later. Link was kicked out of the group in august, after he
supplied the group with the original of "Rings'n'up" which proved to be a
rerelease and not a new game. German phreaker Case joined, also in august.
Stephen (ex Triumwyrat, new early93) left for Epic in september, and started
cracking again. Natas got kicked in october, when they also told that
rumours that Sting had returned to the scene were false.
  1994 - Around the middle of the year, Ancient Mariner (sysop of their WHQ
THE EVIL ISLAND) joined Chromance, but they were soon reinforced with the
old Arcade board HOLIDAY IN CAMBODIA. They alse recruited their new EHQ
ESCAPADE from Excess around this time. German graphician RRR decided to
end his double membership, and be in Oxyron only. German Ramirez left for
Talent. In september Peacemaker, Racoon, Vortex and Curlin all joined from
Motiv8. In addition that month, dutch swapper Spectator left for SCS-TRC,
Supreme renamed back to Skinhead, and Ancient Mariner returned from his stay
in Chromance with THE EVIL ISLAND. Mutant-X joined around december.
  1995 - American Mutant-X was kicked out again after a very brief stay
around january. Cracker and swapper Blaze joined from Xenon (by way of a
very brief membership in Chromance) around september. He will stay in
Galicya as his second group. Max and Marc were both forced to reduce their
activities, due to new educational duties. This means Styx is now the new
co-leader together with Marc. Chotaire's board THE PIRATE ISLAND got
formatted, and will not go online again. Chotaire sold his bbs equipment.
Pol Pot's HOLIDAY INN CAMBODIA is also down, since Pol Pot is working on
his own C*Base mod, and will hopefully go up again soon. Ancient Mariner is
about to reopen THE EVIL ISLAND too, after his accident a while back.
Skinhead is set to join the army in october, in which time Ignorance will
take over the role as main cracker.
  1996 - Former leader Skid Row returned to the group and the scene,
Archangel/Vermes joined to form a new Polish section, Flash (code gfx)
joined and finally Rick/ex Paramount returned to the scene and will serve as
a swapper - all around january.
  The demo "Getoese" by Rayden was planned for release at The Party
96 in december, but they missed the deadline and was unable to participate
in the competition.
  1997 - The end of january finally saw the release of Rayden's "Getoese"
[01/97] demo. Dutch Calypso (code crack swap supply, 01/95-) left late in
the year, and is now probably only in Amnesia. Chotaire returned to active
membership around november-december! Englishman Derbyshire Ram also joined
the group from F4CG around this time. He decided to keep his double
membership in Remember.

  Getoese (1997, 31.01, Multiload Demo, 1 diskside).
  code: Rayden, Baldhead (additional), gfx: Rayden (main), Cyclone/Abyss
  (title, santa anim), Flash, music: "Intro", "Majik" and "Powerful" by
  Wizard, "Wizardry'96" by Rayden and "The End Tune" by Pernet.
  review: The main problem with "Getoese" is its pacing; the irq loader
  simply doesn't take us to the next part fast enough to maintain our
  interest in the demo. Which is a shame really, since this is a nice little
  production with some interesting effects and some excellent design here
  and there. Especially the introductory credits sequence had my hopes up,
  since it has a simple but effective and attractive design. After this we
  get to Cyclone's cool title picture (which was previously used in Abyss'
  "DisIsSid III - Getoese" on the amiga!). Then we come to an interesting
  effect; a fullscreen picture by Rayden of a muscular man, perhaps a
  gladiator, has some plasma effects overlaid to nice effect. Then a cool
  dissolve to Flash's B&W hires pic "Breathe With Us" before we are taken to
  the next effect a 512-dot dottunnel. Then another fullscreen pic by Rayden
  appears, "The Tiger" (with which he finished 11th at The Party 96), hardly
  his best. Next is a sort of blocky shaking plasma part, nicely executed.
  Another variation on the pic-with-plasma effect comes next, but the first
  instance was much more successfull. No author is credited for this picture
  of a sunset, but it's likely by Rayden. Then comes a grey screen with a
  b&w partly jigsawed picture of a naked woman on the right hand side, and
  some text in german on the left. The second-to-last effect is a big Tut-
  Ankh-Amon pic scrolled up and down the screen, quite a pointless part
  really, before the big text saying THE END.
    The demo comes with a selfcoded, simple noter by Rayden with some more
  precise credits and additional information. The demo was originally to
  have been released at The Party 96, where they narrowly missed the
  deadline, and was instead released at the end of january 97 - likely
  outside of any party. [glenn]