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Nuance (NCE,

GER> Andy (Andreas Dubouis, music, re, 12/97), Big-Rat (Kai Hoepner, org
     edit "X-Files", 10/97-02/98), Evrimsson (Evrim Sen, music, 10/97-
     04/98), Madstop (code, 01/98), Phlexible (writer, 10/97), Raven (Harald
     Wittmaack, founder mainorg gfx, 01/97-02/98), Sunny (Sonja Felber, edit
     "Wild", new 01-02/98).
SWI> Kalikone (Bregnard Alain, 10/97-02/98).
AUS> Axiom (code, 04-05/98).
???> Grace (ger? code, 10/97-02/98), Merlin M! (ger? music, 10-12/97), Miao
     (10/97), Odin (gfx, 10/97).

People below this line are NOT members of the group any longer, despite that
we do not know when they left the group. We sometimes have to separate like
this to get a clearer overview of a group. The break here is from a
memberlist in the "Wild Announcement Intro" [10/97].

GER> Abstract (gfx, 08/93), Frenchy, Gfx-Twins (gfx), Iceboy, Jackal (code,
     08/93), Lomex, Overdog (ex Delight), Painkiller, Professor (code,
     08/93), Savage, Thor (Juergen Kopfmueller, swap, 93), Wusel (code, ex
     Style, new late96).
ENG> Quark (music swap, old handle James, 93).
???> Mythos (music, 08/93).

Raven was one of the original founders of Nuance, back in the early 90's,
and says in an interview in Insomnia #2 that he will stay in the group
until he dies! The group has some rules which must be followed; no double
memberships and never more than 15 members. The now publish a scene mag
called 'Wild', the news mag 'X-Files' and the chippack 'Trilobyte' on a
regular basis! And by the way, German editor Sunny is a GIRL :)
  German musician Andy (originally ex Damian, new late 93) once left for
Essence, and then left the Amiga scene altogether, to concentrate on his
PC demo scene activities. However, in late 1997 he returned to the Amiga
scene in his old group, Nuance!
  1993 - MAD left before he was kicked mid 93.
  1996 - German coder Shaken was kicked out due to inactiveness 04/96.
  1997 - They announced their upcoming diskmag "Wild" with the "Wild
Announcement Intro" [10/97], and also released "X-Files #19" [10/97] that
month. Germans Kill'o'Byte (code, 10/97) and X-Poole (Marco Willemsen, org
music, ex Bonzai, new late93-10/97) were removed from the memberlist,
probably sometime between 10/97 and 01/98. December saw the release of "X-
Files #20" [12/97].
  1998 - Swedish coder HBE (ex HBS [no entry], 10-12/97) left the scene
early 1998, after releasing a less than great intro at The Party 7. This
left Grace as the single remainding coder. English member Darkus, doublememb
from Digital (old handle Nemes!s, early98), is no longer a member, as of mid
98. He is now in Network and Rebels.

Wellknown Belgian swapper Flynn left.
English musician Mindshadow changed his handle to Jozz and joined Defekt.
English section was kicked. The dudes below?
Andy (ger music, 12/93) and Michael (eng music, 08/93) were both kicked,
  and consequently both joined Delite. For more info on Andy, read the
  history section above.
Xentec joined Addicts.
German swapper Exumer joined Sanity.
Image joined Defekt.
Spirit and Obelix joined Platin.
Psycho Demon (ex Subzero) joined Alpha Flight.

  BBS Intro (1992, 18.07, ECS Intro).
  code: Professor, gfx: Abstract, music: FMD92.

  Subtle Shades (1993, 02.08, ECS Trackmo).
  code: Jackal, Professor, gfx: Abstract, music: Michael, Mythos.
  2nd in the 680xx Convention 1993 demo competition.

  Extreme 4k'ing (1997, 30.03, 4k Intro).
  4th in the Mekka Symposium 97 4k intro competition.

  X-Files #15 (1997, Filemag).
  info: Raven's title picture is "Melting Love", which he came 4th with at
  the Mekka Symposium 97.

  X-Files #18 (1997, .08, AGA Filemag).
  info: Raven's title picture is called "Witch Bitch".

  X-Files #19 (1997, .10, AGA Filemag).
  code: Madstop, gfx: Alive/Digital (title), Nero/Matrix (main), music:
  Michael/Anathema, editor: Big-Rat.
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.

  Wild Announcement Intro (1997, 18.10, AGA Intro).
  code: HBe, gfx: Raven, music: X-Poole.
  review: After a too bright opening Nuance logo and some really lame
  afterburned gouraud (i believe) wectors, we are taken to the mainpart...
  (please take note that by this time the incredibly intense music will be
  well and truly on your nerves!) Here we're shown an upscroller explaining
  the upcoming Nuance mag "Wild". This part is ok, all done in shades of
  brown. The upscroller can be paused with the rmb, for easier reading. They
  outline some of the most important articles they've got lined up for the
  first issue (though we'd like to put a small question mark in front of the
  'articles from the toilet' thing there guys...), as well as the credits
  for the entire first issue! Editors will be Kalikone and Raven, code by
  Kill O Byte, graphics by Raven and modules by Merlin M! and
  Deelite/Balance. Press the left mousebutton and you're shown the credits
  again briefly, nicely done. Not the most interesting 'announcetro' in the
  world, but by all means, it gets the job done. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.1.

  X-Files #20 (1997, .12, AGA Filemag).
  code: Madstop, gfx: n/a (title), Nero/Matrix (main), music: n/a, editor:

  Project N (1997, 28.12, AGA 40k Intro).
  code: HBE, gfx: Raven, music: Merlin M!
  Released for The Party 97, but not shown.
  review: This intro shows every sign of people who have not been paying
  much attention to the evolution of the demo scene. The intro's main fault
  lies in its choice of a (2x2?) blocky approach to the routines it presents
  - even the bitmap tunnel! There's a phong object here, but it's small,
  greyscale and blocky too. It doesn't seem like this kind of intro is
  really your thing, Nuance - why don't you try something a little
  different next time? This looks like it's from 1993 or 94. [glenn]
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0.

  X-Files #21 (1998, .01, AGA Filemag).
  code: Madstop, gfx: Wade/Gods (title), Nero/Matrix (panel), music:
  "Breezin" by Prodigy/Oops, editor: Big-Rat.
  review: This issue opens with a picture of a little girl clutching her
  teddy bear. It's a good picture, but nothing terribly exciting. As we
  enter the mag, I immediately notice the old design is still there. It's
  REALLY time to remove that Ethic logo now, don't you think, guys?
  A much needed cleanup of the groups, reducing the amount to almost half
  of what was previously included, helps a lot on the readability of the
  mag. Still, there's no hiding that this is just plain old X-Files, still.
  Personally, I'm waiting for the new design.
    The module was later released separately to Aminet by Oops! themselves.
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0.

  X-Files Intro (1998, 03.02, AGA Intro).
  code: Grace, gfx: Raven, music: Evrimsson (The Player 6.1A format).
  review: Nuance deliver a pretty standard intro here, albeit with some
  competent people delivering the artwork. It all opens with a title
  picture of Raven's usual good quality, before continuing into the only
  real part of the intro. This part consists of a goodlooking, slowly
  twisting tunnel in the background and a text plotter on top. Nicely
  designed, but you can safely miss it without losing out on anything.
    This intro announces the offical X-Files homepage at (now
  GLE tested A1200/030-50/2mb chip, 16mb fast/3.0.

  X-Files #22 (1998, AGA Filemag).
  code: n/a, gfx: n/a, music: "Clockwise" by Prodigy/Oops! and

  Can't Stop (1998, 10.04, 40k Intro).
  code: Axiom, gfx: n/a, music: Evrimsson.
  5th in the Mekka Symposium 98 40k intro competiton.
  info: The source code was released to Aminet by its coder not long after
  its release!

  Subtle Shades 2 (2001, 15.04, Demo).
  5th in the Mekka Symposium 2001 demo competition.