Black Monks (old)

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Black Monks [old] (1989-)


  • Andy
  • Anvil (ex Alpha Flight, new mid91)
  • Archangel
  • Black Knight
  • Captain Future
  • Delton (ex Dynax, new mid91)
  • Dr.Jekyll
  • Ego the Avatar
  • Flash
  • Gonzo the Zazgul
  • Ivanhoe (crack, 04/89)
  • Snooper
  • Wild Blood

Group History

Black Monks was formed when Black Division and Mad Monks joined forces under the new name in the beginning of 1989.

Shadow and Spirit left to rebuild Critters with Amiga Freak/Trilogy mid 90. Dam joined Supreme around the same time.

Coder and cracker MnemoTroN (ex Silicon League) joined Spreadpoint with a few other members.