Frantic (fin)

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Frantic [fin] (FTC, 1990-)

Frantic (fin) is an Amiga demo group.



Captain (music, ex Image)
Harri K.
Hellfire (sysop 'POWER PLANT')
JayJay (sysop 'KREMATORIUM', 07-11/91)
Perro (music, 06/91)
Proton (sysop 'DRUNKLAND')
Sawblade (swap trade, ex Escape, 91)

Group History

Frantic is a Finland based demo group, born in may of 1990. Their first production was released in November of the same year. There were two quite different groups using the name Frantic, one based in Germany and one in Finland. As the groups learned of each other, there was a cooperation proposal, but that fell through. The two groups then went into a rivalry, meaning harsh words were exchanged in their productions. The resolution to this is unknown at present. As I did not initially know of this, some information may have been placed in the wrong place.

Their musician Captain is now a professional musician, and has even released a CD under the name Dance Nation, called "Dawn".

Finnish swapper Whiplash (ex Commie/The Special Brothers, new late92) joined Surprise! Productions early 93.
  • Prince joined Euphoria.
  • Sysop Hoschy ('NECROMANTIC') joined Alpha Flight.