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Image (IMG, 1990-)

Image is an Amiga demo group.



Der HM (gfx swap, ex Gate, later Complex, new 06/90)
Jarnis (sysop 'NIGHT SHIFT', old handle Stranger, 07/91-02/92)
Cool J (code, ex Unique)
Neuron (sysop 'NO MAN'S LAND', 07/91-02/92)
Tap (trade, ex Exodus, 03/93)
Beeki (code, 02/92)
Frog (ex Darkside)
Starlight (import)

Group History

Image was a mostly Finnish demo and cracking group formed by the groups Exodus (Apol, Ripper, Sulky Fellow, Unknown Artist, ...) and Unique together with members of Complex and Gate at the end of June 1990. They at one time had the only pirate board in Finland (PIRATE'S COVE). They were also a little active on the consoles.

They lost some of their most talented members around July, when Finns Sulky Fellow (code), Drifter (gfx), Delorean (music), Unknown Artist (gfx) and Ripper left to form a new group called Vertigo. They were joined by Apache late in the year, around November.
  • Finnish musician Captain joined Frantic. He won the music competition at the Gathering'91 party in Finland while still in Image.
  • Dangermouse, sysop, joined Supplex. A news item in Sledge Hammer #11 named the group Imagine instead of Image, perhaps causing some confusion. I'm pretty sure this is the group.


  • PIRATE'S COVE WHQ (fin, 06-09/90)