Nova (france)

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Nova [france] (1990-)

FRA> Arthy, Cygnus, Djiby (gfx, 08/93), DTS (early93), GFA (gfx), Gadin
     (early93), Hades (ex Devils), Ivory, Marc, Mr.Keel (Alexandre
     Kairouannais, swap, ex Devils, rescene later, 07/93-early95).
???> Header (ex Delight).

Nova was formed when Nova Inc. and Voyagers fusioned. They seem to be based
in France; it's where most of their members and their website are.
Nova france and Nova sweden are NOT the same group!

Odin and Header were kicked out. Odin joined Gods, and
French musician Bluesilence (ex Devils, early93) and swapper Clary left for
  a short visit in Eden before settling down in Next Generation Crew.
Coronal joined Analog.
Lex left for Orient.
French coder Poison (Emmanuel Marty, ex Devils, 08/93) got kicked. His
  further scene career is unknown.

  Freedom (1992, late, ECS Trackmo).

  Essential Oldies (1993, ECS Musicdisk).

  Intro (1993, 27.12, ECS Intro).
  code: Powerbrain, gfx: UFO/Banana Projects, Lex, music: Freddy.
  Released at The Party 93.

  SOHO (1994 or pre, AGA, 3 disks).