Miracle (amiga)

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TUR> Bloody (11/93), Kris (code gfx edit 'Eternal', ex Movement, later
     Rebels, 11/93), Orion (swap edit 'Eternal', ex Movement, later Rebels,
     11/93), Rascal (swap, ex Bronx, old handle Kickman).
SWE> Porta (sysop 'EAGLES NEST', 09-10/90), Sauron (Johan Lindahl, code,

Boards; INNER CIRCLE (usa, 09/90), PLAQUE (usa, 09/90), PLEASURE CITY (swe,

Miracle was a demo and crackingr group based primarily in Turkey and Sweden.
  1993 - Sauron's game "Deep Core" (featuring music by Danko/Phenomena) was
released this year.

  Eternal #2 (1993, .11, ECS Trackloaded Diskmag).
  code/gfx: Kris, music: "Trip To Heaven" by WOTW/Essence.
  review: With the second issue of Eternal, Kris & Orion have certainly made
  a solid product IMHO. Everything looks top-notch, from the 'feel' of the
  mag to the excellent graphics. There is perhaps not enough clipart, but
  apart from that - no complaints. Contents look well organized, with about
  a 50-50 mix of interesting and not so interesting articles. The music is
  excellent, though a little on the short side for a diskmag tune. There are
  also a few interesting attempts at development here, for example in the
  animated backgrounds of the charts section, and the animated bullets used
  in some of the articles. The thing that makes these work here is that
  they're only used sparingly, and never defracts from the reading
  experience. There are a couple of mistakes in the news section (Dot never
  left Bronx, Skywalker joined Cryptoburners and not Crusaders, BARON
  R5/Desire should be Ramon B5...), and a few instances of news that are
  close to a year old, but then again what mag can claim not to have one or
  two of those? It is a little irritating though, since it makes it hard to
  trust these news... A very nice, if not groundbreaking mag. Approved.
  GLE tested UAE   /000-7 /2mb chip, 0mb fast/3.1.