No Limits

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No Limits (NL, 1988-)

NOR> Badcat (Henrik Johnsen, code, 03/90-92), Baltazar (Even Ambjørnrud,
     founder code train, 88-91), Catch22 (Lars Ambjørnrud, code, old handle
     Morgan, 09/89-04/94), Colargol (90), E.X.E (03/90), Flasher (Tomm A.
     Eriksen, gfx, 09/89-06/90), Fugitive (gfx, 92), Genius (Christian Moen,
     code gfx, 09/89-04/94), Hattrick (music, ex Razor 1911, new 03-06/90),
     Hunter (rejoined from New Wave, 03/90), Magnum (ex Visual Arts, new
     04/90), Outsider (Fritjoj Øvrebø, gfx, ex Visual Arts, new 04/90), TWY
     (ex Visual Arts, new 04/90), Vega (John R. Furulund, music,
     03/90-04/94), Whirlwind (Tor Ringstad, founder code, 88-06/90), Wizzkid
     (ex Visual Arts, new 04/94).
???> Goose (03/90), Jaf (gfx, 04/94).

NL ïs a Norwegian demo group, started in September 1988 by Whirlwind and
Baltazar. I have seen one single crack from them. Their main achievement is
perhaps that they were very early, possibly the first, to code a vector bob
routine ("Vector-Bobs", 10/89).
  1990 - In april, they were seriously reinforced when most of the Norwegian
group Visual Arts joined plus musician Hattrick/Razor 1911 joined. They
supposedly opened a Norwegian elite board called 'CRIME ZONE' late in the
year. In october, they coarranged a successful party in Arendal with IMP

Norwegian musician Croon (Kristian, 03/90-01/91) left.
Viper (03/90) joined Scoopex <-?-> Viper joined Vision. Did Viper rejoin,
  only to later leave for Vision?

  La Linea (1989, 06.09, ECS File).
  code: Baltazar, gfx: Flasher, Genius, music: "Baby" by Walkman/IT.

  Vector-Bobs (1989, 15.10, ECS File).
  code: Whirlwind, gfx: Flasher, music: "Hubbard2" by Walkman/IT.
  Winner of the Shape & TRC party demo competition!
  info: Also known as "Vector Ball".

  Spotlight (1989, 15.10, ECS File).
  code: Whirlwind, gfx: Genius, Morgan (additional), music: "Cybernoid 2
  Theme" by Jochen Hippel/independent (Hippel format).
  Released at the Shape & TRC party.

  2nd Paradise BBS (1989, ECS Intro).
  code: Red/Steps Ahead, gfx: Mutant/Dual Crew (font), music: "M.By
  Hurricane" by Hurricane/Linek.
  INFO: Text by Softaid/No Limits (sysop?).

  Wave I Intro (1989, ECS Intro).

  Wave II Intro (1989, ECS Intro).

  Wave III Intro (1990, ECS Intro).
  code: Morgan, gfx: Genius, music: "Battlesquadron" by Ron Klaren/Cope Com.

  Memories (1990, 05.03, ECS Intro).
  code: Morgan, gfx: Flasher, music: Jochen Hippel/independent.

  Wave Intro IV (1990, .04, ECS File).
  code: Baltazar, Genius, gfx: Flasher, music: "Andromeda" by Hattrick.
  info: With this intro, it was announced that most members of Visual Arts,
  and Hattrick/Razor 1911 had joined the group.

  Exploited Brilliance (1990, 30.06, ECS Demo).
  code: Whirlwind, gfx: Flasher, Genius, Morgan, Baltazar (objects, music:
  "Once Upon A Time..." by Hattrick (ProTracker format).
  Released at the 'Bergen Party'.

  Party Invitation 90 (1990, ECS Demo).
  code: Morgan, gfx: Flasher, music: "Asphyxiated" by B-Zyclone.
  Cooperation with IMP 666.
  Invitation to the No Limits & IMP 666 Party (10/90).

  Import Intro (1990, .12, ECS Intro).
  code: Genius, gfx: n/a, music: Jochen Hippel (Hippel COSO format).

  Somewhat Funny (ECS Intro).

  Magic Fly (ECS Demo).
  code: Badcat, gfx: Flasher, music: "The Pestilence" by Kristian
  (ProTracker format).

  New Board Intro (1991, .01, ECS Intro).
  code^gfx: Catch22, music: "Strange Feelings" buy Croon.

  New Jack City BBS (1992, ECS Intro).
  code: Badcat, gfx: Fugitive, music: n/a.

  Ancient (1994, 01.04, ECS File).
  code: Catch22, Genius, gfx: Jaf, music: "Reaser" by Vega.
  info: Produced during 1989 up to 1994. Released at The Gathering 94.