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Analog (ALG)


  • Axis (01/94)
  • Cobburn (music)
  • Erekose (Philippe Veriere, swap music, old handle Zorglub, ex Equinox, also in Zuul Design [pc], 09/92-01/94)
  • Geronymho (Martin, mainorg music)
  • Ktulu and Baobab (01/94)
  • Milena (01/94)
  • Pats
  • P'Tit Louis (sysop 'EIFFEL TOWER')
  • Potiron
  • Revolution (01/94)
  • Spoky (mainorg, swapper 01/94)
  • Squale and Rabi (sysops 'RHYTHM NATION')
  • Steelhertz (Franck Abitbol, music, new 09/92)
  • Stingray (01/94)
  • Stone (old handle Pedro)
  • SuperBee (Thierry Ginoux, music, new 09/91-03/92)
  • U2 (music)
  • Zac (Clark Gaybeul, music, new 11/91)
  • Front 6 (Søren Gessele, music, ex Dynamic, new 10/93)
  • Justice (sysop 'TERMINAL FUCKUP', 08/93)
  • Noise (music)
  • Old Spook (01/94)
  • Rick (Marco Ricono, music, new 03/93-01/94)
  • Sigma (ex Scoopex, 01/95)
  • Stranger (ex Saints, new ROM3/ex Impact)
  • Tron (01/94)
  • Venom (01/94)
  • Bishop (sysop 'CAPE FEAR', same as Road Runner?, 08/93)
  • Black Sun (early92-01/94)
  • Burgame (music)
  • Dunhill (Hans Haltinner, music, new 02/92)
  • Eurex (sysop2 'CIVIL WAR' WHQ open 93)
  • Excalibur (sysop 'BENEDICTION', 08/93)
  • Highlander (Amor Carlos, swap sysop1 'CIVIL WAR' WHQ open 93, 01/94)
  • Pinhead (01/94)
  • Road Runner (sysop 'CAPE FEAR', same as Bishop?)
  • Swan (Svante Lehtinen, music, ex Swantti/Midnight Sun, 01/96)
  • Deathbringer (sysop 'HORROR ZONE', 04/95)

Group History

Analog is a demo group based in France, but with divisions in Germany and Switzerland. They were born in 1990 or 91, after the all-french group Sun Connection changed their name to Analog and started taking in foreign divisions. The Swiss section goes under the name 'The Sect'. Their members are also behind utilities like SunTracker II, IAM Packer, Bootshop and Infomod. Other Analog productions, where I have a minimum of information is "New Members Joined" (intro), "Mushroom" (file, not on A500&1000), "Jointro" (intro 94) and "Spidy" (intro 94).

Shogun and Scud left mid 91.
Germans Shade (formerly Dynac/The Silents) and Jason joined around october.
Germans Kernal (code) and Chaos! (gfx, both ex TKOB [no entry]) joined Desire mid 93. German musician Dynamite (ex Cyanide, new 03/93) joined Noxious mid 93. German organizer Jason left the scene mid 93.
German sysop Trooper ('LOST CARRIER', ex Dynamic, 01/94) joined Lego late94.

Frenchmen Monty (music), Cobburn (music, 91), Geronymho (music, 91), Reflex (music) and End of Data are no longer members.

Dillenger and Coractor joined Dynamix.

German swapper Mr.King (ex Beyond, new late92-01/94) joined Vision (amiga) (old) with his famous pack 'Nevermind'.

Wea (ex Psycho) joined, but soon moved on to join Speedy.

The two Germans Excess (gfx) and T.N.T (Ralf Merker, raytrace music swap, both new 03-04/93) left.

French sysop Cypher and Mery ('HANG LOOSE') joined Fairlight early 93.

Germans coders Slash (responsible for "Important Note") and Cockroach (ex Impact) both joined DCS.

German Shade joined Alcatraz.

Germans Placid (music, new 11/92) and Plasma, collectively known as Cream Design, left to join TEK. Eternal #2 however, claimed Plasma had joined DCS, and he IS confirmed in this group, before moving on to The Silents...


Disease (Demo)

Epic (Demo)

  • code: n/a
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: "Breastbone" by Erekose
The tune Breastbone was also used in the muscidisk "Difficult To Cure".

Analogia (1991, ECS Megademo)

  • code: Revolution, Axis
  • gfx: Axis, Omen
  • music: Cobburn and Geronymho

Cyclone Dentro (1991, ECS File)

Two versions were released; one that required 1MB and one that ran on 512k machines.

The Sun Is A Pacman (1991, ECS Intro)

Invitation to 'The Sun Is A PacMan party

86 Musics (1991, .05 or .06, ECS Musicdisk)

First Blood (1991, 28.12, ECS Trackmo)

  • code: n/a
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: "Dancing Light-Exp" by Zorglub (ProTracker format)
Released at the Iris New Year party.

Maastro (1992, ECS File)

  • code: Revolution, Axis
  • gfx: Axis, ...
Released as an incentive to vote 'Yes' on the Maastricht teaty referendum.

Face The Facts (1992, ECS File)

  • code: n/a
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: "Facethefacts I" by Noise

One Day In The Sol-System II v1.2 (1992, ECS Slideshow)

The Red And The Blue (1992, ECS Intro)

Falling Up (1992, 26.06, ECS Trackmo)

  • code: Revolution, Axis, Milenia
  • gfx: Axis, Stingray, ...
  • music: "Digital" by Dunhill, "Falling Up" by Cobburn and Monty
2nd in the Hurricane Party 92 demo competition in Denmark (1.Kefrens, 2.Analog, 3.The Silents, 4.Anarchy, 5.Melon Dezign)
Nonworking on A1200.

Difficult To Cure (1993 or later, ECS Musicdisk)

  • code: n/a
  • gfx: n/a
  • music: "Difficult" (intro), "Breastbone" and "Circles" by Erekose
The tune Breastbone was also used in the demo "Epic".

Important Note (1993, 28.03, ECS Intro)

  • code: Slash
  • gfx: Excess
  • music: "I Dreamed of You" by T.N.T
Released at CeBit 93.

The King Of Biscuits (1993, 05.05, ECS File)

NeverMind Pack Preview (1993, 01.08, ECS Intro)

Released at the 680xx Convention 1993.