Midnight Sun

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Midnight Sun (MNS)

Midnight Sun is an Amiga demo group.


Apollo (swap, old handle Leaper, late90)
Delay (93)
Diabolos (swap, 08/90)
Dunk (code)
Germ (Riku Kosonen, code)
Haunt (swap, 93)
MJJ (93)
Oswald (gfx)
Phobos (swap, late90)

Group History

  • Hijack joined Grace.
  • Finnish musician Swantti changed handle to Swan and joined Analog.
  • The group was reorganized, and Finnish members Farou (code gfx), Fenrir (gfx), Mc Shy D (gfx swap), Diabolos (swap) and Black Rider (Sami Keiski, swap) were relieved of their membership.