Strange (old)

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Strange (old) (-1992)

Strange is a swedish demo group perhaps best known for releasing three issues of the diskmag "Nordic Report", and for being one of Lizardking's first groups. There is no connection between the old and the new Strange as far as I can understand...


Zender (swap edit "Nordic Report")
Cyborg, Rufus
  • Swedish musician Lizardking joined Alcatraz.
  • Swedish musician Deelite (ex Enigma) was only a member for a brief period, before he rejoined Enigma.
  • Swedes Core (ex Eagles, old handle Arrow) and Tony (gfx) left to form Hijack with Crayone (ex Defjam).

Group History

The group started falling apart around the middle of the year. Their biggest asset, musician Lizardking, left the group for Alcatraz and only 2 or 3 members remained.


Nordic Report #1 (ECS Diskmag)

Nordic Report #2 (1992, 15.04, ECS Diskmag)

Released at The Gathering '92.