Bonzai Brothers

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Bonzai Brothers (1995-)


  • Cocoon (ex Vodka)
  • Dr.Avalanche (Rene Kueppers, swap, ex Vodka)
  • Risc (mainorg swap, ex Vodka)

Group History

After Sting lost control over Alcatraz, he formed BB with most ex members of Alcatraz Germany (ROM #4). Apparently, the Brothers in BB was intentional, to avoid confusion with the PC demo group Bonzai. It didn't help much, though, since in Propaganda #4's news section they're consistently referred to as just Bonzai :) ...Still not sure if this group's the same as the one above, due to some conflicting information. When original organizer Sting left, swapper Risc took over as the new WHQ.

Hardy (code) and MBD left the scene late 95.

Finnish musician The Hooligan left to be in Fanatic only, late 95.

Maxx, Powl (both ex Vodka) and Gonzo all joined Illusion late 95.

German swapper Ghandy (ex Rebels, new ROM4) and coder Toaster (ex Vodka) left to join Gods.

German swapper and founder Sting (ex Alcatraz) joined Abyss late 95.