Bonzai (amiga)

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Bonzai (BNZ, 1994-1994)


Cocoon (Stefan Hardt, code swap, ex Savage, old handle Mayday, 03/94)
Dahaul (Paul Kraus, music swap, ex Savage, 12/94)
MDB (Carsten, sysop 'LOVE LIKE BLOOD' WHQ, ex Savage)
Ragman (Mark, gfx, 03/94)
Solid (Christian Meyer, swap music, ex Savage, 03/94)
Sting (Dirk Dallmann, ascii swap)
Mirage (gfx, 12/94)

Group History

Bonzai was formed by Sting/ex Proline. However, shortly after they were formed Sting left to joined Alcatraz instead. The news of BOTH the birth and death of Bonzai were in Propaganda #4 :). In addition to the 'Gimme Alcohol' demo, they also contributed the only game in the game competition at the Dooms Day 94 party.


See Bonzai (amiga)/Reviews for personal reviews for these releases.

Love Like Blood (File)

Sleepless Nights (1994, 13.03, ECS 40k Intro)

  • code: Cocoon
  • gfx: Ragman
  • music: "40k Intro Theme3" Solid (4ch MOD format)
Released at The Easter Party 94.

Gimme Alcohol (1994, 09.10, Demo)

Contribution for the Doom's Day 94 demo competition.